Fighting strength is an essential factor in The Revolt: Massing that players need to hold in high regard because it’s basically what limits accounts from doing content in the game. There are many ways players can get fighting strength, but most newbies get confused as to why they are not getting as much despite doing everything to raise their power. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help new players understand the most efficient way to raise their fighting strength in this game.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

The Revolt: Massing’s fighting strength system behaves similarly to how other RPG games use it. Basically, fighting strength is the average value of your current team’s stats, including account bonuses and passive abilities. Players can raise this value by increasing the total stats of all units in their team. Some methods raise the power value a lot quicker, but there’s no consistent way of getting a high fighting strength value without raising everything at once. Here are ways you can do just that:

Gearing Heroes

Gearing heroes is the most common and reliable way to raise your fighting strength. Equipment is the most significant source of stats, and players can get them by either receiving them as a reward from missions or farming main story stages. We’ve talked a bit about how players can take advantage of this feature in our Teambuilding Guide, so take a look at that if you want to learn more about how you can build the perfect team in The Revolt: Massing to maximize your strength.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

Each piece of equipment has specific stats that the hero gains from equipping it. Those stats are further improved when the player upgrades the piece of equipment. Many new players tend to ignore trying to farm equipment and leveling them up, leaving their heroes armorless and wondering why they can’t beat higher stages. The first thing that players should do is fully equip all six members of their team, then they should immediately look to upgrade those gear to a higher quality.


Cultivating is a fancy term for leveling up your heroes. Cultivation is another reliable way to gain a lot of fighting strength since it is based around the individual hero’s growth per level. There are two ways to gain experience: completing story stages and feeding them ginseng. Completing stages is an inefficient way to do this since it doesn’t offer a lot of experience points, so only attempt stages to farm for materials. At the same time, you gain a minuscule amount of experience on the side.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

Ginseng is a resource in The Revolt: Massing mainly used to help players level up their heroes. This resource is acquired by completing stages or attending the scheduled Hero Experience dungeon in the Adventure. Players are always encouraged to maximize the number of attempts in these dungeons once it falls on the schedule. Players can also gain ginseng by completing missions are by unlocking achievements, so it shouldn’t be too hard for the player to level up their team.


Breakthroughs are also a part of the cultivation process. Players can upgrade their heroes to an upper tier, unlocking passive bonuses that provide a ton of fighting strength. Players can breakthrough characters once they’ve reached certain levels. This action consumes a resource called Breakthrough Pills, which can be a bit difficult to acquire in the game. Players must always aim towards breaking through all of their current characters to get the max number of stats.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

Breakthrough Pills can be acquired in several ways. Players can enter the Breakthrough Pill daily instance to get a considerable number of these resources, but the most common way to get them is through the shop. Different shops sell many Breakthrough Pills for a reasonable price that players need to take advantage of. The best way to get many breakthrough pills is by going to the Arena Shop and spending your arena points to get this resource.

Base Rarity

Whether you like it or not, base rarity is still one of the most dominant sources of fighting strength in the game. Base rarity refers to the hero’s original rarity. It’s only natural that Red Border heroes will have the highest base stats, meaning they’ll always have better fighting strength than heroes of a lower rarity. In most RPGs, there’s no way a hero of a lower rarity can make up for its deficits in terms of natural stat growth and higher base power. That’s why it’s always better to place high rarity heroes in your team.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

Placing all of your highest rarity heroes in one team is always a good strategy because it ensures that you gain the biggest fighting strength value. However, it’s essential to keep in mind factors such as class and roles, and hero bonds when you’re building a team. Otherwise, players might end up building a team that may seem strong because of the inflated fighting strength value, but they are useless when it comes to facing a real fight because the enemy team has more synergy than theirs.

Obtaining Titles

Obtaining titles is a minor way of getting a bit of fighting strength. This is because titles give out a bit of stats that players can’t upgrade further unless they unlock new titles in the game. It’s only a tiny amount but extremely relevant because those stats can mean the difference between success and failure. Even though it might be too much work to acquire, it’s a good idea to still aim for it because it offers excellent stats and vanity that will prove that you’re not a casual player in this game.

How To Raise Your Fighting Strength in The Revolt: Massing

There are other ways to gain small amounts of fighting strength, so try to discover how to acquire them. Try to talk to some veterans or join a guild so that you’ll study how the game is played and learn some tips and tricks along the way.