Coin and Diamonds are the two different forms of currencies that the players of the MMORPG game, State of Survival, will use for all sorts of in-game transactions. Starting from the most basic currency of the game, coins. They can be easily earned without any sort of issues just by surviving in the game. Although, participating in all the different events in the State of Survival game will help you earn diamonds which are a rarer and premium currency of the game. The whole game’s currency system is extremely crucial to the gameplay, being the biggest factor in helping the players survive in different ways. Your resources are on the top right.

State of Survival : How to Manage your Economy

Besides all of that, firstly you need to get yourself safe by finishing different sorts of missions, for example, utilizing the weapons and executing the zombies that are contaminated with the infection. This will also include tasks like finding strong armor to secure yourself from getting infected. Players will use all sorts of techniques such as placing explosive charges to bomb the zombies and kill them. Keeping all of this in mind, you need to have a dedicated option for yourself in the game so as to ensure your survival. The following will make you familiar with the game’s economy system.

Using Diamonds and How to Earn them

The store in the State of Survival has two types of items that you can redeem- common and premium. Premium items can only be bought using diamonds for payment. Players need to start working towards collecting as many diamonds as they can. This currency is useful in terms of giving you an edge, sort of an advantage over players with common items. Monthly gaming events are organised by the developers in which players can take part. Players participating in the events can buy diamonds during the course of the event. Besides, if you are explicitly in need of coins, you can always convert your diamonds into coins according to your uses.

State of Survival : How to Manage your Economy

How to Earn Coins and Where to Use them

The most essential currency of the State of Survival game are definitely coins due to their variety of uses and abundance of quantity. You need to complete all sorts of missions in the game in order to earn them. Players that have collected more money in terms of coins will definitely be able to fight off and survive against the zombies longer, making it an absolute necessity. All things considered, the easiest way of earning coins in the game would be to participate in matches. Similar to that, the player’s number of matches and the number of coins that he or she earns will rely on their performance on the matches.

State of Survival : How to Manage your Economy

One of the ways to use the coins in the game is to use them to purchase different kinds of upgrade gears such as:

  1. Outfit
  2. Accessories

Because of its uses in the game, collecting the coins is one of the most essential tasks in the game towards lengthening your chances of survival. You can also collect daily rewards in-game, and get various resources.

State of Survival : How to Manage your Economy

How to manage your economy?

Presumably, it is really simple to gather coins in the game. However, once you start earning diamonds, managing the economy will become increasingly complex. Earning them will become tough too so you will have to plan before you spend the money. When you access your backpack you’ll be able to see all the resources you have.

State of Survival : How to Manage your Economy

Since, coins are available in abundance and diamonds are rare, you must not spend both of them in the same sense. Think of them like spending chump change and spending cash bills. One can be spent without giving some thought to some extent while the other requires some planning.

  1. Be careful, it’s extremely easy to spend quite more than you almost certainly should. This game is meant with sophisticated psychological techniques which manipulate us into impulsive spending.
  2. Don’t spend quite $5 (for the second builder) on your first account. You are getting to make mistakes and learn tons over the primary few weeks and months of playing. You will presumably want to start out again during a new state, eventually, putting into practice what you’ve learned. This will be easier if you haven’t already invested tons of cash into your first account. I’ve wasted money on accounts I’ve subsequently abandoned, and need I’d known this once I started playing.
  3. If you have a plan to spend money, consider it like this: you’re paying for an enhanced experience, and you get what you buy. It’s like the difference between grabbing a $5. burger from McDonalds and spending a couple of hundred dollars (or equivalent) for a delicious meal at a pleasant restaurant. Both options will cure your hunger, and obtain you what you would like , but there’ll be a special quality of experience. It is not a product but an experience that you are buying. All you can do is enjoy it and remember it when you have moved on.

Keep in mind that using money for in-game microtransactions will definitely give you an edge to progress faster in the game. However, it does not guarantee that you will survive, even when you spend a lot of money. In the end, it will come down to your abilities to manage your inventory. More guides on State of Survival will keep coming to help you progress, so stay tuned.