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Tales of Wind : How to Catch More Guardians

In Tales of Wind, you can quickly boost your CP in a number of different ways. Aside from gear, getting and upgrading a good guardian will not only make the largest contribution to your character’s power, but will also make battles significantly easier. One other thing… have you seen one of these little buggers?

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

Guardians in ToW are probably some of the adorable MMORPG pets we’ve ever seen! No matter whether you choose a tiny animal, some kind of Choco, or a fairy to be your guardian, your interface will instantly brighten up with cuteness. Don’t be fooled, however. Pretty as they may be, these creatures will improve your stats by a lot and use their own abilities to strike enemies down in combat.

What Are Guardians in Tales of Wind?

Most mobile MMORPGs allow you to obtain and upgrade a pet. Guardians in Tales of Wind are essentially like pets, but they work quite differently compared to other games. For one, most other MMORPGs give you a single pet whose appearance and abilities chance as you level them up. In Tales of Wind, you don’t have a “default” guardian. Instead, you have to find a guardian, sign a contract with them, and then activate them in your character screen.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

There are a number of different guardians that you can collect given enough time. Each has his or her own abilities and can be upgraded for more CP. Only one guardian can be active at a time, but, as your character’s level increases, you can slot multiple creatures in your guardian constellation in order to boost various stats and you overall combat power.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

Once you get a guardian you like, you’ll want to level and evolve them. We’ll tackle upgrades in just a moment, but, for now, let’s just say that you need many fodder creatures to fully boost your best guardians. In other words, it’s time to go hunting!

How to Catch a Guardian

All guardians are obtained from Guardian Island. To get here, simply click on your minimap and access the World Map. You’ll find Guardian Island just slightly to the south-west. You shouldn’t come empty-handed, however, because you’ll need at least 1 Net; preferably more than a dozen, but 1 will also do.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

As you explore the island, you’ll notice that there are several groups of eggs just hanging around. These are locations where you can use your Nets to capture guardian eggs. Each net will catch up to 3 eggs and, once this is done, will allow you to keep just one of the captured guardians. Even though you catch them using a Net, you still apparently have to sign a contract with guardians for them to join and help you in combat. That’s nice… we suppose?

At any rate, although there is some speculation about the fact that some locations land better guardians, this is in no way demonstrated as of yet. As far as we know, you have the same odds of getting high-quality creatures regardless of where you cast your Net. Unfortunately, those odds aren’t great.

Tips for Getting More (and Better) Guardians

A guardian such as Nympha can have a tremendous impact on your battles, both in PvE and in PvP. However, it can be difficult to obtain these gold creatures because there is no guaranteed method to increase your chances of catching a higher quality guardian. Basically, the only way to ensure that you get a guardian like Nympha is to cast your Net over and over… and over again. Which, of course, raises the problem of how you can get more Nets.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

You will find a small amount of Nets while completing quests from the main storyline. In addition, some Kingdom Events and achievements also grant this item. The most reliable source, however, is the Market. In the Artifact section, you’ll find at least 1 Net per day. Sometimes, as many as four will be available for purchase before the shop reset. To buy these Nets, you’ll need Gift Seashells, the free version of premium currency in Tales of Wind.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

The game is not too generous in giving out these Seashells, but, fortunately, there are ways to get at least 30 per day in order to afford one Net. To maximize your Seashell income, complete all achievements and don’t forget to check the “Guide” tab from time to time. As you unlock new cards, guardians, and gear, you’ll be awarded more Seashells here.

As to the quality of the guardians you do catch, some players believe that the drop rate for legendary creatures is higher when they use the Hunting Bounty. This is usually an NPC to whom you give your Nets and who does the catching for you in exchange for a moderate amount of Silverstars. We don’t guarantee that this will yield better results, but it is how we got our Nympha, for example.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

How to Upgrade Your Favorite Guardians

If you’re lucky enough to get a gold guardian, it’s time to gather the resources for upgrades. There are two basic ways to improve a guardian. First, you can raise their level both by having them fight alongside you and by feeding them Summer Juice. You’ll find plenty of Juice as you progress through the game, but some events are more likely to drop it than others.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

Secondly, you can improve your guardian’s CP by evolving them. This adds another star to their rank, but can quickly become very expensive. To evolve a 2-star Nympha, for example, you need two other 2-star guardians. To bring her to 5 stars, you need no less than five other 5-star creatures, which is no small feat. You can only evolve a guardian once their level is maxed out.

Tales of Wind on PC: How to Catch More Guardians

Finally, you can also upgrade a guardian’s skills using Skill Books. These are particularly rare, especially for F2P players. However, they are necessary to unlock a guardian’s best skills and maximize their potential. At the end of the day, the improvement will make a great difference in combat, so it’s worth the effort. And, if you ever find that the grind is making the game less fun, you can always play Tales of Wind on BlueStacks and automate many of tasks you don’t enjoy.

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