While the main story arcs of the original show take a backseat in Star Trek Fleet Command, one of the most important aspects of the game is the Officers system that revolves around actual characters from the show, which you can unlock and recruit into your rosters, and then deploy them as the crew of your very own starships. There is a wide variety of characters to unlock in this game, all with their own stats, and active and passive skills, which could make it a bit overwhelming to choose your crew, especially if you’re new to the game.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

Luckily, when it comes to unlocking new characters in Fleet Command, you won’t have to worry too much about the variety in the beginning, especially since it’ll take a while to actually recruit them in the first place. Regardless, it’s crucial to learn about the Officer system in the game since these characters will be the backbone of your fleet in Star Trek Fleet Command. In other words, while your ships are your tools for exploring the galaxy, interacting with other players, and fighting against pirates and other undesirables, your Officers are the ones who will actually wield them masterfully.

With that being said, let’s talk about the Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command and all their related elements in this guide for those who are new in the game.

The Different Factions in the Game

As of writing this guide, there are five different factions in Fleet Command, and while they’re not really important for the topic of Officers, it’s important to know about them since they give you an idea of what to expect from certain characters. For instance, all factions have different focuses, with the first three factions, Federation, Klingons, and Romulans, favoring certain stats. Specifically, Federation Officers focus on defense and endurance; Klingons Officers are mostly offense-oriented, and Romulan Officers are balanced, featuring mostly traits that enhance HP as well as both defense and attack.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

Though not very important, especially if you’re looking up what characters to unlock from a guide, knowing about the factions is important when it comes to building your own custom teams to patch up your own weaknesses and augment your strengths.

Officer Rarities

Like in many different gachas in the mobile gaming market, Officers in Star Trek Fleet Command come in different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. These rarities will give you a general idea of the, you guessed it, rarity of the character, which means that those in a higher rarity will be arguably more difficult to unlock. However, the rarity of an Officer is not actually indicative of their effectiveness as most of these characters are feasible under the right conditions and when paired with the right crewmates.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

More than rarity, you should pay closer attention to a character’s skills, which brings us to our next section…

Officer Maneuvers and Abilities

Officers in Fleet Command have different stats that determine their overall performance when out in the field. However, each of these characters also have one Captain’s Maneuver and one Officer Ability, which will, in great part, determine their role and effectiveness as part of a crew.

  • Captain’s Maneuvers: This is more akin to active skills in other skills, which the respective character can only use when they’re charged with manning the Helm of the ship they’re assigned to. These maneuvers are often affected by the stats of the other supporting officers assigned to other stations of the ship, so synergy is an important aspect when choosing the crew of a ship.
  • Officer Abilities: These are mostly passive abilities that trigger in combat or other circumstances, but only when the Officer in question is assigned to the Bridge of the ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

Keep in mind that, while some Officers in higher rarities might have better stats overall as well as better Officer abilities, some characters might have Captain’s Maneuvers that offer better effects, which is why mixing and matching regardless of rarity is so important; you can create all sorts of valid combinations with Officers of varying rarities and go up against players who might have a crew of all Epic Officers.

Officer Stats

Aside from the Captain’s Maneuvers and Officer Abilities, which can activate when the corresponding character is assigned to the Helm and Bridge, respectively, the individual stats of every character play an important role when they’re assigned below deck of any ship. Specifically, the parameters of any character can help to fortify the ship’s stats when they’re assigned to these roles. In this sense, other than the synergy between the different skills, you can also bolster your ship’s parameters by assigning upgraded and powerful Officers below deck.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

However, upgrading Officers doesn’t come for free, nor is it particularly easy to do, especially with characters of higher rarities. In order to Promote your Officers, you must collect a certain amount of their corresponding shards, and then promote them via the Officer menu. Also, you can increase an Officer’s level by investing Officer XP, a relatively common resource you can receive from many different activities. In short, level up your Officer to boost their stats, and Promote them to increase their max level.

Crew Synergy

Lastly, when it comes to building great crews in Star Trek Fleet Command, you need to consider the synergy of the characters you’re choosing. And we’re not talking just about choosing maneuvers and abilities that go well with each, but by building crews that share the same group. This is because a character’s Captain Maneuver is significantly improved when he has characters of the same group assigned to the Bridge, and this is sufficient to either make or break a certain composition. 

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

In order to activate this bonus, the characters that are assigned to the Bridge must be of different classes than the Officer in the Helm. For example, if the leader is a Command class, you can assign a Science character along with an Engineering Officer to the bridge to enhance the former’s maneuver. You can check your character’s class and group at any time by selecting them in the Officer menu, and then clicking on the button with an exclamation mark.

Star Trek Fleet Command - Comprehensive Guide for the Officer System

This is most of the basic aspects you need to consider when it comes to building crew in Star Trek Fleet Command. Take a look at our crew recommendations guide if you want to find a few examples of good Officer combos in this game, and feel free to leave us your own thoughts in the comments below.