Stumble Guys is the gift that keeps on giving, arguably rising to the same level as Fall Guys in popularity, and remaining as a strong competitor, despite the genre being popularized by the latter. And while the game is available natively on Windows via Steam, users can get the best experience with it by playing Stumble Guys on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player is loaded with a ton of different tools that could help you to get the competitive edge over other users.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

Regardless, even if you have the best features at your disposal, winning in Stumble Guys often boils down to knowing the ins and outs of the stages, which is why we decided to write and share this guide. With that being said, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find a list of all the Stumble Guy stages, along with a few tips and tricks on how to win at them.

1. Jungle Roll

This map earns its name due to the massive rotating logs that make up most of its length, acting as the main obstacles that players must overcome in order to win. Specifically, players must run across the entire lengths of these logs while they are constantly rotating, revealing a variety of obstacles embedded into their surfaces. As such, players will not only have to avoid falling off the rotating logs, but also avoiding their obstacles and jumping over pits, while always rushing forward.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

One important tip to keep in mind, especially when jumping over the cracks in the logs, is to try to jump sideways, instead of diagonally forward. We know the temptation of going forward is strong, but many players often try to jump diagonally, only to tumble into the cracks and lose time and progress because of it. In this sense the key to winning here is trying to steadily progress and avoiding getting greedy with the jumps.

2. Over and Under

A simple obstacle course in which the obstacles consist mostly of horizontal and vertical bars that players must avoid while making their way to the finish line as fast as possible. This map gets its name from the fact that the horizontal bars are the most prevalent, and the only ways to avoid them is by jumping over them, or waiting until they move up so they can run under them.

Like in any obstacle courses in the action game, winning in these maps is a matter of practice. However, having great controls can also take you a long way, especially when compared to others who are stuck playing with touchscreen controls. For this reason, you’ll definitely want to play Stumble Guys on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player has tools that let you completely customize your controls, as well as other handy features that you won’t find even in the Steam version itself.

3. Icy Heights

Another obstacle course but with a slippery twist, literally. The challenge in this map isn’t the layout of the obstacles themselves, unlike with Over and Under, but rather the fact that you’ll always be slipping and sliding while trying to run to the finish goal, due to the icy surfaces. These movement complications are further compounded by the fact that other players will often be bumping into you, frequently knocking you off the stage while you try to time a jump or move past an obstacle.

Once again, the best way to win on this map is simply by practicing. However, with the aforementioned BlueStacks controls, you’ll have a much easier time navigating the slippery slopes and getting past all the obstacles in this map.

4. Space Race

An obstacle course in space! This map consists of many different complicated and long jumps that would be impossible to complete in any other context. However, since this map takes place in space, players experience lower gravity, allowing them to jump farther and higher. As such, jumps that would be impossible are now a matter of proper timing and usage of the dive skill, as you’ll often need it to get that last extra bit of distance.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

The trick to winning here, aside from practice like in the other obstacle courses, is to use your shadow to guide your jumps. Since you’ll be jumping quite high, it might be difficult to tell where you’re going to land, which is why you’ll probably often end up falling into the void. However, you can use your shadow as a guide to tell where you’re going to land, in order to time and aim your jumps as you make your way to the finish line. 

One last thing about this map is that there are three paths to the finish line, though only one of them leads to the actual goal. To avoid wasting time, we recommend always taking the middle path, so that you’re the closest to any of the sides in case the goal is in either of these.

5. Honey Drop

This is the first map on this list that isn’t an obstacle course, but rather a survival match to see who can last the longest without falling.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

In Honey Drop, the players are spawned into a multi-leveled arena with floor tiles shaped like honeycombs. These tiles turn red whenever a player steps on them, and disappear about a second later, dropping whoever is unfortunate enough to land on them to the floor below. Eventually, there won’t be any more floors underneath, and the players will simply drop to the void, which will disqualify them.

The idea of this map is to always stay on the move and avoid falling for as long as possible in order to win. To this end, it’s important to establish a route where you can progressively clear the area of tiles in an organized manner, while also avoiding other players and pitfalls. However, one of the bad things about taking your time on the upper levels is that other players won’t be doing the same, and they will instead be fumbling around the lower levels, eating away at the floor tiles underneath. In this sense, if you ever fall from your route, there might not be any solid surfaces below you on the lower levels, and you could simply fall straight down.

With that being said, our go-to strategy for this map is simply to drop to the lower level about 20 or 30 seconds into the round, and start surviving calmly there, while other players fight above. In this manner, it’s likely that when they fall, they’ll simply go straight down and get disqualified, while you survive relatively easily below.

6. Bombardment

Another survival map, but this time with a more simple premise. The objective in Bombardment is to move around on a small island while a pirate ship sails around it, firing off explosive cannonballs at the rafts that make up the said island, blowing them up in the process. The idea is to avoid these explosions while also avoiding falling into the water, which is an instant disqualification.

There’s not much in the way of tips and tricks to share here, other than the fact that one of the biggest obstacles in this map are the other players, as they will often push each other while trying to avoid the explosions. However, as long as you steer clear from others, you should be fine.

