Many things in Sunrise Village can get quite expensive, so the importance of Gold in this game is undoubtedly essential. With the costs rising as your level increases, it’s also necessary for the player to upgrade their gold production so that they can keep up and maintain a steady economy in the game. As a beginner, it can be unclear how you can get gold in the game, so we’re looking to introduce all of the ways players can produce this resource at the early stages of their gameplay.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

Acquiring gold isn’t an easy task. While players may be under the impression that it’s extremely easy to get gold in the early game because there aren’t many things to spend them on, it becomes a painful process to get this resource once you reach level 10. This is because the game will begin bombarding you with buildings and upgrades that you need to spend on in addition to the maintenance of your farm. That’s why we’ll introduce all the ways to acquire gold in Sunrise Village.

Order Board

The Order Board is the best and easiest way to acquire gold in Sunrise Village. You can find it near the entrance to your farm. It is a small shack with a notice board with posters pinned on them. Players can click on the order board to check for requests from the market, rewarding both gold and experience when the resources are submitted. These resources are usually organic products created or grown inside the farm, which doesn’t include raw materials and components.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

Orders have different difficulty levels, which is indicated by the shade of the poster. The darker the shade, the more complex the mission is, meaning the resources that players need to submit usually costs more or are harder to get. Regardless, players need to constantly complete orders from the board because they gain experience, which is necessary to unlock new features in the game. We’ve discussed a few things about these details in our Beginner’s Guide, which you might want to check out.

Story Missions

Story Missions are another source of gold. Story quests involve the player completing tasks such as discovering or constructing production buildings. As you level up, the number of missions also increases because it becomes tough to keep up with the demands in terms of energy requirements in the game. This means that the gold gain from this method is also very slow and isn’t exactly the best way to farm gold, especially since not all of the missions reward it.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

The importance of story missions is that they align with the progression of your account. For example, before the player can unlock a new zone or construct a new building, they’ll need to complete a series of quests, which is related to the main story. It can get a bit annoying at first, but there’s no reason to get mad about this feature because the main story introduces a way for players to organize their tasks in order of relevance to progression.

Selling Items

Selling items is another way to earn some quick cash. This is done by going to the inventory, which is found on the lower-right side of the screen, just beside the map button. Players can choose to sell collectible items, which are the stuff that you get when you clear materials using energy. Unfortunately, players can’t sell crops or products that they produce inside buildings, so there’s only a limited number of things that players can sell to get the gold that they need.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

The prices of the items are extremely low, so this process isn’t a reliable way to acquire gold. In addition, resources acquired by using energy are extremely precious, so it isn’t recommended that players sell them even if they think there’s no immediate need for these items to be stocked inside their inventory. The only time players may want to sell items from their inventory is if they need a small amount of gold as soon as possible, with the amount being less than 100 gold.


The crucible is a building that players can unlock later on in the game. Players can exchange a certain number of gold ore and convert it into 1000 gold, which is a decent amount of money for the energy that the player expends to get the resources. This method is a lot more reliable compared to the previous method because the gold that you get here gives the player more room to work with compared to the peanuts that players earn when they sell their items.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

Gold ore is acquired by clearing out gold veins or opening crates and boxes on the field. Exchange these ores inside the crucible to get the reward. Take note that the crucible will overheat once the player has done three exchanges. The cooldown time is relatively short, so the player shouldn’t worry about it taking a while to recharge if they are in a hurry to get a considerable amount of money in a short time. It’s recommended to exchange in the crucible regularly.


Treasures include crates, boxes, pots, and other containers found on the field that players can click on to redeem a random reward. Some of the random rewards that players can get from these containers include gold ore and gold coins. This is an excellent way to earn money, but the chances don’t exactly guarantee that you’ll always end up with a profit because you may get other items or energy instead.

How To Make Gold in Sunrise Village

Another issue that players will experience when using treasures as a leading source of income is that these containers can only be claimed once. This means that once you collect them, they will no longer respawn. There are only a fixed number of treasure containers in the game, and the player will be tasked with discovering them by clearing out the fog and discovering new areas around the map.