People who start to play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure start to explore more possibilities that allow them to improve their settlement. Upgrading the different sectors can definitely help and we’ve already covered most of the stuff that players need to do in our other BlueStacks articles about this game. However, we haven’t talked about the impact that heroes have in this game. You can also Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure allows players to collect a variety of heroes that they can use to lead their armies and give them bonuses in the military sector. These heroes also have other bonuses when used at home and can also improve your economic sector as well. We tackled this topic in our Economy Guide, so take a look at that if you haven’t already.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure Hero Tier List

Stormshot’s heroes have a very straightforward role in the game where they simply give buffs and bonus power rating when acquired or used. They are mostly used in the military sector to lead their own armies, depending on their unit type. It is important that players assign the proper unit type to heroes to maximize their leadership bonuses.

Heroes in this game don’t have a lot of differences and are designed to have uniform roles when used. However, they still have stats that players can use to determine which ones are better compared to the others. Naturally, S-ranked heroes will be the best units to have in the game, but with eight of them available, we’ll be ranking which ones you might want to have more.

S Tier

The S Tier heroes in this game have the highest base stats and are generally considered the best units to have in the game. The heroes on this list are Cavaliers because stormshot has designed the class to be the strongest in the game, so it’s only natural that we’ll be seeing them on this rank.

  • Rozabela

Rozabela is simply the best character in this game with the highest base stats among every other hero available. As a cavalier, she is able to command the most powerful unit type in the game and will significantly improve your army’s overall power when included. Players who are looking to assemble a powerful army will always want to use this character in their armies since she is simply too good to pass up.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

Intelligence is her core strength, which allows her to improve her defensive capabilities. Although, that doesn’t mean she’ll be stuck in your base waiting for an attack because unit defense is an important stat that allows your army to outlast your opponent. It’s as important as an offensive stat and really showcases its importance in larger numbers.

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  • Conrad

Conrad is another cavalier that has insanely high base stats and powerful abilities that allow him to run through enemy lines with strong offensive capabilities. He is second only to Rozabela, who has higher base stats and better stat growth values, making him slightly inferior as compared to the top one unit on our list. 

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

Unlike Rozabela, Conrad’s main stat is strength. This is an offensive stat that improves your army’s attacks, which is really important if you’re trying to overrun an opponent’s forces. Having a powerful attack stat allows you to go through enemy structures and defenses a lot faster. This also results in the enemy having more casualties in a battle.

A Tier

The A Tier Heroes have very high stats and belong to the infantry class where they also play a very important role in the army. These heroes are very useful, especially for beginners since the infantry mostly makes up for the large majority of any army. 

  • Leofric

Leofric is the top infantry hero with the highest base stats and the biggest stat growth among all of the infantry heroes in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. He provides a bonus in the strength stat which makes him an insanely powerful attacker. Since the strength stat is the more useful attribute for infantry soldiers, he automatically gets a pass for being the better unit to have in your army. Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

Infantry soldiers aren’t exactly anything amazing and their primary strength comes in the form of being able to attack in swarms. Leofric complements this very well by allowing the hero to create a massive army that can steamroll the enemy’s defenses. He is the best commander to have when you’re out to siege another enemy’s estate.

  • Peggy

Peggy is the second infantry character on this list and she is well known for playing a huge part in your introductory dialogues. As your main guide, she can also prove to be a powerful commander to have inside your estate by giving your troops the ability to ward off enemies efficiently. This is because she features intelligence as her main stat.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

Intelligence is a stat that increases your army’s defense, which is useful in reducing the number of soldiers lost while fighting. For the cavaliers, this stat is extremely useful when attacking but infantry soldiers don’t really need it since they are mostly disposable in a fight. However, Peggy can turn this stat useful by making infantry soldiers a powerful force when defending the estate.

B Tier

B Tier heroes are still useful but only in certain situations. Unlike the previous tiers, this doesn’t feature a specific class since the heroes here have their own situations in which they can shine really well.

  • Tamir

Tamir is a powerful hero that increases the power of ranged soldiers and your other heroes. He uses agility as his primary stat which increases both HP and critical strike modifiers. The main reason why this hero is highly valued is that he upgrades the capabilities of other heroes with his special ability.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

This hero doesn’t have an incredible lineup of stats, unlike the other heroes that have more base values. However, his ability makes him a very good addition to any team, especially since ranged soldiers are highly prized in both defense and offense.

  • Phoebus

Phoebus is a garrison hero, meaning he specializes in defending your estate from attacks. Unlike specialized heroes, he doesn’t give bonuses to your soldiers when you’re attacking but the primary value that comes with having garrison heroes is that they affect all types of classes. This means that ranged, infantry, and cavalry soldiers can gain benefit under his command.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - The Strongest Heroes Tier List

A garrison hero is always important to have in your estate because you never know when another player might start to attack you. Among all the other garrison heroes in Stormshot, Phoebus is the character that gives the most value out of all of them. Why wait? Play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now