State of Survival is a strategy adventure mobile role-playing game (RPG) that see’s you survive from a deadly pandemic that enables mutation of humans into zombies. In your journey, you will engage in many tasks such as resource gathering, rallying, and exploration. For each task, you will require some heroes that specialize in the craft. We will be exploring the best possible hero options in each category. Let’s begin!

Best Heroes for Gathering Resources

Resource gathering and resource management are some of the most important aspects of the game, especially when your entire progression relies on how prepared you are for attacks and defense. Here are some amazing heroes that can be assigned to this task:

The Best Heroes for Every Job in State of Survival

Maddie & Frank: Due to their quick pace of resource acquisition, they are frequently utilized for gathering. Maddie and Frank are excellent all-around players, but because of Maddie’s abilities, they shine at gathering.

Chef: Amazing for obtaining food supplies. His abilities increase the effectiveness of food collection, making him a crucial resource for guaranteeing your community has an adequate supply of food.

Mike: Mike is well-known for his effectiveness in obtaining iron, a material that is required for several upgrades as well as for making equipment.

Nikola: Especially skilled at collecting gas. Gas is a vital resource needed for many modern renovations and structures.

Best Heroes for Wilderness Hunting

Wilderness Hunting is as important as other forms of exploration, particularly because you need to be prepared for the worst. Skilled fighters are necessary to be appointed for such tasks as danger is always around the corner. Infected zones and boss fights are just some of the regular anomalies present in such zones. Here are some amazing heroes that can be assigned to this task:

The Best Heroes for Every Job in State of Survival

Trish: Trish is a multipurpose hero that is skilled in both fighting and acquiring resources. Because of her abilities to increase troop attack and damage against diseased opponents, she is especially useful when hunting in the wilderness.

Chef: The chef is an excellent choice for food, but he is also a formidable fighter. His abilities improve troop health and damage, which makes him an invaluable tool for backcountry hunting.

Ghost: Ghost is an excellent option for wilderness hunting because of his specialization in dealing harm to foes who are infected. His abilities speed up the cleanup of contaminated areas by increasing unit assault and damage against infected targets.

Jeb: Jeb has a reputation for being a formidable fighter, particularly against those that are infected. His abilities increase troop health and assault, giving him a dependable option for wilderness hunting explorations.

Best Heroes for Explorer Trail

Explorer Trail is one of the few game modes that are quite rewarding. The premise is simple – enter stages, defeat enemies, avoid obstacles, and complete the objectives. You will need a good mix of damage dealers and supports to perform in this game mode. Here are some amazing heroes that can be assigned to this task:

The Best Heroes for Every Job in State of Survival

Predator: Whilst Predator is famous for pulling high DPS numbers on bosses, he can be a unique addition to the Explorer Trail. Because of his boss encounter-specific skills, your squad can overcome formidable opponents more quickly.

Sarge: Sarge is a skilled warrior who is excellent at guiding his soldiers into fight. His abilities improve unit assault and defense, which makes him a formidable opponent on the Explorer Trail.

Trish: Trish boasts amazing potential to advance the Explorer Trail. Her abilities increase troop attack and damage dealt to adversaries, accelerating stage clearing for your squad.

Ghost: Ghost is a useful character to fight the hordes of infected opponents you’ll come across on the Explorer Trail because he excels in dealing damage to diseased creatures. His abilities boost unit damage and attack.

It’s recommended to play State of Survial on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.