With so many games saturating the mobile MMORPG market, every new arrival should strive to have a unique element to bring to the table in order to stand out among the rest. Sadly, not many titles can claim to achieve this, as the vast majority are derivative of each other, and frequently get lost in the sea of similar games that constantly flood the market. However, every now and then we can find new arrivals that offer promising aspects: Whether a new way to approach the combat, or perhaps in the form of many side aspects that complement the main gameplay loop; some of these games definitely stand out from the rest due to their quality and innovation.

The new TRAHA Global is one of such games that is poised to revolutionize the mobile MMORPG market by bringing a few new elements to the table, the likes of which are seldom seen or explored in this genre. Some of these aspects include the ability to dynamically swap between roles on the fly, allowing players to play any of the three roles of the holy trinity—tank, DPS, and healer—as the situation demands. Moreover, this MMORPG purports to be among the few on the mobile market where the lifeskilling system actually provides benefits to the combat, as advancing in the life skills such as crafting and gathering can unlock passive buffs to improve the combat skills of the player.

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

There’s quite a lot to talk about when it comes to the new TRAHA Global. For this reason, if you’re just as excited as us and can’t wait for the official release, then here’s a list of the most fascinating features that this new MMORPG offers, and how they will play into the questing and exploration.

Complete Liberty To Swap Between Roles

While the vast majority of MMORPGs on the mobile market often fall into the same category of offering multiple different classes that can each fulfill a single role within the game, TRAHA Global does away with these limitations, and instead makes the roles dependent on the weapon that the player currently has equipped. In this sense, if players want to fulfill a specific role, all they need to do is equip the correct weapon and skills, and march into the battlefield.

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

TRAHA Global offers seven different weapon types; dual blades, greatsword, staff, knuckles, bow, scythe, and shield, all of which offer their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Moreover, each of these can fulfill a specific role within both a group and a solo setting, giving players great flexibility to customize their loadouts according to their preferences. Not only that, but in a group setting, this also lets players swap on the fly to whatever role is needed, without having to log out and bring another character—not to mention without having to actually level up multiple characters to begin with.

The beauty of the Infinity Class system—as TRAHA Global calls it—is that it lets you greatly customize your approach to combat, even within the same role. This lets you create builds that are adept at certain aspects, like AoE combat, and then others that are better at single-target combat, and so on. 

Lifeskilling System With Real Benefits

Whenever you’re not out and about farming and grinding to level up and increase your power through combat, you can hang back and work on your lifeskills, of which there are quite a few in TRAHA Global. Some of these skills include blacksmithing, fishing, cooking, and gathering, among many others, each of which has their own distinct progression. And the best part about this is that, as you level up these skills, you’ll also unlock traits and bonuses that can enhance your combat power, giving you a reason to actually work on them in the first place.

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

Whether you’re actually a fan of more relaxing and chill content, or simply want to minmax your character in every possible way, there are ample reasons to work on the lifeskills in TRAHA Global.

Massive Open World Created on the Stunning Unreal Engine 4

While the main draw of most games will always be the gameplay mechanics and systems, having good graphics is like the icing on a delicious cake. And in this regard, TRAHA Global delivers in droves, as the game looks absolutely stunning. After all, it’s made in Unreal Engine 4 with painstaking attention to detail. 

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

However you look at it, you’re in for a veritable feast for the eyes when you play TRAHA Global, especially if you play it on the best platform, which brings us to our next point…

Get the Most Out of TRAHA Global by Playing on BlueStacks

Now that we know what to expect from this awesome new MMORPG when it finally releases in a few hours, we’re sure that you’re going to want to play it on the best platform in order to get the most out of your experience. If this is the case, then you’ll definitely want to play TRAHA Global on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player is loaded with tons of features to enhance your gameplay, not to mention that it will also give you the best graphics and performance, with significantly lower system requirements.

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

With BlueStacks, you’ll be able to get the best experience with TRAHA Global, just as you would with the native PC version, but with much lower system requirements, allowing even users with low-end hardware to enjoy the best graphics and performance. What’s more, our Android app player is loaded with tons of features and aspects that allow you to customize your experience, such as by letting you freely modify your controls, as well as optimize your gameplay by letting you automate aspects, or even play on multiple different accounts at the same time.

TRAHA Global on PC - Everything to Expect from the Launch of This Innovative MMORPG

Feel free to check out our BlueStacks usage guide for TRAHA Global if you want to learn how to use our tools and features to get the most out of your experience with this awesome new MMORPG.

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