Tank Stars is a fairly straightforward game with a deceptively steep learning curve. The game’s basic premise is to choose from a variety of tanks and weapons, and face off against other enemies in a 2D battlefield, with players taking turns at shooting each other. The first player to lose all their HP is the loser, with the last player standing being crowned the victor. However, as opposed to other shooter games where reactions and reflexes are key, precision and finesse are pivotal in Tank Stars since you need to carefully calculate the power and angle of every shot in order to hit your target.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

This difference in mechanics compared to other shooter and strategy games make it so that you need to approach Tank Stars very differently. However, one element remains unchanged in this game: To win, you’ll need to utterly destroy your enemies. And when it comes to sheer destruction, Tank Stars has lots of potential, especially when you use the strongest weapons at your disposal.

Nevertheless, the strongest weapons can only take you so far in this game. Because of this, we’ve created a list of the best Tank Stars tips and tricks, so that you can destroy your enemies and win every match, as well as avoid getting destroyed yourself.

Practice With all the Different Weapon Cards

As we mentioned above, there are different weapons in Tank Stars, each of which have different damage values. However, while these weapons can deal varying amounts of damage, their main difference stems from the way you use them. In other words, while some weapon cards are simple and straightforward, requiring you to simply aim and shoot, others can be a bit more complex, featuring additional elements and other properties. For instance, the Air Strike card shoots a marker projectile at first, which is then followed by a carpet bombing run in the location where the initial projectile landed.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

In this sense, the weapons in Tank Stars are more than just various projectiles with different skins and stat values assigned to them; some of these can be used to pull off tricky shots, especially against enemies that are hidden behind a hill or in a crater. Because of this, it’s important to familiarize yourself with all the different weapon cards so that you can learn how they work. This is also important because the game doesn’t actually give you any descriptions on how the different weapons work, so you need to find out for yourself.

Try the Different Tanks

And speaking of which, the main differences between the various tanks in this game, aside from their base HP, are weapon cards that are available to each one. While the basic mechanics of controlling and fighting are the same for every tank, the playstyle of each vehicle differs according to their weapons.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

For instance, while the Abrams is more about direct combat, the Frost tank is more about coating the field with ice and making it difficult for the enemy to move around the frozen terrain, as well as taking damage if they get too close to the ice. And like these two that are very different, there are numerous other tanks in the game that offer lots of variety in their playstyles. However, they require gold to unlock, so we suggest first learning about how the initial Abrams functions, and then work your way towards bigger and better vehicles.

Upgrade Your Favorite Cards

And once you’ve selected a tank as your main, the next step would be to upgrade them to increase their power in combat. The only way to go about this is by collecting different cards as these are required, alongside gold, to upgrade the tank’s level and weapons. In both cases, you need a specific number of cards in order to upgrade the different elements, and the best way to acquire them is by opening chests after winning matches. We suggest watching the ads that pop up after every match to score a few extra cards, as these will be crucial for your progress.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

You can then use these cards to upgrade both your tanks and weapons by clicking on the big “Upgrade” button that appears below your tank in the vehicle selection screen. You must upgrade each weapon up to 5 stars to unleash their full power.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

Pick up the Supply Crates During Matches

As we mentioned above, your selection of weapons in combat is limited to the cards available to the tank you chose. And as you use your cards, they’ll be consumed, and your options will start running out. Luckily, as you burn through your weapons, you’ll start to see crates dropping from the sky every so often. By driving over these drops, you can restock your weapons and continue fighting.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

However, on rare occasions, some of these crates can contain special weapons with powerful effects that can deal massive damage to the enemy if used correctly. In the right hands, these ultimate weapons can potentially destroy a tank in one shot. 

Even if you don’t necessarily need them, we always recommend picking up every single crate you come across. If not for obtaining these ultimate weapons, do it to prevent your enemy from getting them.

Claim Your Free Chests Every 30 Minutes

Aside from the gold and chests you get from winning matches, another way to score a bit of extra loot is by going to the store and grabbing the freebies available. One of the more reliable pieces of free loot you can get is the free chest that appears every 30 minutes. This box can contain gold, gems, and other goodies that will definitely come in handy.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks for Winning Every Match

For this reason, make sure to check the store every 30 minutes. We suggest setting an alarm for this purpose or, if you’re playing Tank Stars on PC with BlueStacks, using the Macro Recorder to automate the process of claiming your chests every 30 minutes. The latter solution is great for when you’re busy doing something else on your PC, but would like to claim as many chests as possible, without actually having to pay attention to the game.

Let us know if you have any other awesome tips and tricks for Tank Stars in the comments below!