Torchlight: Infinite is back as a playable game with its recent launch of the 3rd Closed Beta test that runs from 5th September 2022 till 19th September. Players can download the game from their respective Google Play Stores only for now but the game has been slated to launch on iOS App Store and Steam Game Store as well during the global release. Torchlight: Infinite is developed and published by XD Entertainment PTE Ltd. The game is classified as a skill-based ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) with an emphasis on loot-based gameplay and grinding. Torchlight: Infinite is also going to be the first mobile game for the Torchlight franchise. Players can pre-register for the game on their respective play stores or through the official website of Torchlight: Infinite to get a chance of getting a head-start during the global release.

Torchlight: Infinite is a new loot-based ARPG that is unlike any other MMO or ARPG the mobile genre has seen. The game follows a strict tradition of play-to-win instead of pay-to-win where players can only complete microtransactions to buy new outfits for their heroes or items. However, after seeing the new things added to the game’s 3rd CBT, some additional monetization values can also be seen in the form of additional hero traits locked behind a paywall. A new Auto-Loot feature where players can collect AFK resources if they pay for the system is also present. However, the Auto-Loot feature does not take into consideration the legendary and higher rarity of resources and items. Players can play the rest of the game throughout as a free-to-play title. 

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Torchlight: Infinite does not have a proper class system or a hero collector system where players can summon different heroes or change them. Instead, the game focuses more on making your existing hero unique with over 300+ skills and talents to choose from. This massive customizability is one of the main strong points to grind for and a lucrative option for players who want to test out different gameplay styles for the same hero. For example, players can be a tanky mage that deals physical damage or a ranged assassin that wields a sword. The customization for the skills and talents is limitless with over 10,000 different unique combinations. 

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

The number of heroes that a player can role-play as are limited to currently 5. In the future, developers of Torchlight: Infinite have expressed their aim to increase this number of manifolds as the game progresses as well. Each hero in the game has different traits that are unlocked as you level them up. These traits are unique and cannot be interchanged between heroes as skills and talents can. The 5 different heroes available to be played and chosen at the beginning of the game are as follows:

  • Rehan – A merciless sword holder.
  • Carino – A well-mannered gentleman that is extremely proud of his gunnery. 
  • Gemma – A master of thermal mech energy technology.
  • Youga – A world-class mage that does not care much about his destiny.
  • Moto – A mischievous witch who deals magical damage 

Rehan – Hero Traits

Rehan is a melee range hero that excels at dealing damage to enemies in a close state of combat. His high defensive and offensive stats make him an excellent contender to choose for beginner players. His official hero description reads – “Son of Uhtred, chieftain of Varagon, Rehan’s the last survivor from the Varagon Expedition. Grew up under tremendous pressure and hardship, Rehan lived no better than any low life. When Rehan started to think he’ll never get his father’s approval, chieftain of Varagon himself reached out to his son, and Rehan hesitated. The recognition from his father that he had been longing seemed to be at hand… But Uhtred didn’t take a blink to care about his own son, he commanded surrounding Agitos to trap Rehan under a spell. As ember energy start to bleed into every nerve and vein inside his body, endless dreadful howling echos the hall.”

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Rage – Rehan’s Trait

Rehan’s trait Rage allows for him to gain stacks of Rage upon attacking enemies. The rage is denoted by a red-colored bar called the “Rage Bar”. Players can get additional stats according to the amount of Rage rehan has. Rehan gets 8 Rage for melee attacks and gets 1 Rage for every 1% of his health lost to enemy attacks. Rehan gains 8% Attack Speed for every stack of Rage. His Rage Bar gets reduced at the rate of 2 Rage per second if Rehan does not accumulate any Rage in the next 3 seconds. Rehan can enter Berserk mode after having a full Rage bar and tapping on it. During Berserk mode, he gains 30% movement speed and his attacks consume Rage instead of granting Rage. 

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Rehan’s Advance Traits (Level-Wise)

Anger (Level 15) –   During Berserk, triggers Burst once on hit. CD: 0.2s. Increases Burst Damage by 1% per level

Righteous Fury (Level 32) – Gains 20 Rage per second while not in the Berserk state

Gains 2 Rage for every 1% Maximum Life consumed

Melee Attack no longer regenerates Rage

Frenzy Furious (Level 32) – +0.8% Critical Strike Rating per Rage

+0.5% Critical Strike Damage per Rage

Rampaging (Level 50) – Burst has 2 support skill slots.

