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The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

When it comes to combat, both in strategy games and in real life, and regardless of whether you’re fighting in the 21st or the 24th century, only one thing is certain: You’re only as strong as the people and tools your bring onto the field. You wouldn’t go up against an army by yourself, at least, not if you expect to come out victorious. No, if you want to win, you’ll bring your best allies and equipment since they’ll provide the edge necessary for outplaying your foes.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

In Star Trek Timelines, your crew and ships are the lifeblood of your team. You simply wouldn’t be the brave spacefarer you’re meant to be without these vital elements. On one hand, your starship is the vehicle that allows you to come and go as you please, taking you from mission to mission. And on the other hand, you team is the one that puts their lives on the line for the sake of the mission. Combine them both and you get a match made in heaven!

However, not every team member nor starship are the same, as each of them have different strengths and weaknesses, and can support your cause in alternative ways. In this guide, we’re going to explore the importance of using appropriate crew members and strategies for the task at hand, as well as dive into the different elements that make up a great character. Furthermore, we’re going to talk shortly about how different starships can affect the outcome of a battle.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

Character Stats and Traits

One of the best parts about Star Trek Timelines is its fanservice.

In this game, time is convoluted. The main premise, as explained in our review, is that there’s a time crisis wreaking havoc across the universe, causing people, objects, and even planets from other periods to appear in the present. In this sense, planets of the past can appear where planets of the present are currently located causing a clash of celestial bodies of catastrophic proportions. And if that wasn’t enough, old warlords of past times are now causing mayhem in the present.

However, while the time crisis brings disaster and chaos to the universe, it also gives hope and promotes unity, as heroes of times past can also cross over to the present and lend their strength to our cause. While their aid is paramount for your success, it’s also a huge fanservice for the faithful followers of the show as players can recruit and control the series’ most iconic characters. In Star Trek Timelines No longer will you have to choose between Kirk or Picard as you can have them both aboard the same starship. Even characters from Discovery, the newest show, make appearances here.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

However, fanservice aside, every character has their sets of strengths, weaknesses, and traits. When it comes to participating in missions, there are two main elements that you need to keep in mind to succeed in this strategy game: a crew member’s Away Skills, and their Battle Station Boosts. There’s a third category that, while less significant, can also tip the skills in your favor, called the Passive Bonuses. Nevertheless, the former two are the ones that determine the utility of a character in any mission.

The Away Skills consists of six main attributes, of which any crew member can possess a minimum of one and a maximum of three. These attributes consist of Command, Diplomacy, Engineering, Security, Medicine, and Science. All of these skills will be necessary for advancing and completing in any ground mission.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

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The Battle Station boosts, on the other hand, consist of unique skills provided by the crew member which, when activated in battle, can significantly increase your combat prowess. Furthermore, when your character is at least level 10, they acquire another passive boost which increases one of your ships four main stats: Accuracy, Evasion, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage.

Lastly, every character has their own traits, which are tied to the crew member in question and can’t be altered in any way. These traits are important for ground missions as they can provide bonuses depending on the stage in question. For example, if a mission has a 30 science requirement, alongside a bonus trait for Tacticians, then you could use Enterprise-D Picard as this crew member has both a science attribute and a tactician trait, increasing his probability of success.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

When it comes to beating stages in Star Trek Timelines, you’ll always need a good setup and an even better strategy. Whether it’s ship battles or ground missions, you’ll need to assign the best crew members for the task. Feel free to check out our mission and battle guide to learn more.


The crew members are not the only fanservice in Star Trek Timelines as you can also find and build many of the show’s iconic starships. While strategy is paramount for achieving critical success in any task, so is having enough firepower to silence the foes that won’t come willingly. For this reason, you should always strive to obtain the most powerful starships.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

From the famous USS Enterprise and the USS Voyager, to the fearsome and infamous Borg Cube and Borg Spheres, there are many different starships in Timelines. However, appearances aside, each vessel comes with their own attributes and skills, which will prove vital for outgunning other enemies in starship battles. Since these battles are mostly automatic, the best thing you can do to put the odds in your favor is finding the ships with the best attributes to help you one-up your foes.

A ship’s main stats are the following:

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

  • Shields: The amount of health of the ship’s shields. These regenerate automatically during battle according to the shield regeneration value. However, after they are brought down, they will stop regenerating and only come back by using certain skills.
  • Hull: The health of the ship, if this reaches 0, the vessel is destroyed.
  • Attack: Determines the damage of each individual shot.
  • Evasion: Affects the rate at which you are struck by enemy shots.
  • Accuracy: Determines your accuracy with every shot. Your accuracy is directly counteracted by the enemy’s evasion attribute.
  • Crit Rating and Bonus: Every shot has a small chance of being a critical hit. If this happens, your damage for that shot will increase according to your crit bonus.

Building new ships in Star Trek Timelines is simple enough and similar to recruiting new characters in gacha games. All you need to do is collect the corresponding number of ship schematics, and simply go to your hangar to build the vessel once you have enough of them. You’ll also need schematics for upgrading each ship.

The Importance of Ships and Crew in Star Trek Timelines

Both your crew and your starships are your most important elements when it comes to being successful in this strategy game. In this sense, if you want to defeat every enemy, and clear every mission in Timelines, then you better start recruiting and building. You’ll need all the help you can get.

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