The previous character that was released is also kind of unique in her own kind of way Courtney Young. She is a master of reading tarot cards that made her popular among other people.

Legendary Hero Tina

Tina is an avid fan of Amazonian tribe culture so she dedicated her life to studying their customs and culture and she became an expert. After she graduated from college, she immediately traveled to the rainforests of the Amazon, hoping that she would live among the isolated tribe that she had devoted so much to learn about.

State of Survival: Introducing the Legendary Hero Tina

Nothing was heard of Tina for many years afterward. It turned out that the tribe fully embraced her and accepted her as one of them and she had completely integrated into the tribe and became a respected member of their community.

However, the remote tribe that she was living in did not get spared in the global outbreak. After witnessing the destruction of the tribe that she called her home, she returned to civilization to find a way to help the place she cares about now.

Hero Skills

  • Boomerang (First Skill)

    • Explorer Description:Throws a boomerang that hits enemies in a line 1 time, dealing 15,311.66 damage and applying a tribal marker each time the boomerang hits the enemy.
    • Military Description: Throws the boomerang every 5 attacks to hit all enemies 2 times, each dealing 20% damage.
  • Basic Impulse (Second Skill)

    • Explorer Description: When attacking an infected with less than 50% health, Tina restores 500,47 health.
    • Military Description: On each attack, if the target’s remaining troops are proportionally lower than yours, restores health equal to 50% of your attack.
  • Lethal Huntress

    • Explorer Description: When attacking a target with the tribal marker; increases the damage dealt by 2,944.55.

    • Military Description: Increases your troop’s damage dealt to infantry by 10% and hunters by 20%.

State of Survival: Introducing the Legendary Hero Tina

Hero Stats

You only need to collect 10 fragments to get her. Her location is yet to be announced by the developers.

Max Explorer Stats

You will get + 8.41K ATK bonus while exploring. You will also get + 1.97K Defense Bonus while exploring.

Max Military Stats

You will gain additional + 13.4K in your march capacity.

You will gain 860,00% Hunter Attack

You will gain 158.25% Hunter Health.

You will gain 158.06% Hunter Lethality.

Other Benefits

You will gain an additional + 21.15% Attack in your Rally Troop.

You will gain an additional + 63.00% Health in your Settlement Troop.

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