remains to be the titular progenitor of top-down zombie survival offline RPG games, a genre that has spawned multiple other games albeit in different styles. The goal is simple – survive as long as you can against a mob of zombies that keep spawning out of nowhere. is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

In this guide, we will be explaining all about the skills and evolution skills in At the time of writing, players can reach multiple new levels in the growth path to unlock new abilities and improve their firepower. Such boosts are needed to tackle the continuously rising difficulty of zombies as they spawn. The longer you survive, the more points you will get. Let’s get right into the guide!

What are Skills in

Skills refers to the active buffs and abilities that drop in-game while you hunt zombies. These abilities remain active for only a specific amount of time, or throughout the battle. They expire whenever you leave the current battle and return to your home screen. Hence, they are not permanent. Skills are decimating abilities or upgrades that can help you survive much longer than usual. They come in different types and rarities. Usually, as you progress and survive longer in a match, higher rarity skills will start appearing marked by purple colour. 

You can find skills in-game via 2 methods:

  • Levelling Up – Gaining experience unlocks new abilities. You can select one of three skills from a menu after you’ve defeated enough enemies and gathered enough experience crystals.
  • Opening Monster Chests – You will come across a chest that, when opened, contains gold and grants you at least one item whenever you beat bosses or mini-bosses. Additionally, these chests may yield three or five goods; nevertheless, the results are random.

What are Skill Evolutions?

Like we mentioned before, skills come in different types when you’re killing zombies in-game. However, you can also evolve these skills and make them even more powerful for a higher chance to survive. Players should try to craft their builds in such a way that they are able to evolve their skills on time. Skills and Evolution Guide – Complete List of all Abilities

Two primary elements are needed for a skill to evolve: an active skill and a passive skill. When an active skill and its matching passive skill are fully leveled, you can evolve them by either leveling up or opening a chest and selecting the evolution as your next item. When an item is evolving, you can tell because it has a different outline and text than other items, and it has just one star instead of five, indicating that it cannot be upgraded any further.

All Evolution Skills in

In this list, we have curated all the evolution skills one can craft. Keep in mind, the first component is the active skill while the second component is the passive skill. You can find both the components in brackets against these evolutions. 

  • Magnetic Rebounder (Boomerang + Hi-Power Magnet) – Launches two boomerangs that swiftly circle the player, hitting opponents as they go through them.
  • 1-Ton Iron (Brick + Fitness Guide) – Tosses eight dumbbells in a wide circle away from the player. These dumbbells do damage as they move through opponents and have limitless durability.
  • Pressure Forcefield (Forcefield + Energy Drink) – Surrounds the player with a forcefield that pushes back and damages any foes in close proximity.
  • Caltrops (Durian + HE Fuel) – Hurls a massive ball filled with spikes that ricochets across the screen, inflicting damage to anybody it strikes. In addition, the ball occasionally launches spikes at adversaries, increasing damage. When overwhelmed, players can move beneath the big ball to gain some cover.
  • Death Ray (Laser Launcher + Energy Cube) – Releases a barrage of lasers from the screen’s edges that swiftly spiral toward the player’s position, damaging adversaries as they do so.
  • Sharkmaw Gun (RPG + HE Fuel) – Launches a massive missile at adversaries, dealing massive damage before detonating to cause more widespread damage.
  • Thunderbolt Bomb (Modular Mine + Lightning Emitter) – Plants proximity mines on the ground, which, when activated, shoot out bolts of electricity that do damage across a large area.
  • Inferno Bomb (Modular Mine + Molotov) – Conjures proximity mines, which explode to deliver damage and leave behind several fire puddles that hurt foes that step on them in addition to dealing additional damage. Crowd management and Area of Effect are two very powerful points of this skill.
  • Whistling Arrow (Drill Shot + Ammo Thruster) – Summons a perpetual arrow that hurts adversaries and flies across the battlefield at a high speed. Because of its continuous DPS, it works effectively against bosses as well as fodder foes.
  • Destroyer (Type A Drone + Type B Drone) – Summons a persistent drone equipped with very effective and destructive homing missiles. To deliver the most damage, the player must approach the missiles because of their short range.
  • Divine Destroyer (Destroyer + Medi-Drone) – The sole ability in the game that needs evolution as a prerequisite. Similar to the Medi-drone, this talent creates a healing area and possesses the same attributes as the Destroyer.
  • Defender (Guardian + Exo-Bracer) – Summons six enormous spinning tops that swiftly revolve around the player, knocking back opponents and delivering mild damage. Perfect for crowd management and AoE.
  • Quantum Ball (Soccer Ball + Sports Shoes) – Hurls soccer balls that move quickly and inflict significant damage against opponents as they bounce about the arena.
  • Supercell (Lightning Emitter + Energy Cube) – Unleashes devastating lightning bolts that don’t need to be aimed in order to hit random adversaries. When these lightning bolts strike an enemy close to the impact zone, six shockwaves are released that inflict more damage.
  • Fuel Barrel (Molotov + Oil Bond) – Launches a large number of fuel barrels from the player’s position in an outward spiral. When these barrels shatter on the ground, massive blue flames are released, dealing constant damage to any foes that cross them. Since there are enough barrels spread out to engulf most of the screen in flames, nearly every enemy can be damaged at any given time.
  • Gloom Nova (Void Power + Exo-Bracer) – Generates black holes that hurt opponents while they are inside and draw them in. These black holes fade, leaving behind a shield dome that shields the player for a brief period of time from opponents by pushing them away and keeping them from entering.
  • Eternal Light (Lightchaser + Ronin Oyoroi) – Slashes with a strong sword twice, causing a lot of damage to enemies. As long as the player stays in the enemy’s line of sight, the slashes are swift enough to deliver a constant damage output.
  • Demon Blade (Katana + Ronin Oyoroi) – Shoots strong blade waves at opponents, dealing significant damage to their targets. When the player defeats foes, these waves also replenish their HP.
  • Spirit Shuriken (Kunai + Koga Ninja Scroll) – Tosses potent shuriken’s that deal good damage to foes in the vicinity. 
  • Gatling Gun (Shotgun + Hi-Power Bullet) – A ranged weapon with a white arrow pointing in the direction your character is facing. With its tight spread and fast fire rate, this weapon lets the player deal massive damage to far-off opponents.
  • Reaper (Revolve + Hi-Power Bullet) – Up to 12 shots can be fired in the direction the character is facing before having to stop, reload, and then start firing again. Every bullet inflicts significant damage.

Playing on a bigger screen of your PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay is highly recommended.