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Please Note: Teamfight Tactics is now officially available for download on BlueStacks. Version is a special 64-bit client that has been optimized for Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game. You can find this version by clicking on this link. Download this auto-battler and step in the field to show you’re the best summoner out there!

The ever-shifting flux in the different Classes and Origins in Teamfight Tactics means that the meta is never set in stone. And while this might be great for the variety of the game, it also entails that players will need to constantly stay on top of these changes in order to stay competitive, as some of these adjustments can dramatically alter the way some Classes or Origins work. Case in point, the latest patch in Teamfight Tactics, which was implemented this past April 15th, both adjusted and added to the existing numbers in the game, and also expanded the existing character roster with the new Xerath hero (Dark Star, Sorcerer).

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

Patches and adjustments aside, knowing what each Class and Origin can do in Teamfight Tactics is crucial for creating good team compositions and defeating your competition, which is a shame when you consider Riot Games doesn’t really have any type of in-game encyclopedia that players can consult to learn more about this aspect. Luckily, this is where we come in: Take a look at our list below to learn exactly what each Class and Origin can do in this auto-battler game.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

Hero Origins

There are 10 different hero origins in Teamfight Tactics, including the following:

1. Void

  • (3) Void champion’s basic attacks deal true damage

This bonus sounds good on paper, but the actual heroes in this category aren’t really reliant on basic attacks, with the exception of Kha’Zix, perhaps, which makes this origin quite weak.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

2. Space Pirate

  • (2) 50% of obtaining 1g when a Space Pirate slays an enemy.
  • (4) Additional 20% chance of obtaining a component item when a Space Pirate slays an enemy

This origin is not good at all since there exist much better offensive and defensive alternatives.

3. Star Guardian

  • (3) Spreads 30 Mana among all Star Guardians when one of them casts a spell.
  • (6) The mana bonus is increased to 60.

Once again, not a very good origin since you can just replace this effect with an item and simply go with better champions.

4. Celestial

  • (2) All allies gain 15% lifesteal from attacks and skills.
  • (4) Ditto, but with 40%.
  • (6) Ditto, but with 65%

While this bonus sounds good on paper, it takes too many units for it to become worthwhile.

5. Chrono

  • (2) All allies gain 15% attack speed every 4 seconds.
  • (4) Ditto, but with 35%
  • (6) Ditto, but with 75%

Once again, the bonuses sound good on paper, but require far too many of the same units to make it worthwhile, though you could pull it off by combining them with Snipers.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

6. Rebel

  • (3) Every Rebel starts with a 150-HP shield and 10% bonus damage for every adjacent Rebel.
  • (6) Similar, but this time the shield has 225 HP and the damage bonus is increased to 12%.
  • (9) The shield is even stronger this time, with 350 HP, and the bonus is bumped up to 15%

A decent bonus, but it doesn’t pair well with other unit types, with some exceptions.

7. Cybernetic

  • (3) Cybernetic units with at least one item gain 350 HP and 35 Attack Damage.
  • (6) The bonuses are increased to 750 HP and 75 Attack Damage.

This is one of the best origins since your units will end up with several items at the end of the match, ensuring that this bonus will activate, not to mention that Cybernetic champions are quite strong.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

8. Valkyrie

  • (2) Valkyrie spells always deal critical damage to enemies below 50% HP

This origin only has one bonus and it’s a strong one, considering that you only need two champions to activate it.

9. Dark Star

  • (3) Whenever a Dark Star hero dies, all other Dark Stars gain a 25 increased Attack Damage and Spell Power.
  • (6) The bonus damage is bumped up to 30.
  • (9) The bonus is further increased to 35 extra damage.

This bonus can lead to some strong compositions, especially near the end where you have multiple units of the same origin.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

10. Mech Pilot

  • (3) Three random Mech Pilots are combined into a Super Mech at the start of each round, offering their combined stats, traits, and 3 random items from among the selected heroes. When the Super Mech is defeated, the heroes eject, are granted 25 mana, and continue fighting as normal.

By far, one of the strongest origins if you set it up correctly. Goes well with Sorcerers.

Hero Classes

There are 13 hero classes in Teamfight Tactics. Thankfully, they are all mostly balanced and serviceable, though some are noticeably better than others. They include the following:

1. Blademaster

  • (3) When a Blademaster attacks, there’s a 30% chance that they will trigger two additional attacks.
  • (6) The probability is increased to 60%.
  • (9) The probability maxes out at 100%.