Generates 3 Rage upon defeating an enemy

Tunnel Vision (Level 62) – –25% damage dealt by Active Skills.

+120% [Burst] damage

-25% [Burst] Area

Boiling Anger (Level 62) – Gain 15 Rage on Critical Strike. Cooldown: 0.2s

Reverberation (Level 80) – 20% chance to trigger [Burst] on Active Skill Critical Strikes. CD: 0.1s.

The chance increases to 40% during Berserk. CD: 0.1s.

Uncontrolled Anger (Level 80) – Lose 8% of Maximum Life per second during Berserk

+50% Rage Cost during Berserk

Carino – Hero Traits

Carino is a long-ranged hero that excels at dealing damage to enemies in a long state of combat. His high offensive capabilities make him a great DPS hero. His official hero description reads – “Even for a thin dinner, Carino lays down a clean table cloth with his silverware to serve himself in a royal manner. Carino no doubt lived a lonesome childhood being a Hermann. After the fall of Hermann Empire, he held strong to his belief in justice and fought along his journey after leaving Dusk City, a sorrowful place that was stripped away from all hopes.”

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Ranger of Glory – Carino’s Trait

Carino’s trait Ranger of Glory states that all of his projectile skills will consume ammo. At the start of the battle, Carino has 6 Ammos. The initial magazine capacity is also 6. For each projectile, skill consumes 1 Ammo and deals 60% additional damage caused by the projectile skills. Ammo can be reloaded at the rate of 0.8 seconds per 1 Ammo. Reloading takes time but to Carino’s benefit, he gains a 30% bonus movement speed during the reloading time. Also, during the reloading process, only non-projectile skills can be used.

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Carino’s Advance Traits (Level-Wise)

Ammo Expert (Level 15) –   Gains 1 Support skill slot for Support skills on the Hero Trait screen 

Has a 30% chance to load special ammo

When consuming special ammo, Projectile skills are enhanced by the Support skill

Always reloads fully automatically

Using Projectile skills interrupts reloading

For each special ammo fired recently, reduces reloading time by 0.2 seconds

Blade Shot (Level 32) – **+10% additional damage from projectile skills\+10% movement speed and +25% damage for every special ammo loaded recently. Up to +40% movement speed, +100% damage. 

Successful reloading of ammo includes both automatic reloading and manual reloading

Heart-piercing Shot (Level 32) – Reloading has a 25% chance to reload special ammo

Firing a special ammo increases critical strike rating of that projectile skill by an extra 40%

Punishment Barrage (Level 50) – Gains 1 Special Ammo Slot to place a Support Skill. The Support Skill in the slot will enhance your Projectile Skills.

+10% chance to load Special Ammo

20% chance to gain Magic Shot for 4s when Special Ammo is consumed

During Magic Shot, Projectile Skills consume 3 ammo, including using/triggering Projectile Skills

During Magic Shot, reloading finishes instantly

Landslide (Level 62) – During Magic Shot, projectile skills consume all ammo in the magazine, including using and triggering projectile skills. 

For each successful reload of special ammo, the next projectile skill deals +12% more damage

Crushing Gale Trigger (Level 62) – The 30% bonus to attack and casting speed also applies to the reload chance of special ammo

Additional +20% damage when consuming special ammo.

Never Stopping (Level 80) – During Magic Shot, each Projectile Critical Strike extends the duration of Magic Shot by 0.7s

+45% Critical Strike Damage for this Projectile Skill for each Special Ammo consumed during Magic Shot

Well Prepared (Level 80) – Gain 1 special ammo slot for support skills that boosts your Projectile skill.

+3 special ammo level, increasing the level of the skill in the slot

+2 Projectiles when consuming special ammo

Gemma – Hero Traits

Gemma is a long-ranged hero that excels at dealing damage to enemies in a long state of combat. Her official hero description reads – “Gemma is born in the respected Cesar Family known for their thermal energy mech technology. Yet her fire element infused mechanic arm and a heart transplanted from a disqualified was the doing from her father trying to save her from a family rival’s dreadful attack. Such modification not only modified her body, but also her fun-living spirit into a blood-thirsty battle maniac.”

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Frostbitten Heart – Gemma’s Trait

Gemma’s trait Frostbitten Heart allows Gemma to accumulate Cold and Fire energy. When there’s enough energy, Gemma releases Cold Pulse and Fire Pulse respectively.