7. Cannon Climb

We’re going back to basics with this obstacle course, consisting mostly of spinning hammer and bumper obstacles. However, this map gets its name from the numerous mounted cannons that are strewn throughout the stage, firing balls that roll downwards at the players, bumping and pushing anyone they strike. The idea, as always, is to reach the goal as fast as possible.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

One cool tip to keep in mind for this stage is that some of the hammers can actually push you forward if you let them hit you with the right angle. And while this can often backfire and make you lose progress, it can also turn a losing match into a victory.

8. Pivot Push

This obstacle course gets its name from all the pivoting obstacles present at the beginning of the stage. These obstacles block entire paths, and players must push them in order to open a way forward. However, if two groups are pushing on opposite sides at the same time, you won’t be able to move forward, costing you valuable time. Nevertheless, these blockages often sound more difficult than what they actually are. And once you’re past them, what remains is a fairly unremarkable trek to the finish line. However, before you finish, you’ll need to dodge a few swinging hammers and other other obstacles, which are definitely harder than the pivoting elements.

9. Floor Flip

A rather difficult obstacle course that can be as frustrating as it is tough. 

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

This map consists mostly of rotating platforms that can move to either side, depending on the number of players that stand on each side. The more players on one side, the faster it’ll sink towards that side. As such, it’s not uncommon for players to fall in droves if they group together and jump towards the same platforms and on the same sides. In this sense, the idea is to make your way while avoiding bunching up with too many other players.

There are also a few other obstacles you’ll need to avoid, but the flipping platforms are by far the most challenging aspects of this stage, particularly since you will need to tip them towards specific directions in order to make the jumps towards the next platforms. Because of this, if the other players don’t cooperate, then you’ll need to go a separate way and try to make it across using other platforms, or else you’ll waste valuable time.

10. Lava Rush

The exact opposite of Icy Heights, as this is an obstacle course riddled with lava, fireballs, and other fiery hazards that can instantly send you back if they so much as slightly graze you. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with slippery surfaces here, though the lava and other hazards are more than enough to make your life difficult. 

It’s particularly worth noting that, around the middle of the map, you’ll come across a spinning log that you’ll need to avoid. This log is surrounded by lava that constantly rises and falls, prompting you to wait until the path is clear before being able to proceed. Patience is the key to getting past this obstacle without touching the lava, as moving too soon will result in burning, and taking too long to jump over the log will end in the same fiery outcome.

11. Lava Land

One of the newer challenges of the game, which has the same theme as the previous entry on this list.

In this stage, all players are thrown into an arena set over a river of lava. Falling into the lava results in instant disqualification, so the ultimate goal is to survive for as long as possible. However, the arena is made up of hexagonal platforms that constantly rise and and sink, prompting players to run and jump to other platforms to avoid falling into the lava. 

It goes without saying that proper jump timing and precision is key for succeeding in this stage

12. Bot Bash

Another of the newer maps that, luckily, is quite simple.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

In Bot Bash, players are placed in an arena alongside a few robots that slide around the place pushing everyone that they touch. These robots move in varying speeds depending on their colors, with blue being the slowest, yellow the middle ground, and red the fastest. The idea here is to avoid falling off the stage, with the robots progressively making it more difficult as the round progresses.

After a while, spouts of high pressure paint will start to shoot from the middle of the arena, in up to three simultaneous directions. These spouts basically push you away even if they slightly touch you, so avoiding them is a must.

13. Tile Fall

Did we say Floor Flip was frustrating? Because Tile Fall can be infinitely more infuriating, comparatively speaking.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

The premise of this map is simple: Between the start and the goal is a chasm bridged only by yellow tiles. The idea is simply to make your way to the finish line. However, the challenge here comes from the fact that these tiles can be fake, and if you step on them, you will fall down and get sent back to the start. As such, these rounds often devolve into a shoving match where unwitting guinea pigs are pushed to the front and forced to scout out a path for the rest of the group.

The best tip we can give for this map is to avoid being at the front of the line, because you WILL get pushed, and you WILL fall. However, if you’re hanging around the middle of the pack, odds are that you’ll be able to make it to the finish line while the people in front of you are pushing each other and tumbling down.

14. Humble Stumble

A rather simplistic obstacle course consisting of a few jump pads and moving obstacles that you’ll have to avoid while making your way to the finish line. The same that applies to most stages of this kind are true here, which is to say that if you fall, you’ll get sent back. Other than that, this stage is pretty easy and average, with nothing that really stands out.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

15. Block Dash

This is possibly one of the hardest stages in the entire game. It’s a survival map where the objective, as usual, is to try to live for as long as possible, until either the timer runs out, or everyone but you has fallen. 

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

In this case, players are spawned into a large platform, while formations of blocks appear from the northern end and slide across the arena, sweeping everything in their path. In order to survive, players must find the lowest spots on the block formations and jump over them as they sweep by. However, sometimes there are no openings in the block formations, and players must jump and dive at the blocks that are visibly cracked, in order to break them and pass through. This is, by far, the biggest challenge of the stage, as these blocks can often be difficult to target and hit accurately, and are the ones that will knock down most players.