It goes very well with Cybernetics.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

2. Mana-Reaver

  • (2) The Reavers’ basic attacks increase the mana cost of the enemy’s next spellcast by 40%.

While the bonus is quite good in some cases, it’s very situational and utilitarian. There are better offensive options out there.

3. Sorcerer

  • (2) Allies have 20% increased Spell Power.
  • (4) Ditto, but with a 45% bonus.
  • (6) Ditto, but with an 80% bonus.
  • (8) Ditto, but with a 125% bonus.

Simple and straightforward. This bonus gets better if you use many champions that rely on skills. Goes well with Mech Pilots.

4. Brawler

  • (2) All Brawlers have 300 bonus HP.
  • (4) The HP boost is increased to 700 HP.

Pretty good as a defensive alternative, especially when combined with powerful DPS units such as Blasters.

5. Demolitionist

  • (2) The Demolitionists’ spells stun the enemies for 1.5 seconds.

While this bonus is easy to activate, its effects are lost if you have no powerful troops to burst the enemy down while they’re stunned. However, they go well with tanky units and defensive formations.

6. Infiltrator

  • (2) Infiltrators gain bonus attack speed for 6 seconds at the start of every round.
  • (4) The bonus is increased to 80% and refreshes every time an Infiltrator slays an enemy.
  • (6) The bonus is further increased to 125%. The effect also refreshes with every kill.

When you have several Infiltrators and equip them with the right items, this bonus can tear through the enemy squishies, especially when considering that your Infiltrators automatically teleport to the enemy’s backline at the start of the round.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

7. Mystic

  • (2) All allies gain 35 Magic Resistance.
  • (4) The Bonus is increased to 105 Magic Resistance.

A decent bonus for anyone rocking a defensive formation, especially since it’s very easy to activate. Great for going up against Sorcerers.

8. Protector

  • (2) Protectors shield themselves for 20% of their max HP every time they cast a spell.
  • (4) The protective shield’s health is increased to 35% of the hero’s max HP.
  • (6) The shield is improved to a maximum of 45% of the hero’s max HP.

Once again, this bonus is great for defensive formations. However, this one’s suited for a wide variety of situations since the shield blocks ALL damage, as opposed to the Mystic’s boost to Magic Resistance.

9. Starship

  • (1) Starship units can’t auto-attack, but can fly freely over the stage and are immune to movement-impairing skills. Also, they passively generate 20 mana per second.

At the time of writing, there’s only one champion that falls into this category, Aurelion Sol. Though he’s quite a niche character in his uses, he can fit into Rebel teams.

10. Vanguard

  • (2) Vanguard heroes have 60 bonus armor.
  • (4) The armor boost is increased to 250.

The physical counterpart of Mystics. These units are ideal for the frontlines and for guarding squishy allies. They pair well with Snipers.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

11. Blaster

  • (2) Blasters unleash two additional projectiles on every fourth basic attack. These projectiles target random enemies, deal normal damage, and activate on-hit effects.
  • (4) The number of additional projectiles is increased to five.

This is one of the meta classes in Teamfight Tactics, and with good reason. Blasters are among the strongest characters in the game in terms of sheer damage output.

12. Mercenary

  • (1) All Mercenary champions can upgrade their skills by purchasing boosters from the shop.

Very situational, though it’s likely that you’ll include one of these champions in your formation as part of several endgame compositions, so you might as well upgrade their skills if you can spare the gold.

13. Sniper

  • (2) Snipers can deal 15% additional damage with each basic attack for every tile between them and their target.

Another meta class in Teamfight Tactics. When paired with defensive heroes such as Vanguards, Snipers can easily take out any foe in a matter of seconds, assuming they’re equipped with the right items and can survive long enough to put out some attacks.

Teamfight Tactics - The Different Classes and Origins as of Patch 10.8b

And there you have it; every single class and origin in Teamfight Tactics as of patch 10.7. Since the in-game information is quite lackluster, you’ll find that having this guidebook will come in handy whenever you’re looking to experiment or theorycraft with a new composition. Be sure to share your favorite formations with your fellow gamers in the comments section below!

Download Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks