Standoff 2 is an awesome first-person shooter that has captivated a vast mobile gaming audience since its release. Like many other games of the genre, Standoff 2 offers an array of weapons each with unique characteristics and tactical applications. For beginners, navigating through this diverse arsenal can be a bit confusing task, especially if you don’t have much experience with the genre. Nevertheless, understanding the different weapon types and their specific roles is crucial in mastering the game’s combat mechanics.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the various weapon types in Standoff 2, highlighting their main uses, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s designed to help newcomers make informed choices about their armaments and develop effective strategies for different combat scenarios. However, for those playing on BlueStacks, remember that playing on our Android app player gives access to enhanced controls and a gameplay experience that only your PC can provide, which in turn can optimize the use of these weapons in battle.

On the other hand, if you simply want to learn how each specific weapon compares to each other, feel free to check our Standoff 2 weapons tier list. With that said, let’s dive into the different weapon types in Standoff 2!


Pistols in Standoff 2, much like in CS:GO, are essential for economy rounds due to their low cost and high reward per kill. They generally inflict low to moderate damage and have limited penetration capabilities. However, certain pistols, akin to the Desert Eagle, stand out with their high headshot damage, making them deadly in skilled hands. These weapons demand precision and can turn the tide in early rounds or when funds are low. While they lack the firepower of larger guns, their mobility and quick draw time make them excellent choices for fast-paced situations and close encounters.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types


Rifles are the backbone of any Standoff 2 player’s arsenal, mirroring their role in CS:GO. They offer a balanced mix of ammo capacity, damage output, and range effectiveness. Ideal for medium-range engagements, rifles require players to have a good grasp of recoil control and burst firing to maximize accuracy. This weapon category’s versatility makes it a popular choice among players for most combat scenarios. However, players need to be mindful of their reduced effectiveness while on the move, making positional play and aiming precision key factors in mastering rifles.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types


Heavy weapons, split between shotguns and LMGs (Light Machine Guns), offer distinct playstyles. Shotguns, effective at close range, can deliver devastating damage, often capable of taking down an enemy in a single shot. Their effectiveness, however, drops sharply at longer distances, and missed shots can leave players vulnerable. LMGs, on the other hand, provide sustained fire with their large ammo capacity, making them ideal for covering fire and holding down positions. They tend to be less maneuverable, and their effectiveness can be diminished by nimble opponents wielding faster weapons like SMGs.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

SMGs are the go-to weapons for fast-paced, aggressive play. Characterized by their high fire rate, low recoil, but significant spread, they excel in close-quarter battles and “run and gun” scenarios. Effective use of SMGs requires a balance of movement and precision, as their lower damage per bullet necessitates consistent aim to be effective. They are also cost-effective, making them a viable choice in economy rounds or when financial resources are constrained, offering a step up in firepower from pistols without the heavy investment of rifles or LMGs.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types

Sniper Rifles

In Standoff 2, as in CS:GO, sniper rifles are the choice for players who excel in precision and patience. With their low fire rate but extremely high damage output, sniper rifles can dominate long-range engagements. The AWM, for instance, is a game-changer capable of one-shot kills in most scenarios. Sniper rifle users must adopt a peeking playstyle, often engaging in duels with enemy snipers. Mastering these weapons requires not only sharpshooting skills but also an understanding of enemy sniper tactics and positions, making them challenging yet rewarding for skilled marksmen.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types


In Standoff 2, knives are a fundamental part of every player’s kit. Despite their lack of variety, knives hold a unique place on the battlefield due to their melee range and high-risk, high-reward nature. Knives are most effective in close-quarter combat where they can outperform the time it takes to switch to a pistol. A successful knife kill grants a significant cash reward of $1,500, making them a strategic asset during economy rounds. Mastering the use of the knife requires not only skill and timing but also an understanding of movement patterns and player behavior, making it a thrilling yet challenging weapon to wield effectively.

Standoff 2 Weapons 101 – Your Beginner’s Guide to the Different Weapons Types


Grenades in Standoff 2, as in CS:GO, serve a range of tactical purposes and are integral to team strategies. There are four main types:

  • HE Grenades: These explosives deal damage to enemies within their radius, making them ideal for dislodging opponents from cover or inflicting damage in crowded areas.
  • Flashbangs: Essential for aggressive plays, flashbangs temporarily blind and deafen opponents, allowing for strategic rushes or to disrupt enemy positioning.
  • Smoke Grenades: Smokes create a visual barrier, obscuring sightlines. They are crucial for blocking enemy snipers’ views, securing bomb sites, or safely crossing open areas.
  • Thermites/Molotov Cocktails: These area-denial tools spread fire over a designated area, dealing continuous damage. While not always lethal, they are excellent for controlling enemy movement, blocking access to key areas, or forcing opponents out of fortified positions.

Understanding and utilizing these grenades effectively can dramatically shift the tide of a match. Each type requires different tactics and timing to maximize its potential. Playing on BlueStacks can enhance the use of grenades with precise aiming and quick selection keys, allowing for more fluid and responsive grenade usage in the heat of battle.

In general, playing on BlueStacks enhances the experience of using these weapons in Standoff 2. The precise mouse and keyboard controls can significantly improve aiming accuracy, especially for weapons that require careful aim like sniper rifles and pistols. Additionally, the customizable key mapping and improved graphics make it easier to navigate and engage in diverse combat scenarios, whether you’re wielding a quick SMG or a powerful sniper rifle.