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Summoners War on PC: The Best 3 and 4 Star Monsters

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If there’s one constant across all mobile gacha games, it’s the fan-made tier lists. Whenever there are tens (or hundreds, in our case) of units, you can bet people will theorycraft the bananas out of which is best, why, and in what composition. This is an extremely fun and rewarding part of any turn-based MMO, but it can be overwhelming for new players.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

you can use this article about 3- and 4-star heroes to get through the initial phase of playing Summoner’s War on PC and keep things simple while you learn the game. As you get used to the units, levelling, and upgrading them, we can discuss awakening and compositions for various parts of the game, including the Trial of Ancients

Summons Management Best Practices

Some monsters are worth keeping, while others are just fodder. Although rarity (by which we mean their number of stars) does play a part in how good a unit is, it’s not the deciding factor. The monster’s abilities, interactions, stats, and combat utility often take precedence, especially since you can increase rarity through evolution. Overall, there aren’t many 1 and 2-star mobs that are worth keeping, so we’ll just assume they’re fodder.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

On the other hand, there are quite a few 3, 4, and 5-star summons that play at least a niche role at some point throughout the game. These are the ones we’ll focus on. One thing you should keep in mind while going forward is that runes you have are exponentially more important than your line-up. This is the case in all aspects of the game, by the way, so make sure to double, triple, and quadruple check your embedding choices.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

For basic information on resource management, you can check out this article, whereas if you want more advanced information pertaining to runes, this is the place to go for it. For now, these are the summoning basics:

  • Keep at least 1 copy of every unique, non-farmable summon 3-star.
  • Keep all Light and Dark monsters you come across.
  • Keep at least 1 of each 4-star unique unit.
  • Keep at least one of every fusion character you get.

There’s no telling when new content is released and a random 4-star monster is suddenly a core unit in any line-up. You won’t be happy if you’ve previously deleted 4-5 copies of them just several weeks ago because they were not in the meta. To be on the safe side, keep at least 1 instance of every non-farmable character you come across. That should do it.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

Don’t look at their rarity, some of these units are the most sought-after characters in Summoner’s War, even if they have no more than 3 golden stars under their belt.

3-star PvE Monsters:

Basalt – he has one of the best skill sets for TOAH, which makes him a must have in anybody’s book. He gives defense to everybody, has a taunt, a group heal, and a massive amount of damage.

Belladeon – this is one of the most sought-after support monsters in SW. He has 100% defense break for hist first skill, enemy buff nullifier for the second, and an attack boost alongside a considerable heal for his third. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

Mantura – another all-round must-have unit. His first skill does a fair amount of AoE damage while also purging enemy buffs (75% chance), his second does AoE slow, and his third is AoE defense break. If you were looking for a strong debuffer, you found them.

Lucasha – although not a must have, her 30% bonus fire attack damage, defense weaken, and chance to hit multiple times can be really impactful if the RnG gods are on your side.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

4-star PvE Monsters

Lapis – your first 4-star character is a quick, reliable farmer for the early game. As soon as you get her, incorporate her into your main comp and run with it. She was also recently buffed, so don’t be surprised when she AoE hits like a truck.

Fedora – if you’re looking for a team defender, this unit will protect your allies from enemy cleanses and she’ll provide immunity for 2 turns. If this wasn’t enough, her S2 deals more damage the more HP she has. An overall outstanding support unit.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

Verdehile – she’s one of the must have out of all 4-stars. Her leader skill gives an allied unit 28% more speed in dungeons, while her S3 passive fills all your allies’ attack bars by a whopping 20% whenever she lands a critical hit.

Baretta – many players call him the king of ToA for good reason. He does outstanding AoE damage and has the ability to completely reset an opponent’s attack bar.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

Briand – hands down the best reviver in the game. Although he truly shines in PvE, he’s not that bad in PvP either. His revive also evens out all your team’s HP ratio, which prevents further deaths from taking place. We know how death-backs can be.

Iona – if you can’t get Briand, Iona can be just as effective. Her S2 heals two allies who are under 25% and 15% respectively, whereas her S3 resurrects somebody, gives them 60% hp, and improves their defense for three turns. Not bad at all.

Summoners War on PC: The Best 3- and 4-Star Monsters

Xiao Lin – the Kung Fu girl deals immense amounts of damage to the point of being one of the best DPSers in the game. She’s an outstanding nuker in PvE, so don’t pass her up easily. Her S3 can be bit random, which means she’s not that viable for PvP.

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Although this is not a complete list, these are, by far, some of the most useful 3-star and 4-star monsters in Summoner’s War when it comes to PvE. Some of them are quite decent in PvP too. As we mentioned in the beginning, runes tend to be more impactful than individual characters, so there’s quite a bit of freedom in terms of team compositions for various settings.

For every player that gets attached to a monster, you can bet that there’s also a strategy that sees them shine. If you have an extremely effective line-up, don’t hesitate to let us know your secret in the comments section below.

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