In, your success very often will boil down to your build. In other words, the skills that you pick up throughout the round will determine whether or not you make it through to the end and defeat the final boss to clear the stage. This is easier said than done, considering that the skills that you find are always randomized each run. Moreover, while individual items are great especially when fully upgraded, the real power comes from evolving them, which requires the right combination of max-level passive and active skills in your inventory. Skill Evolution Tier List

  1. S Tier
  2. A Tier
  3. B Tier
  4. C Tier

We’ve already explored the skill and evolution system in in great detail in another guide. In it, we talked about how to find new skills, how to evolve them, and also went over most of the skill evolutions in the game as well as their effects and uses. We strongly suggest checking out that guide if you’re new to the game. Skill Evolution Tier List - The Best and Worst Evolutions in the Game

This time around, however, we’re going to assume that you already know all about skill evolutions in this game, and we will instead jump straight into our evolution tier list. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find our personal rankings of all the evolutions in the game and how they compare to each other.

If you’re looking to learn about the best (and worst) skill evolutions in, then read on! Skill Evolution Tier List - The Best and Worst Evolutions in the Game

S Tier

The best evolutions in the entire game. Having one or two of these can often help you clear enemies in quick order and beat stages.

  • Fuel Barrel (Molotov + Oil Bond)
  • Supercell (Lightning Emitter + Energy Cube)
  • Inferno Bomb (Modular Mine + Molotov)
  • 1-Ton Iron (Brick + Fitness Guide)
  • Destroyer or Divine Destroyer (Type-A Drone + Type-B Drone + Medi-drone)

A Tier

While not as strong as the S tier evolutions, these ones are also quite powerful, especially in the utilitarian aspect. Try to add some of these to your setup if you need a little something to round out your kit.

  • Magnetic Dart (Boomerang + Hi-Power Magnet)
  • Pressure Forcefield (Forcefield + Energy Drink)
  • Whistling Arrow (Drill Shot + Ammo Thruster)
  • Defender (Guardian + Exo-Bracer)
  • Death Ray (Laser Launcher + Energy Cube)
  • Sharkmaw Gun (RPG + HE Fuel)
  • Demon Blade (Katana + ronin Oyoroi)

B Tier

These ones aren’t as powerful as the other two tiers, but they’re not the worst. Still, we wouldn’t recommend going for any of these unless you need a specific boost.

  • Quantum Ball (Soccer Ball + Sports Shoes)
  • Caltrops (Durian + HE Fuel)
  • Gloom Nova (Void Power + Exo-Bracer)
  • Eternal Light (Lightchaser + Ronin Oyoroi)
  • Spirit Shuriken (Kunai + Koga Ninja Scroll)
  • Modular Mine + Lightning Emitter (Thunderbolt Bomb)

C Tier

These are some of the worst evolutions in the game in terms of DPS and utility. You definitely won’t want any of these if you can help it.

  • Reaper (Revolver + Hi-Power Bullet)
  • Gatling Gun (Shotgun + Hi-Power Bullet)

Coming up with an evolution tier list for isn’t an easy task, particularly since most items have a use under the right circumstances. However, we did our best to compare each evolution to the others and place them in an appropriate ranking. Skill Evolution Tier List - The Best and Worst Evolutions in the Game

Do you agree with our tier list? Let us know in the comments below!