Gemma’s Advance Traits (Level-Wise)

Icefire Fiend (Level 15) –   No longer unleashes [Fire Pulse] or [Cold Pulse]

Gains fusion energy instead of Fire or Cold Energy when using or triggering Fire or Cold skills, up to 4 bars

+16% Fire and Cold damage for each bar of fusion energy

At maximum fusion energy, [Frostfire Rampage] becomes available

Frostfire Rampage: +80% fusion energy effect for 5 seconds during which fusion energy won’t deplete. Lose all fusion energy when the duration ends. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Frost Bloodline (Level 32) – +1.5% extra damage for every 4 Frostbites enemies have

Cold Pulse gains a Support Skill Slot.

Abnormal Energy (Level 32) – Each fusion energy has a 5% chance to Ignite and Freeze

Deal an additional 20% damage to Ignited enemies

Restore 2% of Maximum Life and Energy Shield after defeating a Frozen enemy.

Frostfire Strength (Level 50) – When dealing damage, bonuses or reductions to fire damage also apply to cold damage

When dealing damage, increases and reductions to cold damage also apply to fire damage

This affix is only effective once

Bonuses or reductions to elemental damage are not part of the effect

The extra damage is not part of the effect.

Spread (Level 62) – At maximum fusion energy, always try to automatically cast Frostfire Rampage

Each bar of fusion energy increases Frostfire Rampage’s duration by 15%

While Frostfire Rampage is active each second increases skill area by 10%, up to 100%. The effect is removed after exiting Frostfire Rampage.

Fusion Body (Level 62) – If the Fusion Energy reaches the limit, Fire Damage can inflict Frostbite, and Cold Damage can inflict Ignite and adds 100% of Skill Cold Damage/Weapon Physical Damage to Ignite inflicted by Spell Skill Damage/Attack Skill Damage

Converts 8% of Physical Damage taken to Fire Damage

Converts 8% of Physical Damage taken to Cold Damage

+2 to maximum Fusion Energy

Seeping In (Level 80) – +25% fusion energy

You will not lose all fusion energy at the end of [Frostfire Rampage]

At maximum fusion energy, +15% Fire Piercing and Cold Piercing. While [Frostfire Rampage] is active, this effect is doubled.

Extreme Fusion (Level 80) – Using or triggering Elemental skills grants 1 extra bar of fusion energy

+1 fusion energy limit for every 1,000 Mana, up to +3

At maximum fusion level, +1.5% Elemental damage for each bar

At more than 8 bars of fusion energy, increases or reductions of Fire and Cold damage when dealing damage also applies to Lightning damage

At more than 8 bars of fusion energy, increases or reductions of Lightning damage when dealing damage also apply to Fire and Cold damage

This affix is only effective once

Increases or reductions of Elemental damage are not part of the effect

Additional damage is not part of the effect.

Youga – Hero Traits

Youga is a short-ranged hero that excels at dealing damage to enemies in a short state of combat. His official hero description reads – “Youga scratches his messy spiky hair couldn’t be more confused, You got the wrong person dude. I’m not some chief mage, if I were, why would I put up this kind of hasty magic show on the street? As soon as he realized he’s not getting out of here alone, he flicks countless petals in the sky. The soldiers all charges their spears at him, plunged right into his chest, lifting him off the ground. Not a second of screaming, Youga’s body flattens into a life-sized painting of Arminius the Great’s portrait. Only the painting has a huge wobbly pig nose on Arminius the Great’s face.”

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Twisted Spacetime – Youga’s Trait

Youga’s trait Twisted Spacetime allows him to slot energy when spending mana. This energy can further be consumed to activate skills.

Youga’s Advance Traits (Level-Wise)

Spacetime Illusion (Level 15) –   +50 Spacetime Energy consumption

Create a Spacetime Illusion that has a permanent Twisted Spacetime

Only 1 Spacetime Illusion may exist at any given time. Tap the Trait Slot again while a Spacetime Illusion is active to summon a new Spacetime Illusion

The Spacetime Illusion uses your Main Skill once every 1.5s

Spacetime Illusion’s castings also trigger affixes that are effective on you.

Field Effect (Level 32) – +20% Cast Speed and +20% Spacetime Illusion Damage when you’re in the Twisted Spacetime.

Flow Disruption (Level 32) – 15% Attack and Cast Speed for enemies hit by you and Spacetime Illusion

+30% Spacetime Illusion Cast Frequency

Faster Cast Frequency allows Spacetime Illusion to use your Main Skill more frequently.    

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Spacetime Resonance (Level 50) – 25% of the increase/decrease in Cast Speed is also applied to Spacetime Illusion’s Cast Frequency

+4% Skill Cooldown Speed each time you and Spacetime Illusion cast, up to 40%.

