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Please Note: Teamfight Tactics is now officially available for download on BlueStacks. Version is a special 64-bit client that has been optimized for Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game. You can find this version by clicking on this link. Download this auto-battler and step in the field to show you’re the best summoner out there!

Auto-battler games like Teamfight Tactics, Auto-Chess, and Dota Underlords, while sharing many gameplay elements, all boil down to one objective: Assembling powerful team compositions with units that synergize well with one another in order to outplay your foes and be the last player standing. This sounds easy in theory, especially since battles play out automatically and don’t require any type of complex execution. However, since there are around 51 champions in TFT at the time of writing, actually finding the best compositions for any situation can quickly turn into a complex task of brainstorming and theorycrafting, which can take up most of your time with this game.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

Playing around with different team comps and finding the best formations in Teamfight Tactics is something lots of players enjoy. For them, experimenting is part of the core gameplay of the auto-battler genre. However, for others who are just here for the gameplay and for winning, coming up with meta formations is best left up to the others. If you fall into the latter category, this guide is just for you. If, however, you’re still not sure what each of the classes and origins in this game can do, we recommend reading the guide we prepared on the topic first.

In the next few paragraphs, you will find some of the best formations in Teamfight Tactics as of patch 10.7.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

1. Vanguard + Snipers

With plenty of survivability and tons of damage output, this formation is among the strongest in the entire game, especially when positioned correctly in order to protect your strongest damage-dealers from would-be Infiltrator units.

This formation relies heavily on Vanguard champions to man the frontlines and absorb the brunt of the enemy team’s forces. Specifically, it uses units like Poppy, Mordekaiser, Wukong, and Jayce, which activates the 4-unit Vanguard bonus (+250 armor), and forms a strong frontline to attract and hold the enemy attention and keep your DPS characters in the back safe from enemy harm. Similarly, it also uses two support units in the backline to complement the DPS by activating certain class and origin bonuses.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

This formation employs two specific support units in the form of Karma and Lulu and uses Jhin and Ashe as the DPS component. This unique combination of specific units activates Vanguard, Sniper, Dark star, Celestial, and Mystic bonuses, offering balanced defenses, some lifesteal, and plenty of damage by the hands of your Snipers, as long as they can stay distant from their targets.

2. Brawlers + Blasters

While the first formation excels in damage with the DPS component relying on two champions, this formation is more streamlined as all units can deal decent damage, but with the brunt of the output falling on four specific characters. However, while the damage of this formation is off the charts, it relies on brute force, even when it comes to defenses as it relies on certain items and HP boosts instead of mitigation or sustain.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

The main DPS here comes from the four Blaster units, Ezreal, Lucian, Jinx, and Miss Fortune. This combination activates the highest Blaster buff, which makes all these ranged characters unleash 5 additional projectiles on every fourth basic attack. Meanwhile, the frontline and defensive components are comprised specifically of Brawlers, as the HP buff from their class bonus helps them to power through most of the enemy’s onslaught. For this reason, this composition is better suited for shorter battles against enemies with meager defenses.

In other words, this composition is excellent for dealing with enemy glass cannons. Unless they have absurd damage output, you will survive long enough for your ranged carries to sweep the field with their basic attacks.

3. Cybernetic + Blademaster

Don’t get us wrong, Blademasters are among the weakest classes in Teamfight Tactics when it comes to damage output. In fact, they’re among the worst choices in many tier lists that are floating around online. However, when combined with Cybernetic champions, they can wreak havoc and clean the field in only a few seconds.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

Cybernetic champions are interesting since they don’t receive benefits from activating origin bonuses exclusively; they need to have at least one item equipped before enjoying their boosts. However, when you manage to activate the six-hero bonus from this origin, your Cybernetic units receive a whopping 800 HP and 80 attack damage boost, which will greatly increase their survivability and damage output, especially when factoring in the extra attacks they can unleash thanks to the Blademaster buff.

In this sense, while this formation revolves around many specific champions such as Fiora, Blitzcrank, Shen, Vi, and Irelia, among a few others, they also require proper distribution of items in order to enjoy the Cybernetic buff. Specifically, if you’re building this formation, make sure to equip every single Cybernetic hero with at least one item, and watch them wreak havoc on the field.

4. Protector + Mystics

A beginner-friendly formation in Teamfight Tactics, which makes use of specific hero skills to deal most of their damage, with the class and origin boosts being mostly defensive in nature. Simply put, this formation doesn’t require much in the way of items, instead relying mostly on purchasing the specific heroes, such as Jarvan, Rakan, Xin Zhao, Neeko, and Karma.

Teamfight Tactics on PC - Best Team Compositions for Patch 10.7

This formation is great for battles of attrition, as it activates the Protector, Mystic, and Celestial Bonuses, granting your heroes increased magic resistance, a powerful shield every time they cast a skill, and lots of lifesteal to keep them alive. Your enemy will need lots of firepower if they want to take down this formation.

One of the best aspects of Teamfight Tactics is messing around with new formations and coming up with awesome combinations to challenge the meta. However, if you’re not up to experimenting, then the four options we’ve shared above will take you a long way towards winning all your matches.

Download Teamfight Tactics on BlueStacks