Even if not all 5-star monsters in Summoners War can fit into your line-up, they generally have the best stats in the game. For this reason, most of them are quite versatile and can easily be included in both PvE and PvP squads. Usually, it all boils down to how much synergy you manage to accrue between your units, as well as to how effective your line-up is for the challenge that lies ahead.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

After we presented a list of the most impressive 3 and 4-star summons, we thought we’d go ahead and tackle the big bosses of SW. As we mentioned in our resource management guide, runes tend to be more important than monsters themselves, mostly because of how much they can enable the latter. Consequently, whether a unit is effective or good in a particular scenario is entirely dependent on your line-up and rune embedding choices.

Destructive Damage Dealers

Theomars – one of the most outstanding DPSers in the game. He is a beast in PvP, Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair Basement, and the Elemental Rift Beasts in raids. His 3rd skill passive, Elemental King, ensures he always has elemental over his enemies, while also being immune to death for one turn upon fatal damage.

Another amazing aspect of having him as your leader is his immense critical rating, 69%, to be precise. That means you just need another 31% from your runes to get him up to a full 100%, since there’s no diminishing return in SW. That means he’ll almost always do 50% additional damage when he hits. We told you he’s good.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Sigmarus – you need to prioritize getting him as either your second or, in case you’re going for Beretta, your third fusion. In PvP, he’s a decent water-based damage dealer, while in PvE, he’s one of the better HP-based nukers. Stats-wise, he has the 4th highest damage in the game. If you manage to get him up to 100% CR, his S2 and S3 will also freeze whoever he hits for 1 turn.

Although he’s a bit squishy for raids, he is a great option for GB10 and DB10, as well as for Tower of Ascension.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Seara – her leader skill tells you everything you need to know: 24% more speed for all allies. She’s not called the bomb queen for nothing. Her S2, Fate of Destruction, will place a bomb on the enemy that is hit by the attack, while also giving her another turn. The bomb explodes in 2 turns total, but, if you’re not keen on waiting, the S3, Promised Time, will detonate it instantly.

She also has a CR-triggered mechanic from her S1, which means that whenever she lands a critical hit, her attack bar gains 15%.

Zairos – he’s one of those outstanding 5-stars we recommend you level with the weekly Devilmons we mentioned in our resource management guide. He works well as a lead character, giving everybody no less than 33% more attack value. Aside from his AoE dots, he has a powerful AoE slow, making him one of the most notorious PvP units. If you’re a PvP enthusiast, this is the absolute monster.

He is also exceptional in ToA and completing the main Scenario, but he is not recommended in the GB10 and NB10 dungeons. You can’t have it all.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Solid Supports

Veromos – if you are serious about your Summoners War account, he ought to be your first fusion. Definitely worth spending your Devilmons on. He is great in GB10, DB10, ToA, and PvP. It’s only through the very late game that the passive of his S3, Conversion of Magic, becomes less impactful. The main reason why this is the case is because of defense-break mechanic, which will pretty much guarantee a swift end to whoever is targeted.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Praha – a vital support for any compositions. If she’s in your Leader spot, your team’s resistances will be increased by a noteworthy 41%. The purge offered by her S2, Predicted Future, is always useful, whereas her S3’s heal, Daydream, will pretty much guarantee you can dominate Dungeons and Raids. In fact, she’s a frequent sight on the frontline of many raid compositions.

Ganymede – he’s so good that he is actually disgusting in some PvP compositions. His S2, Ventilate, refreshes the cooldowns of all your teammates, while his last ability, Seal Magic, is even more OP. The latter puts your enemy’s skills on maximum cooldown while resetting the attack bar of everyone on the opposing team. Ganymede is the smooth criminal in ToA and definitely not fun to go up against.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Durable Defenders

Feng Yan – he is a monster in Dungeons, ToA, and PvP. We can’t even count how many times people have complained about his durability in the Arena. His leader buff, 44% more defense in Guild Battles, is no joke, while his S2, Calm Wind, is a strong group heal.

Feng’s true strength, however, lies in his Winds and Clouds passive, which grants 20% increase to his attack bar every time he is assaulted. Meanwhile, his attack increases with his defense stat, so the harder he is to kill, the harder he hits.

Xiong Fei – fourth fusion right here, if you were wondering what to do after Sigmarus. He truly shines in NB10, while also being a noteworthy addition to your Raid comps. His only problem is that you need to feed him Devilmons to boost his skills to max; otherwise he can be a little underwhelming.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

Camilla – her versatility and effectiveness depend on your build. She can either be an amazing self-sustain DPS or somebody you can just ignore in PvP until everybody else is dead. Still, the Arena is where she usually shines because her leader ability reduces the critical rating you need to add to your line-up via Runes.

Summoners War on PC – Exceptional 5-Star Monsters

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So far, these are the most impactful 5-star units in Summoners War. Some of them are a glorious sight when they really get in their element, which is why gearing them is one of the most satisfactory things you can do in this game.

Naturally, everybody can excel given the right build and composition, so we’re curious to see what other 5-stars you’ve successfully experimented with. Either way, we’re mostly excited to come across more units that are worth our Devilmons.

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