Need some tips when playing Sunrise Village? We’ve got you covered! It’s time to share some of the most valuable pieces of information that we wish we knew when we first started the game so that we wouldn’t have had such a tough time towards the end game. The game features a lot of hidden key points that players can easily miss because the tutorial isn’t deep enough to spoonfeed players everything about the game, which is actually a nice thing, but it can leave many people confused.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

As the final part of our initial Sunrise Village guide series, we’re looking to help players overcome some of the hurdles often targeted towards beginners of the game. Even if you’ve already played the game for a reasonable amount of time, some of these tips can still be applicable in your case. These tips and tricks were collected through days of playing the game so that players have a general idea of which route they will have the best time when it comes to progression.

Fill Your Feed Boxes

Animal care can be tough because players can quickly lose a lot of resources trying to raise their animals on the farm. A common mistake that players make is placing as much animal feed in their boxes as there is the number of animals in their possession. However, there is no need to do so because each stack of animal feed is distributed to the animal and will consume a certain amount every time the animal has finished producing their products by taking from the total pool.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

You should fill your feed boxes because the feed mill is often used for other stuff, and it’s easier to have a ton of extra food rather than waiting for your production to finish. It’s important to know that water will be a resource that’s used often in the middle stages of the game, so your feed mill will be constantly busy trying to produce them for your other structures. It’s also great to have extra food so that you can distribute your resources to produce other types of items in the game. 

Slowly Clear the Central Area of Your Farm

Clearing your farm will play a massive part in your gameplay at the middle stages of the game because Sunrise Village starts introducing so many other structures during that phase that it becomes hard to fit them all inside your starting area. We’ve introduced the importance of exploration in our Farm Management Guide [Sunrise Village – A Guide to Managing the Farm], so take a look at that if you haven’t already so that you have a general idea about other stuff that may give you a better idea on developing your farm properly.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

It’s a good idea to start sweeping the trash in the area just above your house by getting rid of the bushes, rocks, and wood that you find here. You will also need to remove the brick walls and broken walls because those inhibit so much space that it’s a complete waste to let them sit there even though they look nice to you. Don’t worry about expending energy to do this because the resources you get from doing this task will be used by other production sectors later on.

Reusable Decorations

Players may notice that when they explore parts of the main farm, there are decorations that lie around, which you can use later on if you’re looking to re-decorate your farm. One of the most essential decorations you can recycle is the wooden fences found in the left-side river once you’ve unlocked the gate at Level 11. These can really save you a lot of gold because you’ll need a lot of wooden fences as decorations when you reach the end stages of the game.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

When you’re trying to look for space, a good tip is that you can place these decorations inside your inventory if you don’t plan to use them yet. Holding an item will allow you to move it anywhere you like, and placing it in the inventory will allow you to place them back later. To place items from your inventory back to the farm, go to the shop and then go to decorations, where you’ll have the option to place them instead of buying them so that you can decide how you want to place them later on.

Spend Your Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium resource in the game, and these don’t come easy if you’re an F2P user. Players often save these or spend them too early, but both of these options can make you regret your decision because there’s always a suitable time and place to use them. For example, it’s not reasonable to use diamonds to buy items, but it’s highly encouraged that players purchase additional energy so that they can accomplish more tasks, which is worth the energy that you get.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

Another good purchase for your diamonds is dynamite sticks. Only use these when you discover an area in the map that has a lot of large resource nodes clumped together, which is a more efficient use of your diamonds rather than clearing out those resources one by one. Don’t use these diamonds too early in the game because the tasks you do here don’t cost a lot of resources and usually don’t take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Join a Team

Teams are an excellent social system in the game so that you have a good community to talk to while you’re doing tasks in Sunrise Village. In addition, once you’ve discovered and repaired the Exploration Tower, you can go on join expeditions with your teammates, which will award you with loyalty and give you shared rewards that are useful when you’re trying to develop your farm.

Tips & Tricks When Playing Sunrise Village

The best part about farming simulators is that you share your progress with other people so that you can show off and compare the hard work that you put in trying to make your farm the best version of itself. Humans are naturally social, so you shouldn’t be afraid to join a team, but if you’re not in this game to make new friends, there are still many reasons why you should join one anyway.