Download Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks

Please Note: Teamfight Tactics is now officially available for download on BlueStacks. Version is a special 64-bit client that has been optimized for Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game. You can find this version by clicking on this link. Download this auto-battler and step in the field to show you’re the best summoner out there!

Riot Games’ auto-battler, Teamfight Tactics, recently released on mobile and is now available for download on BlueStacks. This game offers everything we have come to know and love from this innovative and unique genre while adding its own spin to the traditional formula. In this sense, while TFT plays identically to its counterparts, it also has plenty of different features such as the hero carousel rounds, as well as many different heroes and skills.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

We went over how Teamfight Tactics distinguishes itself from the rest in our beginner’s guide. However, this time around, we want to talk about the game itself, specifically about how to win your matches after you’re done with the tutorial. To this end, we decided to create a list of five useful tips and tricks for beginners that will come in handy in any situation.

If you want to start off strong in Teamfight Tactics, then keep these tips and tricks in mind:

1. Items Matter Just as Much as Champions

If you’ve already played other auto-battlers like Auto Chess or Dota Underlords, you’d know that your team composition is vital for securing a win. However, while activating the bonuses from stacking units of the same origins and classes is crucial for winning in Teamfight Tactics, the items that your units are holding are also paramount for this purpose. In other words, the right item in the hands of the appropriate hero can turn an uphill battle into an easy win.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

For instance, heroes that rely on their ultimate abilities, such as mages and other casters, benefit greatly from spell power as this stat directly increases the damage they can do if they manage to cast their ultimates. Conversely, those champions that rely on basic attacks to do most of their damage, such as snipers or assassins, can benefit more from items that grant them boosts to their critical hits or attack damage. Ultimately, all heroes can use items that increase their starting mana, or that increases their mana accrual as these will allow them to unleash their powerful skills multiple times per battle.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

Keep in mind that, in each hero carousel round, you could either choose a hero to complement your current composition, or you could pick them simply for the item they are carrying. In the case of the latter, if you sell the hero you acquired from the carousel, you’ll get the item back so that you can equip it on another character.

2. Positioning is Vital

Like with items, the position of your team is also important in order to win in Teamfight Tactics as this will determine, to some extent, which enemies they will target first. However, more importantly, their positions will also affect their being targeted by the enemy.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

For instance, if you keep your squishies in the front of the formation, it’s likely that they’ll get immediately destroyed by the enemy’s frontline troops. However, if you arrange your formation so that your fragile characters are in the back, guarded by several tanks, then you can bet they’ll survive for at least enough time to get their ultimate skills off, and cause significant damage to the enemy, fulfilling their purpose.

3. Check Out What Your Enemies Are Building

The difficult part about assembling a good team comp in Teamfight Tactics is actually finding enough iterations of the same character in order to upgrade them into their 3-star versions, which is the most powerful level of units. This is because, in order to upgrade your troops, you need to acquire three copies of the same version. Furthermore, in order to upgrade them to level 3, you’ll need to find three level-2 troops. In total, for you to upgrade a unit to level 3, you will need nine copies of the same hero.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

However, while you have your own formations and heroes in your arena, the characters that are available on the market each round are drawn from a communal pool shared amongst all the other players. This means that, if an enemy and you are building the same hero, odds are that you’ll have a tough time upgrading the said champion to level 3 since there are not enough copies in the market.

A good strategy for this purpose is to visit other players’ arenas and check out what they’re building. If you manage to spot their strategies early on, you can easily adapt as the match progresses and score some easy level-3 champions for your endgame strategy.

4. Some Comps Are Better Than Others

While Riot Games has done a good job of keeping the available champions balanced, for the most part, there are some compositions that are inevitable better than the rest in Teamfight Tactics. As of the current patch (10.7), the game leans heavily towards Snipers, Vanguards, Brawlers, and Blasters, among several others.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with different formations and strategies. If a specific team composition is not available or is being built by multiple enemies, you’ll need to adapt in order to outplay them. Luckily, if multiple enemies are building the same strategy, there’s a good chance that you will be able to find enough troops of other classes and origins to assemble a comp with powerful level-3 units.

5. Be Careful When Leveling Up

One last tip regarding team composition in Teamfight Tactics is that, as you level up, you will be able to place more units on the board, potentially increasing your damage output and survivability in each round. However, as you reach higher levels, it’s more likely that you’ll find champions of higher rarities in your store. While this is great for transitioning into endgame strats, it plays against you when you’re looking for that last low-rarity unit to finally upgrade your heroes to level 3. In this sense, it’s important to consider leveling up only when strictly necessary, or for when you have finished assembling your early to mid-game composition, and will start to work on your endgame formation.

Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks - The Best Tips and Tricks For Winning Every Match

Teamfight Tactics, despite being in the same genre as other heavy hitters in the industry, has plenty of unique features to make it stand on its own. However, this also requires you to familiarize yourself with a whole new style of gameplay. Luckily, with the info we’ve prepared in this guide, you’re more than ready to take to the field and win every battle.

Good luck!

Download Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks