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Tales of Wind : Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

In our review of Tales of Wind, we talked at length about the reasons why we believe this particular mobile MMORPG is a decent release even by PC standards. We won’t go over it again here, but one thing we simply love about the game is that you can still have a lot of fun even if you decide not to invest any real currency. Of course, it takes longer to get your character to be strong enough to compete with top-tier players on your server, but it is absolutely doable if you’re active and dedicated enough.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

As an F2P player, your main source of EXP, gear, cards, and guardians is comprised of daily tasks and events. These are the bread and butter of your progression and should be completed religiously in order to catch up to P2W guildies and opponents. That’s why we’ve put together a list of priorities for each time you log on.

#1 Gear and Card Dungeons

Each day, you have three shots at every gear and card dungeon. For example, with a level 20 character, you have access to both Moon Chapter and Flowers Chapter in the Equipment Realm. You can complete each of them up to three times, either solo (on the lowest difficulty) or in a team (for higher difficulties).

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

Your attempts per dungeon are shared between solo and group, however. In other words, if you can form a team of 4-5 players, it’s best to undergo each dungeon on its highest difficulty for better items and a higher drop rate.

#2 The Arena

This activity will likely make you sad for some time as an F2P player, but it’s important to be perseverant in your attempt to climb the PvP ladder. Every day, you are given five chances to challenge other players, defeat them, and switch ranks.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

The bad news is that once you win a couple of times, you are very likely to be matched up against P2W players with much better gear and guardians. The good news is that your opponent is controlled by the AI during the fight, which you can use to your advantage. Dodge as many hard-hitting abilities as possible and only use your abilities when your opponent is waiting for cooldowns.

#3 The Commission Board

Although it can be pretty tedious, completing errands from the Affair or Commission Board is a good way to gain a bit of extra EXP and Silverstars. You’ll notice that you can actually do an indefinite number of missions, although it does take up to 5 minutes for a completed task to be replaced with a new one.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

#4 Dragon’s Treasure

Twice per day, you are given the chance to steal from the Dragon’s Treasure for free. There are two types of mission you might encounter here. In the first, you’ll be asked to destroy eggs and kill their guardians. In the second, you’ll asked to move eggs from one location to another.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

The eggs you choose in either mission are significant. Blue eggs give EXP, Purple eggs grant EXP and gear, while gold eggs contain premium gear. This is a great way to find free legendary items, although you will have to put together a team of 2-3 players to be able to enter the dungeon.

#5 Daily Timed Events

Kingdom events take place roughly every 2 hours starting with 10 AM and carrying on until midnight. However, the exact time might vary depending on your time zone. These events are largely PvE-oriented and can be completed either solo or in a group.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

Participating in a kingdom event grants EXP, Silverstars, and Fame, although the maximum amount you can gain of each is limited per day.

#6 Completing Escorts

Escorts are available five times per day. To complete an escort, you must ensure that an NPC gets from one location to another safely. In general, the pattern is the same, even though the exact locations might differ. About half-way through the journey, you enter a dungeon where the NPC is attacked by monsters and must be defended.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

You need a team of 3 players to carry out an escort, but you can hire mercenaries to fill any empty spots. Mercs are basically player characters for hire, which means that they are controlled by the AI.

#7 Farm Business

Once you hit level 30, you can build your own little farm and start growing crops and livestock. Initially, you can only grow and sell crops using your available fields. As your farm level increases, however, you can start to grow chicken and sell eggs, as well as spend crops to make bread and other bakery goods.

Everything you produce can be sold in the Farm Shop for gold and farm EXP. If you work the fields every day, you can eventually purchase cute decorations and increase your sales even further.

#8 Apocalypse Event and Zodiac Bosses

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are Apocalypse days. This is a dungeon designed with 12 different levels that can only be completed with a team and that can award gold and red marks. 25 of either of the latter can be fused into a Gold or Red Card, respectively.

Tales of Wind: Daily To-Do List for the F2P Player

Meanwhile, Zodiac bosses can be accessed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Although you have to hurry to defeat them before other players, they award star and moon diamonds, which are essential reagents for upgrading your character’s gear. The starting time for bosses may vary according to your time zone, but it’s important to be there as soon as the boss lands in order to have a shot at the last hit.

There are still a couple more things that you can do in Tales of Wind. Couples who were married in-game, for example, can enter a special dungeon each day for items that improve their rings and relationship. This is also the case for “friend” characters who can pair up to defeat unique bosses for EXP and items. As you progress in the game, new activities and events are added to the list, but, if you manage to complete at least the 8 tasks mentioned above, you’re likely to progress even faster than some P2W players who may be lazier than you are.

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