During your quest to annihilate the undead, you will encounter numerous types of zombies. Some are really fast, some are tougher than an Australian Army Mk 3 Centurion Tank, and some will just really make your life harder in KingsGroup Holdings’ State of Survival (SoS).

There are a total of 21 types of infected in State of Survival, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re having a hard time beating up these zombies, then this guide is perfect for you! Check out our other guides about managing your economy, raising your battle power quickly, or building the ultimate headquarters to withstand zombies of all kinds.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

Here are the 21 types of infected and zombies in State of Survival, arranged alphabetically. From Banshees to Swiper’s, which of these zombies are the most difficult to kill?


Yes, you guessed it correctly — this zombie is actually based on Ireland’s most popular spirit, the banshee. This woman simply gives us the creeps with her long hair, ridiculously long fingernails (or are those her fingers?), and a face that says “I’m coming to get you and claw my way through your chest and rip your heart into pieces for dinner.”

The Banshee is not really a serious threat to your team, more like a variation of one of the Lurchers (with a reference to folklore).

Bone Armor

Bone Armor zombies are those who have their skeletals inside-out. They use their bones as a defensive shield which makes them tougher than the regular infected.

To defeat Bone Armor zombies, make sure you have a tank hero in front and two DPS heroes that will continuously shoot at him to break his shell. Once the bone armor breaks, taking him down is as easy as one-two-three.


Imagine the Fatty, the Crawler King, and the Regenerator in one body — you get the Colossus Infected. The Colossus is a very mammoth-like zombie that is quintuple the size of an average human but with a very tiny head. He’s like one of those bobbleheads you have displayed on your car, only quite the opposite and very ugly.

The belts around the Colossus give the impression that he has been tried to contain by many, only to grow fiercer and more dangerous to the human race.

He moves very slow but can summon zombies at his disposal.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

To defeat the Colossus, place a barrier on its way and when you see that it has summoned a sufficient amount of zombielings, throw a bomb on its area. After dealing with the small fry, kill the Colossus with your weaponry.

Crawler King

Think of the standard Japanese sumo wrestler, only this one is hideous, bald, and wears sacs of infected flesh around its waist instead of a loincloth. The Crawler King is a truly terrifying enemy not just in its appearance but in its Squad Power too. He has one of the highest Powers in the game, and one of the toughest with his ability to regenerate.

He is called the Crawler King for producing annoying Crawler-type zombies as he walks towards you. Have one of your units target the Crawlers while the rest focus on taking down the King himself.


This guy seemed like a reporter in his past life, wearing the standard vest-over-shirt outfit which of course you can’t see because of the huge infected sac he is carrying right on his chest. And just like reporters who drop bombs from time to time, the Exploder is no exception, except he literally carries dangerous explosives and damages an Area of Effect (AoE).

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

Make sure the Exploder doesn’t get a chance to go near your team, especially since he can wipe out everyone with a single explosion if your Squad Power is not high enough. Fight a bomb with another bomb by deploying Maddie and Frank to the battle. Maddie can throw her homemade bomb against the Exploder while the rest of the team tries to annihilate him using their guns.


As you may have realized by now, the developers are very straightforward in their naming conventions, even calling this big guy the Fatty. Fatty zombies are very tanky with high health and high defenses. They are already Level III type of zombies but are very sluggish in their movements so as long as you have fast heroes in your army, you have nothing to worry about.

Giant Regenerator

Unlike the Crawler King, the Giant Regenerator does not summon creepy Crawlers. Instead, it focuses all its energy on healing. With the big hunch that he carries around in his back, he moves pretty slow during battles.

Focus all your weapons and teams towards the Giant Regenerator and take advantage of his weakness — his handicapped mobility.

Hook Claw

How this zombie gained chains wrapped around its body, we’ll never know. Aside from his metallic weapon, the Hook Claw infected has a pair of giant hooks for hands.


The Hungry zombie will eat you up in a jiffy with a wide mouth for its body that can fit a human or two. He is Type VII infected and can be annihilated through firearms and bombs.

Hungry Mutant

It’s huge, it’s terrifying, it’s intimidating, and it’s out to get you — meet State of Survival’s Hungry Mutant. Upon first glance, you can actually barely recognize the humanity in this monster as it looks like one giant hideous blob of flesh-eating monster. Its mouth is also its body, sharp fangs and all.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

The Hungry Mutant is pretty tanky and slow, so be sure to only send out your best units when faced against one. Use up all your heroes’ special abilities when he appears so you can cast them against him for the second time.


