Managing your farm in Sunrise Village is no easy feat, especially if you have no idea how to do it in real life or as an experience to another game. The farming simulator genre doesn’t have a high difficulty, nor does it have an extremely steep learning curve that can frustrate many players who simply signed up for the sake of playing a game to pass the time. Still, it can be punishing not to know about the crucial pieces of information in the game. That’s what players need to prepare for.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

Sunrise Village involves many tasks that can drain the average player. The biggest hurdle that players can face is struggling to manage the farm in a playable state because they spend too much time doing other stuff. Prioritizing the most important tasks first while doing secondary tasks with the right balance is key to creating a successful farm. To maintain that stability, we’ve prepared a guide to help players learn how to properly manage their farms by looking out for the most important tasks.

Growing Crops

Growing crops is one of the primary tasks in playing Sunrise Village. We’ve already mentioned a lot of stuff about this in our Beginner’s Guide, so read up on that if you haven’t already. In any case, growing crops is essential to the development of your farm, but players may have a tough time growing crops efficiently. Believe it or not, there are right ways to grow crops depending on your play schedule and what kind of seeds you’re planning to grow in response to your current task.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

Many players like to plant one type of crop at a time, which is generally a good strategy. If you’re planning on playing actively for the next 30 minutes or more, you may want to stick to short growth time crops like peas and wheat. Players who are about to log out may wish to plant seeds that take longer to grow. If you’re in need of long cooldown crops, even if you just started the game, use 50-75% of your plots to plant that seed and leave some plots open to grow short-growth seeds.

Maintaining Production

Maintaining production is a pretty challenging task to accomplish simply because there will always be a shortage of raw materials. An excellent tip to follow when doing so is trying to complete one task at a time rather than producing various items that use the same materials or constructing multiple buildings simultaneously, which will stretch your resources thin. The important thing to note is that your village should always be busy doing something, but it doesn’t need to involve all your buildings at once.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

A common mistake that some veterans give new players is to keep all their production buildings running by continuously producing resources, even if they don’t think they’ll need that resource yet. However, that can prove to be a mistake when the player eventually needs a particular material, but they already spent most of their resources producing other stuff that share that resource. In this case, it’s more prudent to save your resources and focus on producing materials for tasks you can complete at the moment.


Exploration may not seem like it’s important when managing your farm but believe us when we say that this is one of the tasks that you need to put heavy emphasis on. When we talk about exploration, it means trying to discover new areas on your farm by removing objects that obstruct the fog from clearing. Once the fog has been removed, the area will be lit up and reveal a portion of the space that players can use to place more buildings that would otherwise take a lot of space.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

Simply exploring new areas of the map isn’t enough to make space for your farm structures. Players will also need to clear the trash around an area so that they can make use of the space since bushes, trees, rocks, and other stuff prevent the placement of buildings. In addition to exploration within Sunrise Village, players may also opt to explore Adventures, which contains hidden areas that may contain treasures and more materials that you can collect.

Bonuses & Speedups

Bonuses and speedups are items that are underutilized in this game because players have the underlying belief that they need to save these for important occasions. While that is true to an extent, some players end up saving it to the point that it will never get used because they quit the game before they even find the perfect opportunity for it. Don’t be afraid to use your bonuses and speedups to instantly complete production when you think that you need it as soon as possible.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

Unfortunately, bonuses and speedups can only be acquired by completing missions, but players can also purchase them using premium currency. Sunrise Village isn’t as generous as other titles from the genre when it comes to giving these resources as a reward to their players, so saving them up is justifiable to an extent. Remember that when you speed up the production of your farm, you give yourself more allowance to complete other tasks during the remainder of your playtime.


Friendship is unlocked once you complete the construction of the Friendship Garden. Once you do this, you’ll be able to recruit an NPC to be your buddy. The buddy can do tasks such as clearing trash, but it doesn’t exactly do anything different from what your hero does since it consumes your energy. The items collected by the buddy will also go back to you, so there’s no need to worry about them going off on their own doing their own thing.

Sunrise Village - A Guide to Managing the Farm

Players will also build up their friendship with the NPCs. This is often done by making them do tasks but building cabins for them will increase the amount significantly. This is probably the least essential task when managing the farm, but it does come with its benefits when you complete it. Don’t let it consume most of your playtime when playing the game but don’t completely ignore it either.