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Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Super Mecha Champions is one of the most unique mobile battle royales we’ve ever played. It offers fast-paced and intense shooting and fights like in similar games, but also with powerful and enormous Mechas that every player can summon to the field to gain additional firepower and armor. This combination adds an extra layer of strategy and difficulty to the game as you not only have to learn how each weapon handles, but you also need to examine every Mecha to see how they work. And as if that wasn’t enough, there are also numerous pilots that you can choose from, each with their own passive skills.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Suffice to say, other than the sheer excitement of every match, there’s quite a lot to find in this battle royale game. We have already created guides on the different Pilots and the variety of Mechas available in Super Mecha Champions. Feel free to take a look if you want to learn more about these topics.

Today, however, we want to share a few awesome tips and tricks that you can keep in mind whenever you’re on the battlefield, which will definitely come in handy if you’re looking to improve your performance and score lots of kills.

Optimize Your Playing Conditions

Simply put, Super Mecha Champions both looks great and runs very smoothly. However, if you want the best experience with this game, you’ll need the best possible hardware, which can only be accomplished by playing SMC on PC with BlueStacks.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Our Android emulator is 6 times faster than the most expensive phones on the market, dwarfing them in terms of performance and features. If you play SMC on BlueStacks, you not only use your superior PC hardware to create the best performance and graphics, but you also play on your large PC monitor and at the best possible resolution, allowing you to appreciate every single detail and enemy on the screen, even at long distances.

Moreover, you’ll also have access to the Keymapping Tool if you play on our app player, allowing you to play any game using your mouse and keyboard. For SMC, this means that you can run around using the WASD keys and shoot your targets with the mouse, just like in a regular PC shooter game. This control scheme will greatly improve your precision in relation to standard mobile touchscreen controls, which will come in handy in virtually any situation in the game.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

The single best thing you can do if you want to win is to play SMC on PC with BlueStacks.

Choose the Best Pilot and Mecha Combinations

As we mentioned above, there are numerous Pilots and Mechas in SMC, all of which have unique properties. For this reason, there are some Pilots that go well with most Mechas. However, there are specific combinations that are better than usual due to the synergies between both elements.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Some interesting Pilot and Mecha combos include the following:

  1. E.D + Firestar: This pilot’s skills extend the duration of her Mecha’s debuffs, directly increasing Firestar’s damage when it applies the burning effect to the enemy.
  2. Mila + Trio of Enders: Mila’s passive increases her Mecha’s damage output as the robot gets more damaged. This means that Trio’s large HP pool coupled with the sheer damage of its Assault skill goes very well with this pilot.
  3. Ning + Andromeda: One of the hardest parts to learn in SMC as a beginner is acquiring targets since everything looks so small. Ning is very good for this reason since her passive marks enemy targets on the HUD when they shoot at her. Andromeda takes full advantage of this skill since the player can easily aim its Homing Javelins and impale the enemy easier than with other pilots. Once impaled, the player can then finish the enemy off with a few Energy Catapults, which automatically track the enemy once they’re hit by the Javelin.

Time Your Mecha Summoning Carefully

There’s a time and place for everything in Super Mecha Champions. It might be very tempting to summon your Mecha as soon as your meter is completely charged, but it might be better to wait until the right moment.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

If you summon your Mecha too early, you become an easy target for sneaking players. If you summon it too late, such as when you’re already engaged against another player, you’ll take significant damage during the robot’s summoning animation, which will leave you severely crippled when you actually gain control.

A good idea here is to combine both ground combat using your Pilot with correctly using your Mecha to score kills. Moreover, when you just won a fight aboard your Mecha, it might be a good idea to dismount and proceed on foot to avoid getting ambushed by other players. Your Mecha is pretty loud and makes lots of noise if you’re just walking around the field aimlessly, which is another reason why you’re better off on foot most of the time.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Lastly, remember that, after a certain point in the match, all Mecha summonings are disabled. If you’ve been running around on your Mecha and have taken too much damage throughout the match, and don’t have a repair item handy, then you’ll be stuck with a damaged Mecha for the remainder of the match, which is a good reason to only use your Mecha when necessary to prevent taking unnecessary damage.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Complete Career Challenges to Earn Currency

Despite there being lots of Pilots and Mechas in SMC, you’re limited to just one of the former and a handful of the latter at the start. To use the rest, you’ll first have to unlock them by paying Alpha Coins. The Mechas can be purchased directly for a certain sum of coins, while the Pilots require purchasing special items exclusive to each one, which can be obtained from the store.

Regardless of your goals, you’ll need as much currency as you can get in order to unlock everything. To this end, you should complete as many Career challenges as possible, which award you with, among other things, Alpha Coins for reaching certain thresholds. These challenges are some of the easiest ways to farm coins.

Super Mecha Champions Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

These are some of the best tips and tricks for Super Mecha Champions that will help you to win every match. By choosing a good Pilot and Mecha combination, carefully managing your Mecha’s health throughout the match, and using a comfortable control scheme by playing SMC on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll have an easier time scoring kills and winning matches. Moreover, by completing your challenges, you’ll unlock more Mechas and pilots, which will open up new possibilities for you to try in the field.

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