As its name implies, the Jumper is quick on its feet (and hands), can crawl on all fours, and can jump and bypass other zombies. 


This guy can just simply grab you and pull you closer to him with his gigantic pair of arms. Of course with this advantage, the Longarm zombie can also attack you from a distance and separate you from your team. Place your automatic weaponry in front or move one of your barricades in its path to delay the Longarm from taking your heroes.


The basic zombie in the group, the Lurcher is as straightforward as it can get with a pair of ragged jeans and either a white polo shirt (soiled with a little blood of course) or a white tee with a matching green zip-up jacket. For equality, female Lurchers exist too either in sandals, a crop top, and a pair of green shorts or in the form of an angry, white-haired woman.

Lurchers do not really have any other special abilities. They move at a regular rate and are the most average-looking in this list. Just straight up shoot them when you encounter one.


The Regenerator is a little bit of the Bone Armor zombie because of its skeletal armor and also a little bit of the Fatty infected because of its high defense. The Regenerator is a Level II type of infected.

Focus all your firepower on this one especially if you do not have a good tank hero (or a bunch of barrel containers) to soak up incoming damage from him.


Runners are pretty much like Jumpers, only they don’t crawl and can reach you in a matter of seconds. Runners are not really a threat against your team, but be wary since they can surprise you and jump at you.

Savage Spitter

The Savage Spitter is the mutated version of the Spitter, more dangerous and can let out more poisonous substances than the latter. With its mouth larger than the Spitter, it can attack humans from a distance making it a scary foe. The Savage Spitter is a Level X type of infected, so be careful when dealing with one!

Put out your best heroes when going against this bad guy and remember to keep your distance and shoot from afar.


What happens when you put together a deadly insect from the desert and the undead? You get State of Survival’s infected zombie, the Scorpion! His deadly tail looks like it could kill you any minute, as well as his snake-like tongue. Like the Jumper zombie, Scorpion also crawls on all fours.

Don’t let its mutated appearance scare you, however, as the Scorpion can be taken down using a reliable set of ranged heroes.


This guy actually looks like a pregnant lady from afar with its zombie bump. Could he already be in his third trimester?

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

The Spitter extends his mouth all the way to his chest and lets out intoxicating fumes from a distance. Put your best tank in front and let him soak up all the damage while keeping your DPS units safe.


The Summoner comes in the form of a female undead in a seductive green and white dress. However, its head is larger than usual, with the infection covering its eyes and extending all the way to its knape. The Summoner zombie produces zombielings that could spell serious trouble when ignored.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

Cut the source of the problem by sending out Maddie’s bestfriend dog Frank to attack and damage the Summoner. You can also send out a melee hero to attack the Summoner before it even starts to lay its zombie children.

Summoner Queen

If we have a Crawler King, of course we have his partner the Summoner Queen.

The Summoner is NOTHING compared to the Summoner Queen, one of the toughest zombies to kill in State of Survival. She looks straight out of the animated series FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the ones who have failed in their human transmutation process.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

The Summoner Queen has two pairs of legs and two pairs of upper bodies. She barely owns a recognizable head and since she is a queen, her crown is this huge, bulging brain. She spells twice the trouble as the Summoner since she has very high health and can summon zombies too.


“Swiper no swiping?” Unlike our sneaky childhood fox, this Swiper is out to ensure that humanity will become extinct soon. The Swiper’s key trait is its upper body which features a left arm triple the size than that of his right arm.

Not only can the Swiper attack you from afar, he can also deal a brutal blow to your units. Put an end to his life immediately by continuously shooting at him before he can even approach your team. Having a melee-tanky hero helps too in slowing him down.

So many zombies, so little time.

With numerous types of infected to battle out and kill in State of Survival, some game improvements can be used by players. Good thing you can play State of Survival on PC for free with the use of BlueStacks. BlueStacks offers multiple features to help you kill zombies and build the best empire ruled by humans. BlueStacks can easily let you zoom in or zoom out of your headquarters, and you can also tap on to things with just a few keys and clicks.

The Complete Infected and Zombie List: A State of Survival Guide by BlueStacks

This emulator also offers enhancements made especially for desktop gamers. For one, BlueStacks has a Macro feature which you can use for achieving your daily tasks in State of Survival. Simply record a sequence of commands and execute them whenever you want. BlueStacks’ Scripting feature is really powerful as well since you can bind selected actions into any key of your choice and perform actions with a press of a button. It’s that simple!

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