The Legend of Neverland has just been released globally as a free-to-play title on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The GameArk Global developed and published game offers the players a vast fantasy immersive land to explore and interact with and develop bonds with its inhabitants. The game is classified as an open-world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that contains multiple different servers with no connection between the different servers. Players can create only 1 account per server and each account can create 5 different characters. The most unique aspect of The Legend of Neverland still lies with its inter-changeable class system that does not limit the player to a certain class. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

The story of the Legend of Neverland takes us back into childhood with its fantasy storytelling style and chronology of events. It’s a classic Good V/S Evil style of story where a once happy and prospering kingdom of Cabala gets ruined due to the evil watching them closely. The chaotic forces attacked humanity and forced it to move away from Cabala Kingdom to a place called Neverland. The Cabala Kingdom, once home to thousands of life forms, now stands as crumbs of dust on the ground and is taken into control by the Chaos forces. We role-play as a Protector of the kingdom that was tasked to defeat these forces but lost consciousness after getting defeated by the leader of the Chaos Forces. We are woken up after a deep slumber by our Flower fairy companion Iris, who acts as a guide to show us Neverland.

The Legend of Neverland is a great mixture between the MMORPG genre and Hack ’n’ Slash genre as the combat style still remains to be predominantly action-based and skill-based. The game also includes some gacha elements in the form of collecting Flower Fairies. Flower Fairies are cute little pets that accompany the players on their journey as well as help them on the battlefield with their abilities. These Flower Fairies are available at different rates for the different rarities like we see in classic gacha systems. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

In this beginner’s guide for The Legend of Neverland, we will be going through some of the basics of the different systems available in the game. We will also be providing some of our personally observed tips and tricks to get a faster rate of progression in the game. Players can feel free to explore the grandeur lands of The Legend of Neverland on their own accord without feeling the need to rush through the main story. Players can install and play The Legend of Neverland on their PC with BlueStacks to experience a lag-free, optimized, and high-resolution gameplay.

Choosing the Right Class

The Legend of Neverland is unlike any other MMORPG game due to the multi-class system present in the game where players can experience all classes at the same time just by switching the weapons in their inventory. The weapon system is also not your tried and tested equipment system but all the weapons are further divided into a class. We term this “Class-specific”. By classes, we mean the 4 following classes that are available in The Legend of Neverland:

  • Gladiator Class – A melee damage dealer that wields the power of a mighty sword.
  • Ranger Class – A ranged damage dealer that makes use of the bow and arrow to pierce all enemies in front of the Ranger.
  • Scholar Class – A ranged damage dealer that has mastery of all elements of nature and controls the environment around him/her.
  • Craftsman Class – A ranged damage dealer that can create multiple explosions at the speed of sonic with a gun.

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

Every class has a unique gameplay style and has different abilities, passive skills, and weapons associated with them. Active skills and abilities are those skills that players need to cast manually by clicking the skill icon and choosing a target area. These skills have cooldowns associated with them. Passive skills are those skills that are not on cooldown and act regardless of the player’s activation of them. Other than that, a new type of skill that is class-specific called Deepen skills also exists to boost the character’s attribute damage and provide additional stats. Players can level up different skills according to their desired play style. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

All classes except the Craftsman Class are unlocked at the starting level. The Craftsman class is unlocked at Level 65. Players can look for our in-depth Class guide for The Legend of Neverland to get a better understanding of the classes and the abilities they possess.

Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies are the companions that accompany the player on their journey through Neverland. These cute chibi fairies are actually flowers that took the shape of human beings after being blessed by the Goddess who took pity on humanity. These flower fairies are born to find an owner for them and amicably called them masters. Players can have 2 different flower fairies at a time in their formation. These flower fairies also grow and get stronger as you, their master levels up and grow. They can also change their shape and evolve to get new abilities or upgrade their existing abilities. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

Flower Fairies can be made stronger with these different methods:

  • Leveling Up – All of the Flower Fairies can be leveled up and leveling them increases their base stats. The level can only be increased according to the current rarity of the Flower fairy. For example, a Good rarity Flower fairy can only be leveled till Level 20 while a base Superb rarity flower fairy can be leveled up to Level 60. Players will need exclusive EXP giving items to increase the levels of Flower fairies. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

  • Advance – Advance is the method in The Legend of Neverland that lets the player advance their Flower fairy to the next rarity. This not only increases the base stats of the flower fairy but also increases the level cap of the flower fairy. Players will be able to advance their Flower fairies by using a duplicate flower fairy of the same rarity.
  • Formation – Players get the option of placing 2 different Flower fairies in their formation that let them use these flower fairies in battles. If the flower fairies of the same attribute, then the player activates an attribute that is common between the flower fairies. If the flower fairies are of different attributes, then the player does not activate any attribute. It’s highly recommended to activate an attribute to get the advantage from the passive abilities of the Flower fairies. 

