Tales of Grimm is a brand new idle RPG by the team at Tapplus. And just like with any new game that launches into the market of mobile games, players are rushing to complete the story, unlock all the features in it, and figure out the meta. This is particularly simple to do in this game since, as an idle gacha RPG, Tales of Grimm is quite easy to pick and play without having to grasp too many complex systems. However, this doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t have a slight learning curve that newcomers will have to grasp in order to progress at a steady rate.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

We’ve already covered the basics of this game in our Tales of Grimm beginner’s guide, and we suggest starting with that one if you want to get started on the right track. This time around, however, we wanted to give a quick rundown of the best Tales of Grimm tips and tricks, for those who simply want to get started immediately, but would also like to progress efficiently and without running into any progression walls.

Let’s begin!

Play on BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

The very first action that we recommend our users to do with every new game, is to play them on BlueStacks. This is because when you play Tales of Grimm on PC, you’re not only enjoying the game on a much larger monitor and with intuitive mouse and keyboard controls, but you’re also enhancing your experience with a variety of tools that you won’t find anywhere else. And this is without mentioning that you won’t ever struggle with the inherent problems of gaming on your phone, like overheating or excessive battery drainage, among others.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

With BlueStacks, you can get access to the Instance Manager, which will give you a leg up when rerolling to unlock the best Tales of Grimm characters from the very beginning. Similarly, it also has the Macro Recorder, through which you can automate and speed up the grind considerably, by letting BlueStacks play the game for you, with the press of a button.

Those who want to start off on the right track in Tales of Grimm will likely want to play it on PC with BlueStacks.

Reroll to Unlock Top Tier Characters From the Beginning

The term “reroll” refers to a process used by gacha players in order to unlock the best characters in any given gacha game. It consists of starting a new game, progressing until the point where you can get free summonings, and then restarting if you didn’t get the characters that you’re looking for. The idea then is to repeat the process as many times as necessary until you unlock the target heroes.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

This process can also be applied to this game, as a means for scoring a few top tier Tales of Grimm heroes from the start, though the process is a bit long since it requires clearing the entirety of chapter 1 on each cycle. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest trying to reroll in this game, as a single top tier character can easily carry you far into the game. 

Just remember that, once you get a good character or two on one of your accounts, you should bind them with Google Play to safeguard your pulls.

Consider Elemental Matchups and Formation Order When Building Teams

As an idle RPG, your role in Tales of Grimm is more managerial in design, as your characters attack and use their skills automatically, and you’re mostly a spectator in combat. As such, your duty is to create good squads that are powerful enough to defeat anyone that stands in their way, and then set them out to do their thing.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

Two important factors that you always need to keep in mind when it comes to deploying your team into combat are the elemental matchups, and your formation order. The former refers to the elements of your heroes, which can either put you at an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your enemies. More importantly however, the latter refers to the way you arrange your heroes on the battlefield, which will essentially determine the order in which your units take damage.

Here are a few tips for optimizing these two aspects:

  • Optimizing Your Formation

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock a variety of formations, which directly affect the positions of your heroes in your squad. These positions are important since they can determine which of your characters get targeted by the enemy, as well as the characters that are affected by an enemy’s AoE skills. You can alter your formation and lineup by clicking on the “Lineup” button in the Adventure screen.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend placing your ranged damage dealers in the back row, directly behind other characters, so that they are least likely to get hit by enemies. Moreover, some attacks can only affect specific rows, so it’s important to consider the enemy team when placing your characters, in order to protect your most fragile characters by placing them on rows that can’t get hit easily.

When it comes to using their basic skills, most characters tend to attack the enemies that are directly in front of them. As such, when it comes to arranging your front rows, try to place your characters in front of the enemies you wish them to target first. While this won’t have much bearing in terms of basic attacks, you can at least guarantee that they will hit the desired target with the corresponding skills.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

  • Optimizing Your Elements

While this isn’t as important as your formation and team composition, you can still keep the elemental matchups in mind when choosing your characters for certain battles, as these can give you the damage or resistance boost necessary to beat the tougher stages. This boost is due to the elemental advantages, which let your characters do 25% extra damage and have a 20% extra hit rate against enemies with elemental weaknesses. 

There are five different elements in Tales of Grimm, and their interactions can be summed up in the following manner:

  • Water defeats Fire
  • Fire defeats Wind
  • Wind defeats Water
  • Light and Darkness have an advantage against each other.

In addition to this, you can activate passive bonuses depending on the number of characters of the same element in your formation, or if you have five characters with different elements each:

  • 2 Characters of the same element: ATK +7%, HP +5%
  • 3 Characters of the same element: ATK +11%, HP +8%
  • 4 Characters of the same element: ATK +16%, HP +12%
  • 5 Characters of the same element: ATK +22%, HP +16%, Control +3%
  • One Character of Every Element: ATK +17%, HP +12%

While it’s certainly difficult to balance having top tier characters with keeping an elemental equilibrium in your team, it’s still worth keeping in mind whenever you need an extra push.

Keep a Balanced Team Composition

Speaking of equilibrium, your team composition is even more important than your elemental distribution. After all, you’ll probably have a hard time progressing through the story with a team of all Supports. Meanwhile, while you’ll have a ton of damage potential when going with a team of all Mages, you’ll probably get stomped by someone that can CC your formation into oblivion and whittle you down with tanky heroes. Fortunately, keeping a balanced composition is easy in Tales of Grimm, since you can limit yourself to putting together teams of specific roles and call it a day. 

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

In theory, you can make do with a team of two Warriors, one dedicated DPS (Mage or another Warrior), and a Support in the back. However, your formation will obviously vary depending on your setup, and on the units you manage to unlock from the gacha. The basic gist of it is to keep your front rows guarded, and your back rows (where your damage dealers and more fragile units are) free from enemies.

Upgrade Your Best Characters as Much as Possible

Even if you have the best team at your disposal, however, you still wouldn’t get far if you don’t keep your characters upgraded. For this reason, we always recommend, at the very least, leveling up your best heroes as much as possible, by investing all the Hero EXP and gold you can find into them. Later on, you can also upgrade their skills by ranking them up, and eventually increase their star level to give them awesome boosts.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

Keep in mind that you can also equip your heroes with different pieces of gear, which give tremendous boosts to ATK and HP, depending on the quality of the armor and weapons you use. Similarly, you will unlock up to two Sigil slots later on, when the hero reaches level 100 and star level 7, respectively. You can equip runes and sigils to these slots to activate passive bonuses and talent skills, which can  help to squeeze out every last bit of potential from your character.

We’ve elaborated in better detail on all the ways to upgrade your characters in Tales of Grimm in our beginner’s guide. Check it out if you want to learn more!

Claim Your AFK Rewards At Least Twice a Day

This last one is just a quick reminder that, as an idle RPG, your characters are always farming and grinding in Tales of Grimm, even while you’re offline. However, their farming is limited to a maximum of 12 hours, after which they will stop until you empty out your AFK rewards. Try to check on your team at least two or three times a day, and remember to claim your AFK rewards each time, in order to prevent overcapping resources.

The Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Tales of Grimm - Start Your Journey on the Right Track

Keep in mind that, if you play Tales of Grimm on PC with BlueStacks you can use the Macro Recorder to effectively automate this task, and claim all your AFK rewards as many times as you need during the day, with the press of a button—it works even if BlueStacks is minimized to the background!

And that’s it for our Tales of Grimm tips and tricks. Feel free to share your own pointers and comments in the section below!