One thing to keep in mind here is that, when these blocks hit you, they don’t actually knock you down, so you can still jump and maneuver while being dragged. As such, as long as you keep calm and time your jumps carefully, you can still survive even after being dragged by the blocks. 

16. Paint Splash

An obstacle course that gets its name from the paint roller hazards that are present in a few spots, and how they will likely knock you down into the water and send you back further down the stage. Luckily, this map is quite easy and doesn’t require any complex jumps or maneuvers; just take your time avoiding the paint rollers, and make sure you land the jumps between these obstacles, and you’ll be making it to the finish line in no time.

Once again, this is one of those stages that is rendered trivial by using our superior BlueStacks controls, which will give you much better accuracy and comfort for nailing those jumps and slides.

17. Lost Temple

Our favorite obstacle course! 

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

This one is a gauntlet of temple-themed obstacles consisting of jumps, rolling logs, poking spears, and large blocks that can push you off the sides. Additionally, no temple obstacle course would ever be complete without massive rolling boulders that can knock anyone down if they don’t get out of the way.

This stage has the particularity of featuring branching paths at the beginning, offering a longer but easier route on the right, or a shorter but harder path on the left. Both paths have many spears that poke from the ground at regular intervals and can knock you down if you don’t jump over them. However, the left path is more perilous since it has many of these hazards closely packed together.

After avoiding the initial hazards, the rest is relatively straightforward, as you’ll just need to ascend a ramp while jumping over rolling logs, followed by running through a path while avoiding getting pushed off by large stone blocks that jut out from the sides, and finally ending by avoiding the rolling boulders in the final climb to the finish line.

Even when we lose, this map always puts a smile on our faces.

18. Spin Go-Round

Another obstacle course that, as its name implies, consists mostly of spinning hazards and obstacles that players will need to avoid either by sidestepping them, or jumping over them. And while this stage requires some jumping and platforming skills, the hazards themselves are not too challenging to avoid. It goes without saying that this is one of the easier stages.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

19. Super Slide

This is one of our personal favorites, since it’s a different type of obstacle course consisting of a long water slide where you’ll be careening at breakneck speeds towards the goal. The obstacles here consist mostly of horizontal bars that you’ll need to jump over, as well as a few whirlpools that you’ll have to avoid along the way. And finally, when approaching the end of the slide, you’ll have to avoid a few vertical bars that move horizontally, as striking these will take away all your speed and make the final jump to the goal much more difficult.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

While this obstacle course is fun on its own, it’s possible to speed up your descent and cut corners by jumping off the sides of the turns, and landing on the next segments. This takes quite a lot of practice, but it’s possible. Moreover, once you master these tricks, you’ll likely be able to win on this map every single time.

20. Laser Tracer

One of the longer and most challenging survival stages. In this map, players are thrown into a circular arena where lasers regularly sweep by in different formations. These lasers instantly disqualify the players that they touch, so avoiding them is an absolute must. Luckily, it’s easy enough to avoid them by jumping over them. However, as time goes on, the laser formations will get faster and more complex, prompting you to carefully time each and every jump.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

It’s not uncommon for these rounds to drag on for a while, especially if you’re going up against experienced users. However, as long as you keep your cool and time every jump carefully, you’ll be able to survive indefinitely.

21. Rocket Rumble

An interesting king-of-the-hill or capture-the-flag-style map that replaces your jump function for a button that shoots rockets from a bazooka that your character is carrying. This map consists of a few hallways and platforms, lined with a few bounce pads and other obstacles. The objective here is to capture and control as many of the flag posts as possible, in order to score points for your team. The more flags under your control at any given moment, the more points you’ll hold. However, your enemies will also be trying to take your points away from you by pushing you away using their own bazookas.

This is one of the maps with the higher skill ceilings in the game, as it’s not just about jumping and avoiding obstacles as usual, but about actually aiming, shooting, and dodging projectiles, which also makes it into the only map of its type. Nevertheless, as a team-based challenge, you’re often relying heavily on your team in order to win, and more often than not, you’ll find that you won’t be able to capture and control more than a couple of flags by yourself. As such, we recommend picking one strategic post and defending it at all costs.

22. Stumble Soccer

Last but not least, we have another team-based game consisting of, you guessed it, soccer! The main difference between real soccer and this one is that you’ll have to fight over control of three balls at the same time, while guarding your goal posts, AND trying to score goals for your own team.

Stumble Guys Map List - The Best Maps In Stumble Guys Explained

For this stage, we recommend choosing either an attacker or defender role, and sticking with it, as it will allow you to focus your efforts effectively on a single task. If you’re attacking, you can jump and lunge at the balls to push them towards the enemy goals and try to score. If you’re defending, you can sit back near your goal and do the same, but without overextending yourself, so that you can go back and continue defending while your team tries to score.

This is one of those maps that could be made infinitely better if you had full communication with your team. However, the lack of communication and the chaos is a standard part and parcel of Stumble Guys, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

And that’s it for our Stumble Guys map list. We hope that the information in this article will help you to win all your matches and take as many victories as possible! And remember, if you play Stumble Guys on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll be able to get the competitive edge by using superior controls, and by playing at the smoothest 60 FPS and with the best graphics.