The Battle Mechanics Of Summoners War: Becoming The Best Summoner

The Battle Mechanics Of Summoners War: Becoming...

These monsters may look cute but they’re pretty deadly on the battlefield! Summoners War has a turn-based battle system, and by knowing how this system works, you can always have victory on the battlefield. If you’ve never played a similar game before, these mechanics can be confusing: Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Below, you can find detailed information about how the Summoners War combat mechanics work, and learn what to do to become a better summoner.

The Basics of Battle: Turn Based Attacks

Before you start reading this guide, we suggest you check out our guide about monsters. Because many of the things we will talk about below are based on the assumption that you already created a team that works efficiently. You can find detailed information on how to do this in that guide. Here’s a quick recap: Your team must always have one tank, one healer, and one damage dealer. If possible, the tank should have the “leadership” ability, but this is not a must.

You can fight PvE and PvP battles in Summoners War. Both types of battles require different team setups. In this guide, we will only talk about PvE battles. Press the “Battle” button and select the desired mission. You can do a story mission or play in a dungeon like Tartarus’ Labyrinth.

In any case, once the mission starts, your team will automatically proceed on a map. When enemies come out, they will stop and the battle will begin. You’re going to make the first attack, and then it’s going to be the enemy’s turn. In other words, every party will attack in turns – this is the basic logic of turn-based combat systems. Therefore, you will have time to use simple strategies between attacks. First, let’s take a look at the screenshot below.

  1. Active skills you can use. To use a skill, just click on it. If you click and hold, you can also see a brief description of the skill. Every skill has a cooldown (CD) time, so once you have used it, you need to wait a while before you can use it again.
  2. A practical example of the cooldown time mentioned above. The number here shows how many turns we have to wait to be able to use this skill again.
  3. You can adjust the speed of the battle here. If you are repeating a mission, you may not want to see the animations again each time.
  4. This green circle shows which team member will attack.

So, what do the “arrows” on the enemies mean? This feature is actually being used to help beginners. These arrows have a color code and if you know this code, your attacks will be much more effective. See the screenshot below:

So, if you can’t figure out which enemy to attack when it’s your turn, always try to attack the target indicated by the green arrow.


The attribute system is actually the basis of the Summoners War combat mechanics. There are 5 elements that your monsters can belong to. And like a stone-paper-scissors game, these elements have several advantages over each other. In this context, there are three basic elements you need to know:

Water beats fire, fire beats wind, and wind beats water. Easy, right?

If you find this attribute system confusing, you can only focus on the arrows. The game automatically calculates the attributes and shows you which are stronger.

Battlefield Tips & Strategies

Always try to make your tank the leader of your team. In this way, you can start the battle with him and gain the enemies’ attention by using the “taunt” skill. As long as your tank is alive, you can win every battle.

The healer should focus only on healing the tank. Do not attack with healers as much as possible: Use their cooldown times only for healing abilities. You should use damage dealer monsters to attack the enemy.

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Your most damaging attacks have the longest cooldown periods. You may have to wait for 5 turns before you can use some of them again. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use attacks with a long cooldown period at the start of the battle: If you use this type of skills in the middle of a fight, the battle will be over before the cooldown period renews. You can see the cooldown time of a particular skill by clicking and holding.

Some of your attacks will give enemies “debuffs”. There are many different kinds of debuffs but we can say that “defense down” is one of the most effective ones. An enemy with this debuff will be more affected by your attacks. Don’t forget to check debuffs of your enemies, they are shown with a little icon.

Runes will also increase the amount of damage of your skills. For example, a rune that increases your attack power by 6 points will be effective for all your skills. In this respect, you have to choose according to character roles: You must give attack runes to damage dealers and defense runes to tanks.

As they gain levels, the skills of your monsters will also become more effective. Do not evaluate a monster according to its level 1 skills. Some skills can become much more effective at advanced levels. For example, if you cannot choose between two healers, take a look at their skills: Pick the one that offers better skills at higher levels.

Before you start a battle, you can get detailed information about the types of monsters in the enemy team. To do this, click and hold on their character portraits. Create your own team according to this information. For example, it may be a better idea to use a healer and two damage dealers for an enemy team that consists of “defense” monsters.

Creating a balanced team and using complementary skills is the key to winning battles. In this respect, we recommend that you also take a look at the BlueStacks Summoners War Monsters and Leveling Guides. Those guides together with this one will help you get a complete picture of the gameplay and help you perform better. As long as you follow these recommendations, you can be sure that you will win every battle against your enemies. Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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