Spacetime Protection (Level 62) – When you are about to take a (Severe Injury), lose Spacetime Illusion, become immune to the damage, and knock back enemies nearby with the Power of Spacetime. CD: 10s

Spacetime Protection’s cooldown time can’t be reduced by Skill Cooldown Recovery Speed.

Arcane Contact (Level 62) – While inside Twisted Spacetime, castings by Spacetime Illusion will consume your Mana, equal to the Mana cost of your Main Skill

Increases your Spell Damage by 8% each time Spacetime Illusion consumes your Mana, up to 40%.

Synchronized Time (Level 80) – Gains Synchronized Time and -15% Cast Speed after you and your Spacetime Illusion use skills 15 times. Removes the cast frequency limit on Spacetime Illusion

Removes Synchronized Time if you and your Spacetime Illusion haven’t dealt any damage to the enemy within 3s.

Twisted Field (Level 80) – While inside Twisted Spacetime, increases your damage taken by 2% per second, but also increases Spell Damage dealt by your Spacetime Illusion by 15%. The effect stops stacking after 6s

The effect resets when you exit Twisted Spacetime.

Moto – Hero Traits

Moto is a melee-ranged hero that excels at dealing damage to enemies in a short state of combat. He makes use of his charged hammer to deal massive damage in different areas. His official hero description reads – “Moto walks to the blackboard to write his name for the class, but could only reach the very bottom of it. Darn it! Moto stretches his arm to finally finished the last character. One of the downsides of being a dwarf is living with all the normal race height furnitures in the school. The laughter lasted the entire time till he finally finished writing his name. But Moto isn’t mad about the laughter at all. He brings out a small Ember Mech bird from his pocket, slowly winds it up, and releases his pinching fingers. The noise is paused at once, all eyes glued on the mech bird taking off from his palm in to the air, just like a real one.”

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Commander – Moto’s Trait

Moto’s trait Commander states that Moto is able to generate an Overload effect that boosts his attack damage and casting speed by 35%. Further, the Overload effect grants him a 10% extra chance to deal double the amount of damage. The duration and cooldown of this Overload effect is affected by skill effect duration and skill cooldown recovery, respectively. 

Moto’s Advance Traits (Level-Wise)

Order Calling (Level 15) –   +120% Overload effect

When the summoned object gets overloaded, the duration of the summoned object will be extended by 10 seconds

Your summoned object will first attack the last enemy you hit.

All In (Level 32) – +180% Overload effect

-9% Overload effect on minions every 0.2s, up to -180%. The effect hits the maximum after 4s

Overload grants a “+40% Critical Strike Rating”, which is affected by Overload’s effect.

Charge Forward (Level 32) – +60% Overload Duration

Overload provides “+10% Health Recovery Speed”, which is affected by the Overload effect

Overload provides “+10% chance to hit taunted enemies”, which is affected by the Overload effect.    

Veteran (Level 50) – Minions +6% Physique for every Overload gained, up to +30%

Minions +5% damage, for every Overload, gained, up to +25%

Minions +4% Maximum Life, for every Overload gained, up to +20%

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Brothers In Arms (Level 62) – Each enemy killed by your minions grants one of your minions Overload, prioritizing those that don’t have Overload

+10% Overload effect, up to +50% for each enemy you and your minions defeated.

Last Stand (Level 62) – Minions with Overload won’t be defeated. They gain 1 Life upon taking fatal damage

When having Overload, minions gain a damage bonus based on their Missing Life, up to +40%

+1% damage per 2.5% of Maximum Life that minions have lost.

Rest & Ready (Level 80) – +40% Overload Duration

When summons are not overloaded, an extra -50% attack and casting speed

Overload provides an “additional +35% attack and casting speed”, which is affected by the overload effect.

Go for Broke (Level 80) – When the summoned object is overloaded, it loses 60% of its current life

Overload provides “+200 base crit value”, which is affected by the overload effect.

Torchlight: Infinite – In-Depth Guide for Heroes and their Traits

Torchlight: Infinite boasts full 60 FPS gameplay and up to 4K HD definition gameplay. Being powered by Unreal Engine 4, Torchlight: Infinite is a powerhouse of a game that can damage the small capacitive batteries of mobile devices. Coupled with the grindy nature of the game, playing Torchlight: Infinite on a bigger screen of your PC with your keyboard and mouse via BlueStacks is highly recommended!