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Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

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Standoff 2 is a first-person shooter available on PC with BlueStacks. It is very much similar to Counter-Strike in terms of the game’s foundation. The animation, weapons, game style, and characters seem to have been inspired by CS:GO. With the use of a keyboard and mouse instead of touch controls, the gameplay becomes much more dynamic. If you are new to the game, here are a few tips that ought to give you the headstart you need.

Controls Layout and Settings

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

BlueStacks provides you with a default keymapping and control layout. You can, however, customize both of them. With the Advanced Control Editor, you can change the size, or entirely remove unnecessary icons and also change keybinds or controls for in-game actions. The same goes for actions like jumping with the help of the space bar or the mouse scroll action.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

This will help you in performing these basic actions more efficiently and faster than you were doing them before. In competitive FPS games, even a moment’s hesitation spells defeat. Rather than getting used to a new control pattern, changing it to suit your needs will be the smarter choice here.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

Acceleration hinders your performance in the game. With enough practice, your accuracy depends on muscle memory. Moving the mouse just the right distance becomes a habit. With acceleration, your cursor movement depends on how fast you move the mouse. This throws off your aim if you are used to a certain sensitivity. It is better to turn that setting to the minimum in the settings menu.
Here is where a lot of seasoned players face trouble. During a fight, if they pick up a new weapon the game switches their equipped weapon to the secondary one they just picked up. This slows them down in a gunfight. You can disable this by turning off the ‘Switch to the picked weapon’ option in the settings menu.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

The crosshair must be customized according to your preferences. Somewhere to start doing that would be changing the point size to zero, line thickness to a number between 7 and 14, and the line length should be between 10 and 17. In case you want a crosshair that is only a point, the option is available in the crosshair customization menu. Some people keep some distance in between the crosshair lines to position the enemy’s head in between them. However, it is preferred to keep it at 0 after you get used to crosshair placement. Lastly, dynamic and static crosshairs both have pros and cons. Dynamic helps with recoil control and movement while static helps with aim accuracy, pre-firing, and simply not getting distracted by the crosshair. After you are used to controlling the recoil of your weapon you should switch to static. You can choose static from the start if you feel confident enough.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

Tips on Improving Your Game Sense

  • Map Knowledge: Having the map knowledge of the game improves your gameplay significantly. Knowing the enemy’s predictable position, where to peak when pushing some site or from where to defend the site, all of these are incredibly important points. Standing in the open while waiting for the enemy to push will lessen your chances of survival. Similarly, pushing a site without checking all corners and spots for the enemy will reduce your win rate. Even if you die, you can relay the enemy’s information to your team, which will not be possible if you do not know their location.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

  • Training Mode: Use the training mode to hone your skills every day. Just a little bit of daily practice to improve your reaction time, flicking skills, accuracy, and recoil control will make you unstoppable in the game. With the help of bots, use the practice to aim as fast and accurately as you can to hit their heads. Go for the head, no matter what. It will seem tough at first but once you get the hang of it, you are sure to be the winner in a gunfight. Once you get used to the easy setting, turn it up to medium and then hard in order to strengthen your reaction time. The bots will disappear faster so you will have to aim for the head in that short time. Use this to get command over the gun’s recoil too. Even if you don’t hit the head at first, having good control over the recoil will help inflict more damage per second on the enemy. Firing in short bursts instead of holding down the trigger will help achieve this.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

  • Use Utilities: Using grenades, smokes and flashbangs may seem like a tedious job but it really helps confuse the enemy. Entering a site while throwing smoke at the enemy’s entry points, using flashbangs to throw off their aim, and using grenades to kill them or get them to come out of cover will give you the edge you need to win the round.
  • Aim Sensitivity: Sensitivity in gaming is the feature that allows the players to control their weapon’s movement. The lower the sensitivity, the further you have to move the mouse to move the cursor a longer distance on the screen. All players need to find the right sensitivity if they want to win this game. Having a certain sensitivity is different for everyone. Some prefer it low, some prefer it to be high, others just stay in the middle of this spectrum. Use training mode to adjust it to your needs. If it is taking you a lot of time to place your crosshair on the enemy, you might have low sensitivity and should turn it up accordingly. In case you keep missing your targets when you switch between enemies, you might have a high sensitivity and might want to lower it. Having just the right one will feel perfect when using a mouse to shoot.

Standoff 2 on PC: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Gameplay on BlueStacks

  • Spatial Sound: Having spatial audio is extremely crucial to competitive FPS gaming. With good headphones, you can pinpoint the enemy’s location, speed of approach, and the time when they will be near you. This certainly gives you an advantage over all players, especially those who do not have spatial sound. Without this, you will have to spitball the enemy’s location and speed.

How does BlueStacks Give You the Edge?

  • Macro Recorder: This feature of BlueStacks helps record a specific set of actions and then perform them in the exact same way. This will help you get out of sticky situations when you need to buy instantly or make a quick action. This gives you some of the console functionality similar to that of Counter-Strike. To record a macro, click on the Macro Recorder button on the right panel on the BlueStacks window to open the menu. After choosing the ‘Record new macro’ option, you need to perform the action that you want to save. After that, you can name it for ease of use, for example, buying UMP or AWM and so on.
  • Smart Controls: Based on the recent state of the game, this feature will allow BlueStacks to activate or deactivate shooting for you. This is basically that the emulator will automatically shoot at the enemies for you. It will help you stay in the shooting mode when the enemy is near you or in your field of view. This comes in handy in cases where you are surrounded by enemies in Team Deathmatches, due to the same respawn location. It will deactivate itself when you are not playing the game or you are on the menu. You will have to do only one thing, that is thinking of a strategy to beat the enemies without spending time to open the menu and buy utilities and weapons.

BlueStacks will help you gain the advantage that you need to win matches in Standoff 2. Stay tuned for new updates along with more guides that will be coming in soon.

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