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The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

Quick, imagine this: the world is ending, the undead have taken all over the place, and only a few have survived to defend humanity’s last hope. Who do you turn into? Good thing you do not have to imagine anymore because, in the game State of Survival, this is exactly the situation.

What is State of Survival?

As its title suggests, State of Survival is a simulation game that lets you manage different resources and fight zombies from time to time. Resources vary from food to building materials while there are also a lot of types of zombies in State of Survival more of which you can read here.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

This is not your typical zombie game, however, since it leans more on the strategy side rather than just shooting random zombies in the head. Since most of the game is about resource management, State of Survival in a way teaches its players the value of economy especially when it comes to saving crops, collecting lumber, or deploying troops. Whether or not you can apply these things to a zombie apocalypse in real life (let us hope it is the latter), you can always pick up some survival tips from this game.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

As a management game, there is nothing better than having an assistant do the work for you when it comes to handling your resources. Fret not, because BlueStacks is your perfect partner when playing State of Survival. BlueStacks’ Macros feature will give you the edge especially when it comes to farming. With the Macro Recorder, you can automate your gathering trips with the press of a button. By recording yourself doing the task manually once, you can use the resulting macro to streamline the process in every subsequent attempt.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

State of Survival has 21 types of infected. With this many zombies, who is the best hero to fight them all? Who is the strongest hero in State of Survival? We came up with five candidates for this title.

The strongest heroes in State of Survival

Out of the game’s numerous heroes, which are the best for combat, gathering resources, and has the strongest perk? Let us dive deeper.

  1. Maddie & Frank

What do you get when you put a smartphone-addicted child and a black dog in one team? You get one of the strongest heroes in State of Survival, Maddie & Frank.

This inseparable duo is a good choice for increasing your Rally Troop Attack. Maddie & Frank can also be used on explorer missions. Their materials for leveling up are pretty easy to farm too especially for free-to-play players.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

We also love the tandem of these two in battle. Fights start with Maddie helping her teammates with her choice of weapon, the crossbow. Then players have the option to call on her pet dog and best friend Frank to join the battle. According to their official lore, dogs are immune to the RA13 bacteria, the virus that has converted humans into dangerous, hungry monsters who we call the zombies. Because of this immunity, Frank can be used as a tank while Maddie shoots the infected from afar. Do not worry, because Frank automatically retreats whenever he reaches low health.

This tandem’s background story is pretty interesting, especially since Maddie is now an orphan but has grown so much from her previous self, straying away from her smartphone especially now that she has something to protect – her best friend and the only companion left by her parents to her, Frank.

  1. Miho

 State of Survival’s Miho Tanaka is a Legendary hero in the game.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

Similar to Maddie and Frank, Miho is a good character for rally battles. She can empower Rally Troop Health which is a very useful buff during battles. Her Smoke Bomb and Music Morale skills are pretty good too, since the former is an AoE skill that disables zombies within range while the latter increases attack and health. Arguably, Miho is the best support hero in State of Survival.

Tanaka Miho’s backstory is not as beautiful as her visuals. She was driven by revenge to hunt down and kill the people who murdered her father in a gangland execution.

Miho carries a traditional Japanese biwa which she uses to boost her allies’ stats or just for the pleasure of playing it to bring some culture and good music around the campsite.

  1. Jeb

The tinkerer Jeb is a good hero to use in Siege or PvP battles. Jeb basically reduces the enemy settlement troop Lethality (Armor Penetration).

He can also be used in Rally mode since Jeb will give you Rally Troop Attack.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

As we have mentioned earlier, Jeb Nelson is basically your average countryfolk before the apocalypse occurred. Along with his knowledge about machines, he managed to escape danger using his trusty pickup truck.

  1. Nikola

He specializes in infected cases because of his Rally Troop Defense — ladies and gentlemen, welcome Nikola to our strongest State of Survival team!

Nikola is very useful especially when it comes to Troop flamed assault.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

From his lore down to his looks, Nikola is most definitely based on the American inventor Nikola Tesla, famous for his design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

State of Survival’s Nikola is very much a direct reference to the late scientist, especially since he uses a Tesla gun as his choice of weapon. If that is not enough, Nikola’s skills all deal electric damage against enemies. He is also quite the inventor just like Jeb.

  1. Mike

Running low on supplies? Need to hunt for more tomatoes in your camp on State of Survival? Mike might just be able to help you.

The 5 Strongest Heroes in State of Survival 2021

Mike Ferguson increases the speed of your food gathering process so you can harvest more in game.

Mike Ferguson is your average policeman, which is probably why he has a gathering food buff because of his insane police instincts.

Which of these State of Survival heroes do you currently own? For more State of Survival guides, tips, and strategies, read our previous blogs.

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