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The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Leveling up is a fundamental process in any game with RPG elements. In Tales of Wind, despite the game being more oriented towards action and proficiency in combat, there are many progression elements. These elements are, in great part, taken from the RPG genre, and consist mostly of leveling up to increase your character’s attributes. In this sense, even though your character can power up and increase his Battle Rating through many methods, they will always be limited if they are at a low level.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

However, just like your equipment matters, the level of your character is pivotal for gauging your progress in this game. Even though your character level doesn’t significantly increase your BR, it allows you to unlock new aspects of the game that you may complete to further power up your hero and progress in the story. Regardless of your playstyle, leveling up is very important in games like Tales of Wind. Because of this, we have created a guide with the best methods and missions you can complete to increase your level and gain access to everything that this game has to offer.

From the Very Beginning: Complete Story Missions

One of the most important aspects when it comes to leveling from the start is the story. Through these missions, you will not only learn about the game’s basic controls and mechanics, but you will also discover the lore and context for your actions. However, even though not everyone cares about the story in these games, these missions are still important as they give a significant amount of experience upon completion. In fact, this will be your main source of experience from the start, until you reach around level 20.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

Once you hit level 20, you will continue receiving decent experience from the story, and will also unlock other modes that will become your main methods for leveling. By completing all your daily tasks in these modes, you can significantly speed up the leveling process.

Before moving onto the next section, we want to share a cool BlueStacks tip for automating the story. Whenever you click on a quest in the mission list, your character will automatically move to the corresponding zone to complete the task at hand. If you place a shortcut with the keymapping tool on the main story mission in the quest list—the one marked with a [M] symbol—, you can automate your progression with the press of a button. This method is perfect for when you’re busy with other matters and want to quickly automate your game without taking your attention off the task at hand.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

From Level 10 and Onward: Kingdom Menu

After several minutes of following the story, you will reach level 10 and unlock the Kingdom Menu. In this new screen, you will find several tasks that you can complete to receive different prizes including clothing, weapons, and cards, among others. Furthermore, every event grants a significant amount of experience on completion, which makes them an awesome alternative for leveling up.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

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Sadly, you can only complete these events a number of times each day. Because of this limitation, they can’t completely replace the story in terms of experience gain but can be used to speed up the process, regardless. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using all your daily allowances of these events since they grant tons of experience; only focus on the story if you still have time to spare after completing every other daily task.

However, addressing the Kingdom menu in general terms is not enough to underline its importance since there are many types of missions to choose from. In the following list, you will find the most important events in the Kingdom menu for leveling up:


  • Equipment and Card Realms (Experience, Gear, and Cards)

These events consist of missions in which you must cut your way through hordes of monsters. At the end of each level, you must fight a boss that is significantly tougher than the other regular enemies. These missions are very simple to complete since you can automate them just like story missions. However, you might have to fight the bosses manually since the computer doesn’t dodge enemy attacks, and will likely be defeated if left to fight on its own.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

Depending on the type of mission, you will either receive equipment or cards as a reward. Nevertheless, regardless of the mission, you will receive a good chunk of experience on completion. You are limited to 3 daily allowances in each of these realms.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

  • Arena (Experience and Many Different Rewards)

The main form of PvP in Tales of Wind. The Arena is the place where you may choose from a list of players of similar skill level, and face them in 1v1 combat. However, even though we’re talking about PvP fights, you don’t actually fight against other players, but against their characters controlled by the computer.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind


Every time you win a battle, you will receive a considerable amount of experience and ascend on the leaderboards. As you increase in rank, the rewards that you will obtain will also improve. In this sense, it’s important to exhaust all your daily Arena allowances. Fortunately, since every fight lasts around 15 seconds, this is one of the fastest events to complete.

  • Escort (Experience and Gear)

These are short missions that you must complete alongside two other players. Even though they take a bit longer to complete than other tasks—since you will first need to find a group—it’s worth doing these missions since they grant you some easy experience and gear. Furthermore, when you complete all your daily Escort allowances, you will receive a bonus Fairy Music Box that can be used to receive additional experience.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

  • Affair Board (Experience, Silverstar, and Fame)

This event consists of bulletin board missions that you can accept and complete to receive many different rewards. The tasks that you can complete in the Affair Board go from defeating a number of enemies, and gathering certain items from the field, to buying and delivering items to NPCs around the world, among others. These missions are very easy to perform and can be automated just like any other quest by clicking on the task in the mission list.

The Best Leveling Methods for Tales of Wind

In contrast with other events, there are no restrictions on the number of Affair Board missions that you can complete. However, every time you complete a task, you must wait a few minutes before being able to accept another mission in that slot. Once you complete all 6 available tasks, you might need to wait a bit before accepting another batch.

These are the methods that we’ve found to be useful when speed leveling our characters in Tales of Wind. What are your favorite leveling strategies? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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