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

  • Resonance – Resonance are basically reward points or checkpoints that provide additional stats to the player according to the total CP (Combat Power) they have obtained. These checkpoints are classified at different levels like the following: 

1st Advance – Attack + 50 (Character reaches 4500 CP)

2nd Advance – HP + 2400 (Character reaches 9000 CP)

3rd Advance – Attack + 100 (Character reaches 16500 CP)

4th Advance – HP + 4800 (Character reaches 24000 CP)

5th Advance – Attack + 100 (Character reaches 31500 CP)

6th Advance – HP + 4800 and Attack + 100 (Character reaches 39000 CP)

7th Advance – HP + 4800 and Attack + 100 (Character reaches 48000 CP)

Link System

The Link system is the system where players acquire and obtain the Flower fairies in the Legend of Neverland. This system also incorporates the gacha mechanics to the game and makes the Legend of Neverland a hero collector. In the Link system, players can summon the different rarities of Flower fairies that are available at different rates. Here are the rarities and rates of summoning the Flower fairies:

  • Superb Flower Fairy – 2.8% chance of summoning them
  • Epic Flower Fairy – 11.3% chance of summoning them
  • Good Flower Fairy – 85.8% chance of summoning them

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

The Link system follows the traditional tropes of any gacha system where different banners are available to be summoned on different days of the week. Some banners only offer a particular rate-up flower fairy while some banners only allow players to use the premium currency to summon on. These banners can be classified as “General Banners” and “Paid Banners”. Some of the mechanics that are associated with the banners in The Legend of Neverland are as follows:

  • Guaranteed to win Epic (purple) Flower Fairy at least once within 10 attempts
  • Guaranteed to win Superb (Orange) Flower Fairy at least once per 80 attempts. Note: It will consume the summon times of summon seeds and elemental summon seeds. All times will be counted separately.
  • Upon obtaining a Superb (Orange) Flower Fairy via Link, the attempt count will be reset to the initial value and start recounting.
  • Extra item rewards will be granted on the 30th, 60th, and 100th attempts. Rewards for the 100th Link are 30 Superb Flower Fairy Fragments (60 Superb Flower Fairy Fragments can be combined into a random Superb Flower Fairy). Specific progress can be viewed on the right.

Quest System

The Quest system in The Legend of Neverland is one of the more boring and mundane parts of the game where players are assigned different tasks and missions on the right-hand side of the corner. The tasks are colored according to the type of quest that it is. For example, the main quests are highlighted in golden color while the side quests are highlighted in blue color. The tasks themselves are quite easy and boring. They task the player with monotonous tasks like fetching items, delivering items to X NPC, fighting and defeating X number of enemies, meeting some X NPC, etc.

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

Players will not feel engaged in the storyline of the game due to the monotonous tasks but looking from a gameplay standpoint, they are important to make faster progression as completing these tasks not only gives lots of Player experience but also unlocks new content along the way. For example, the flower fairy and Link system after the players complete the tutorial while the ability to unlock the Craftsman class unlocks after the player reaches Rank 65. Another make or break feature of the questing system in the Legend of Neverland is the ability to completely automate the quests and complete them without manual interaction. Players can simply touch the quest to start auto-completion of them. The player will even auto-combat for combat-related missions and the rewards will be provided instantaneously.

Life System

The Life System in The Legend of Neverland makes it a truly unique MMORPG using which players can develop and participate in other activities and tasks. The Life system makes the game more like a real second virtual life as players will be able to cook food, catch fish, forge items, create and perform musicals, etc. The Life system is divided into 3 different head categories:

  • Gather
  • Produce
  • Recreation

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

Each of the head categories is further divided into different subcategories with each sub-category being used differently. Here are some major sub-categories:

  • Mining – Players can mine for rare minerals and ores by digging up the ground. Players can level engage in Mining often to level up this skill and trait that reduces the requirement of raw materials.
  • Insect Catching – Players can participate in catching insects in different areas of the game. Players can participate in Insect catching activities often to increase their trait level.
  • Fishing – Players can participate in catching fish in different water bodies present in the game. Players can participate in catching fish often to increase their trait level and catch more fish at a time. Fishes can also act as food during cooking.

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

  • Cooking – Players can cook different foods by mixing different raw ingredients found while traveling or buying from the market. Cooked food provides different kinds of buffs like Hero EXP + 100, providing increased damage for different attributes, etc. Players can participate in cooking activities often to increase their trait skills and unlock more recipes to cook.
  • Forge – Players can forge valuable and strong pieces of equipment from the raw materials obtained while traveling, quest rewards, or by mining. Players can also craft more Ascension materials that are used for enhancing equipment. Players can participate in Forge activities often to increase their trait level.
  • Crystals – Players can make crystals by making use of the different insect materials that are obtained via the Insect catching activity. Players can often produce Crystals to increase the trait level.

The Legend of Neverland Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Fast Progression

The Legend of Neverland is a time-consuming MMORPG that demands the active input of players to grind and progress. The game also makes use of high-resolution graphical assets and fluid animations that can put stress on the smaller capacity of mobile device batteries. Players can enjoy a lag-free, high-resolution, and High FPS gameplay of The Legend of Neverland on the bigger screen of their PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.