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Play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC

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Last Update November 21, 2018
It’s time to create and epic armada and dominate the galaxy!

How about starting your own armada to dominate the galaxy? But way, we are not talking about any ordinary armada here. It’s an epic armada, forged by incredible and unexpected alliances! Join forces with the Federation, the Klingons or Romulans and create your own path as you grow your power and prestige to overcome any enemy who aims to claim the same role as you do. Play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC and MAC with BlueStacks and assemble your own crew, prepare your ships and join one of the biggest strategy games of all times! Truth be told, if the subject is galaxy domination, than there is no better place to go than the Star Trek saga. Are you honesly considering stepping out on this intense and breathtaking event? Of course not! Elaborate the ultimate strategy and prove for once and for all who rules the galaxy. Construct your own fortified starbase, customize and upgrade your ships and crews and even recruit iconic Star Trek characters right now! The galaxy is out there for whomever desires to claim it. The only thing is that you are not alone in your desire. Play Star Fleet Command on PC with BlueStacks and prove your talent and worth as a commander. Do you have what it takes? Prove it!

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Why play Star Trek Fleet Command on Bluestacks?

Read about the special powerups available for Star Trek Fleet Command when using BlueStacks 4


Learn how to improve your gaming skills with a special keymapping!


Play with Multiple Accounts using BlueStacks Multi-instance

Earn BlueStacks Points

Play Star Trek Fleet Command. Redeem your BlueStacks Points. Get rewards!

What’s the best keymap for this game?

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Star Trek Fleet Command on BlueStacks comes with a default Keymapping, created based on feedback gathered from experienced gamers to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

However, if you wish to use your own customized controls, feel free to do so, it is extremely simple and user-friendly.

BlueStacks makes sure that our platform provides you with full support in becoming the formidable player you have always wanted to be.

What are XPacks?

Play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC 25
Item This XPack
Optimized graphics, speed, and performance
Battle Royale Mode
Custom Content

How to Play and Stream

Installing Star Trek Fleet Command on your PC is easy!

1 Download BlueStacks
2 Download the game from Google Play
3 Customize your controls, enable powerups, and become invincible in combat.

Looking on ways to overcome any enemy in your way? Count on the new and improved BlueStacks to do so! Add some serious power-ups to your offensive with dozens of amazing features and advantages only the ultimate gaming engine can offer. Download Star Trek Fleet Command on Windows 7, 8, 10 with BlueStacks and make sure to destroy your opponents with much more ease! Customize your entire actions using the Keymapping tool and reproduce your best strategies with just one key, by recording it with the Combo Key. After doing so, you can use it again whenever you want! It looks like magic, but is only BlueStacks taking your gameplay to a higher level! Plus, a commander needs prestige, and with that, comes the reward. Collect the BlueStacks Points and exchange them for amazing gamer items at the store. The more you play, the more you gain. It just keeps better!

Expand your dominancy across the internet!

Ruling the entire galaxy is the ultimate conquer you can achieve. Just don’t forget there is a great online gaming community that belongs to that territory, and you should also be building your prestige in there. Luckily, BlueStacks helps you out on that matter. Download Star Trek Fleet Command on PC with BlueStacks and broadcast your armada taking on your enemies with just one click, via Facebook Live, Twitch.TV or any other social network you feel like. This is the best way of getting prestige and respect from the games out there, as they can see in real time all your talent and power. Plus, if you are good enough to do so, there is no reason to keep all the fun only to yourself. Play it live and get the chance to interact with other people and even making new allies. The world is yours to take. The internet too!

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