, at first glance, can feel very difficult and tough to survive, especially if you’re new to roguelite games. For this reason, we decided to write up this beginner’s guide that has all the useful info that you’ll need in order to get started on the right track. Keep in mind, however, that the best tip for this game is to play on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player will give you the tools and features that will help you to take your survival game to the limit.

Table of Contents

  1. Ham is Your Best Friend
  2. Keep an Eye Out For Other Powerups
  3. Go For Evolution Items
  4. Don’t Fall For the Experience Trap
  5. At Times, You Just Have to Take the L
  6. Progressively Upgrade Your Character After Every Run

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

Once you’ve got the game all up and running on PC, you can get a good start with these beginner tips.

Ham is Your Best Friend

One of the most difficult parts of, depending on your build, is getting health back. This is because healing is all but impossible unless you add certain items to your build or, simply enough, you pick up legs of ham from the ground as you continue to explore the map. By breaking the boxes and objects that you’ll find strewn around the map, you have a chance of receiving a variety of drops, among which we can find big legs of ham that, when picked up, will restore a bit of health to your character. 

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

A good tip to keep in mind in this regard is that if you find some ham on the ground, but don’t need it yet, try to kite your enemies close by, without moving too far, so that you can swing by and heal up your HP in a pinch.

Keep an Eye Out For Other Powerups

Just like with the ham, you’ll need to keep an eye out for other power ups that could give you the upper hand during your runs. 

Two of these powerups include the Magnet, which automatically attracts and picks up every single experience crystal on the ground across the entire map, often leading to multiple level ups, and the Bomb, which destroys every single enemy currently on the screen, giving you ample breathing room in a pinch.

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

While these items are very powerful by themselves, proper timing is crucial to get the most out of them. As such, try to pick up the Magnet only when there is a high amount of experience crystals strewn about the field, so that you can maximize your gains. Alternatively, when it comes to the Bomb powerup, try to pick it up only when you’re surrounded by numerous enemies, so that you can take as many down as possible.

In both cases the effects happen as soon as you pick up the items, so only walk over them when the time is right.

Go For Evolution Items

An advanced tactic in, when it comes to putting together your build, is planning around items and their evolutions. 

Simply put, when they reach max level, some items can be evolved and enhanced even further, but only if you have the correct ingredients on hand. The combination of an evolution item always involves a Weapon with their respective Passive item. Once you have the right combo, and get them both to level 5, they will evolve into a single, better item.

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

There are tons of different item combinations available in this game, so check out our combo guide if you want to learn more about this topic.

Don’t Fall For the Experience Trap

Experience crystals always look tempting when a monster drops them, but oftentimes picking them up will put you into precarious situations of which escaping without taking damage is all but impossible. This tip is a quick reminder to not fall for the experience trap, and only pick up these crystals when the coast is clear. 

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

Always remember that getting back HP in this game can take a long time, especially if you have troubles finding ham or items that passively restore your HP. As such, your highest priority is to always avoid taking damage, even if it means missing out on experience crystals for the time being.

At Times, You Just Have to Take the L

The early game is the most important part of any run, particularly since it’s when you’ll pick up the foundations of your build that will pave the way to the mid and endgame. As such, failing to pick up a good build from the beginning will, in most cases, lead to a premature defeat at around the 10-minute mark.

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

The vast majority of your runs will end in defeat, especially in the beginning since you’re not very familiar with the item evolutions and builds. For this reason, we can easily say that some runs are already lost before they even begin. Regardless, it’s important that you still play every run through to the end, as this will potentially let you interact with undiscovered items, or maybe even teach you a few new interactions. In this sense, defeat can often be the best teacher in, as you’ll learn from your mistakes and prepare better for the next times.

If anything, even when you lose you’ll receive different items and gold, which you can then use to purchase permanent upgrades and give yourself a boost in subsequent runs. For this reason, knowing how to accept defeat is also a vital part of this game, much like in countless other roguelites. 

This leads to our next and final point…

Progressively Upgrade Your Character After Every Run

Even if you don’t win, all the gold you picked up during your run will be transferred to your stash, which you can then use to purchase a variety of goods and upgrades. Particularly in the case of the latter, upgrading your character will give you incremental boosts to your performance, which in turn will increase your odds of survival in future runs.

Beginner’s Guide for - Tips and Tricks to Help You Survive and Win

Make sure to check the Evolve section after every run to see if there are any pending upgrades, and if you have enough gold to acquire them. Once you upgrade your character a few times, you’ll notice it’ll get progressively easier to survive for longer. And the same applies for your gear: Make sure to check at every chance you get to see if you can swap out your current gear for other pieces that will give you better odds of survival.

By keeping these simple tips and tricks in mind, you’ll now have a much better chance of surviving and winning tons of loot in Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments below!