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Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

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To peek or not to peek. The age-old question that has been keeping gamers thinking for years now. Everyone wants to have peeker’s advantage, but you also want to make sure that you’re not over peeking. So how does one find that balance? In this Standoff 2 guide, you will be getting familiar with peeking versus holding angles. Rather, when you should do which and also why. It’s one of the most important questions that Standoff 2 has to offer. Whether you do it right or wrong is ultimately going to decide a lot of your success.

Ping and Latency:

In order to fully grasp how or why you should be peeking or holding, there are a few concepts that you need to understand. Firstly, peeker’s advantage in online multiplayer games like

Standoff 2 is when you come around the corner, you can shoot pretty much immediately. There are different levels of pings in play. In the case of Standoff 2 in particular, this peeker’s advantage is very much present. What it basically comes down to is that when peeking in Standoff 2, you have at the very least an advantage equal to the ping of your opponents. That is the amount of delay that they have before they can see you on their screen, while you can start shooting them already. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

A lot of players think that the higher ping gives you more peeker’s advantage, but that’s not necessarily true. Unless that high ping is on the side of your opponents. Just having high ping yourself is not really an advantage. It’s even a disadvantage when you’re holding or generally just in most situations. Yes, if you have 100 ping it does take 100 milliseconds longer before your opponent kills you on your screen. Meaning, you also have 100 milliseconds extra to hit your opponents on your screen. This might sound like an advantage, but in reality, it’s not. After all, you have to remember that the server won’t agree with what’s on your screen. The fact is that what the server says is final. No matter what happens in those extra 100 milliseconds, whether you hit a clean AWM headshot or even just whiff completely, it won’t register on the server.

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

This usually results in players on high ping getting frustrated with bullets not registering and other network problems. On top of just ping, though, peeker’s advantage is a lot more. So, not only do you get a 20 to 80 millisecond advantage depending on the ping of your opponents, but you also get something even more significant. That is the element of surprise. Assuming you aren’t very predictable, you should almost always have at least some element of surprise, so your opponents never know exactly when you’ll peek. You might even get a great timing on them and a free kill because of it. You could in a way say that the element of surprise is the biggest part of peeker’s advantage. Even without it, you should be able to win most of your duels, assuming you’re pre-aiming correctly. 

Clearing Angles:

Another thing you have to know about aside from peeker’s advantage is how to clear angles. When attacking or generally just pushing into an area, players have to worry about multiple angles. Basically, you have to look everywhere. Of course, players will try to clear all these angles one by one. Taking a little bit of time for each of them in order to make sure that they don’t peek multiple opponents at once and can keep their crosshair placement on point. If someone is holding your angle, and you have a good pre-aim, then you don’t have to worry about peeking multiple opponents at once, unless everything falls apart in the match. If somebody is not holding an angle and instead peeks it after about a second or two of not holding it, the odds of you looking at another angle at that time are suddenly a lot higher. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

Maybe you just cleared an area and are about to peek. Until suddenly somebody peeks out from the corner and punishes you instantly, in a situation like that there’s really not a lot you could have done. You either have to hit a nice flick shot onto somebody that also has peeker’s advantage or hold angles for quite a long time after you initially clear them. Just to make sure that nobody will swing out later. You can also get a few teammates to come with you to hold the angles that you’re not watching. The truth is that none of those things are great options. The first one of hoping to hit a flick shot is funny and stupid. You’re not going to hit that shot most of the time. Even if you are able to aim like that, as long as your opponent can shoot back as well, they should win that fight 10 out of 10 times. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

This makes the hoping to hit the flick shot unsurprisingly the worst option of the three. The second one of holding the angle after you peek might work, but it does have the big downside of slowing your push tremendously. This may not be a problem at the start of rounds, but it will become that the longer the round goes on. On top of that, you also have to consider that it means you’re going to be out in the open for large amounts of time at once, which is never a great idea. The reason for that is if you’re out in the open and somebody decides to throw a flash bang, you’re going to end up being committed to a fight completely blind with no way to fall back. Not to mention how slowing it down that much could very well result in somebody rotated back into one of the angles that you cleared earlier. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

Meaning that you’re still pretty much dealing with the exact same problem. Then for the final manner of bringing the whole squad. Yes, that could work, but it does mean you will end up giving away a lot of map control. If you have three players on one side, it does mean that you’re not going to have somebody mid or holding spawn. The reason that’s bad is that you’ll have to start worrying about even more angles again, or even a potential flank. Then again, you’re also missing out on a lurking teammate of your own, making the backstab potential a lot less. There’s one more catch. Even if you are willing to sacrifice all that map control and give up on a potential flank, which is a great way to secure rounds and get free kills on rotators. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

It’s still far from foolproof. The peeker’s advantage is a big deal in Standoff 2. To the degree that even if you have teammates behind you holding the angles that you can’t, it still isn’t enough. It’s still pretty common for players playing on peek repeat to kill at least one once they peek if their crosshair placement is similarly good. Sometimes they can even take a few more. Basically, even if you play it perfectly and your non-communicative solo queue teammates are playing flawlessly around you, which probably won’t happen, you still might get killed.

AWM Peeking:

Now that you know how players tend to peek in Standoff 2 and the flaws in peeks, let’s move on to peeking versus holding angles and when to do what. When it comes to the AWM and sniping in Standoff 2, you can throw out everything mentioned above out of the window. That’s because the AWM is just that powerful in this game. The AWM’s insane ability to one shot at any range pretty much provides an even bigger advantage on its own. If your pre-aim is clean, and you run out looking for the AWM-er, you may have a chance of one tapping the AWM-er before it can shoot. 

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

If it does come down to a spray battle, the AWM should basically never win. So when you’re AWM-ing on defense, just hold the angle as you would naturally and wait for somebody to run into you. You could also hold slight off angles in order to catch your opponents off guard and allow you the time to hit the shot. The only time you might not actually hold the angle but instead play on peek repeat is when you’re expecting to get flash and are hoping to avoid it with timing.

Rifles Peek:

For the rifles, though, things are a lot more complicated. Generally, you don’t want to be holding angles like you would with an AWM, sitting stationary waiting for somebody to walk into your crosshair. If you do that, you’re just allowing your opponents to have full peekers advantage instead of giving it to yourself or even having a neutral fight. As you can probably imagine, gifting your opponents a favorable fight for free is among the stupidest things you can do. However, if you’re insistent on rifling, you’re going to have to change it up a bit. Changing it up a bit means that you need to play that style of un-peek repeat. The reason that style is great is that it allows you to maximize your peeker’s advantage and the ability to get timings. It’s also great to decide against a fight and instead use some utility if it doesn’t go your way immediately.  

Standoff 2 Guide to Peeking: Get No Scoped Headshots with Ease

You can’t just play this style anywhere because it’s just not much effective. For example, playing on peek repeat works since you have that peeker’s advantage. However, it doesn’t take advantage of the way that players clear angles. That’s because players will be having their crosshairs on your position once you get peeked. If you’re unsure why that is, well, just think about it. You’re instantly a lot more likely to catch your opponents off guard because if they’re in a position to clear angles, they’re also open to a lot more angles that they need to be aware of and need to be looking at. Basically, you need to find yourself an angle where you’re able to have both a peeker’s advantage and also the possibility of timing. Then you should be good to go.

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