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Summoners War – Effective Resource Management

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

A constant throughout gacha games is the resource cap they impose on players. Whether it’s the energy you need to complete daily tasks, the regular currency you need for upgrades, or the premium currency you can use for significant improvements, there is always a limit to how much you can do at a time. We’ve broached the topic of progression in Summoner’s War before, in our beginner’s levelling guide.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

This time around, we’d like to expand on what you can do to more effectively farm resources in Summoner’s War, which, in turn, will help you progress much faster through your SW playthrough. This is only our second day of playing on a new account and we’ve already unlocked the Vrofagus Ruins, while also being on our way to clearing Telain Forest on Hard.

Basic Mistakes Everybody Makes

We’ve made quite a number of rookie mistakes you can now learn from. You get all the benefits of our experience and none of the unpleasantry of wasting precious energy, runes, or both. From the get-go, you’ll notice that the more things you do, the more challenges you complete.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

For the love of everything that is chibi, do not collect these. We know it’s tempting, but there’s a good reason to hold out. Daily missions and challenge rewards give various goodies (including those precious crystals) and account XP. The idea is to withhold your experience gain until you’ve completely run out of energy. This can be tricky in the beginning, since the game will throw a lot of it your way. Even so, you can grind through it by levelling your monsters.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

Once you’ve depleted your energy, you can start collecting a few challenge rewards until you level up. The awesome part about this is that your energy cap increases, while both your wings and energy bar are reset to full. Instead of having to wait another day to play, this neat little trick will make it possible for you to play much more from the get-go.

The same is true for Crystals. Since they’re the premium currency of Summoner’s War, you’ll want to be as frugal as possible with them. Summoning a single monster with 75 crystals is a huge loss of value, for example. Yes, the tutorial will force you to summon Elucia, but this is the first and last time you should do the single. Instead, you should save the crystals until you have enough for a premium pack, which requires 750. Premium I will give you no less than 11 Mystical Scrolls (the ones that summon 3 to 5-stars), alongside 100,000 Mana, and 3 Angelmons (one Wind, one Fire, and one Water). In the early game, this is one of the best ways to spend your crystals.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

The Monsters

Unless you’ve been buying packs with real money, you first monsters in Summoner’s War are 1) Sieq, the Fire Hellhound, 2) Elucia, the Water Fairy, 3) Roid, the Wind Vagabond, and 4) Lucien, The Light Elven Ranger. You can get more monsters from completing scenarios (and summons), but these are likely going to be your best line-up for a little while. So, what you want to do is make sure to use them on a regular basis in order to level them up.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

As soon as you complete Mt. Siz, which will be a little difficult, you’ll get your first 4-star unit in SW, 5) Lapis, the Water Magic Knight. She’s an excellent unit to help you farm in the early game, so hurry up and level her alongside your other mons. We recommend swapping Lucien to include her. Soon enough, you’ll also stumble upon 6) Teon. Even if he is a handout from the game’s developers, he’s actually quite decent as a reviver, so you can swap Sieq for him. He also has reasonable base stats.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

A good early-game team comp would be Lapis, Elucia, Teon, and Roid. If you get anything better, you can check our guide to the best 3 and 4-star monsters (hyperlink to: “SW_TheBest3and4StarMonsters”) to see if you can replace one of your starter units.  The idea right now is to progress through PvE content as much as possible. Whenever you have wings available, use them in the Arena to get precious medals. These will let you buy Devilmons (awesome upgrade material) on a weekly basis and we want every single one of these we can get our hands on.

Runes: The Life of your SW Monsters

If you don’t already know, runes are often more important and valuable than the monsters themselves. There’s a good reason why. For instance, this +9 Blade Rune gives our Lapis a whopping 22% to her AoE attacks, which is no small feat. We’ll talk more in-depth about how you should go about using your runes in another article (hyperlink to: “Summoner’s War: Advanced Guide to Runes”). For now, use them only on the characters you know will carry on to the mid game at the very least.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

For the early game, quality doesn’t matter that much. Instead, you should focus on getting the 2, and 4-rune set bonuses, since these are pretty awesome. 4 pieces of Fatal, for instance, will give you a staggering 35% bonus to the unit’s attack power. Our Lapis currently hits with 70% more damage, which is great given the fact that her specialty is AoE. In turn, this enables us to farm better and faster.

Summoners War on PC– Effective Resource Management

If you’re not doing it already, we also recommend you play Summoner’s War on PC with BlueStacks, since this will decrease the time you have to spend on the game, while also making it easier to farm experience, runes, and much more. So far, these are the most important aspects to keep in mind throughout your early game. Following these guidelines, you’ll manage your resources better and progress through your SW playthrough much faster. Your monsters will grow by the hour!

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