Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP – Best Tips and Tricks For Commanders

Command & Conquer: Rivals PVP – Best...

Command & Conquer Rivals is a very dynamic game and it is possible to say that it is a kind of MOBA – RTS hybrid. This means that it has its own mechanics, and even if you are a C&C veteran, you can be sure that you will still need help. The battlefields in this game require special tactics and allow only the best to achieve victory. In this guide, you can find very useful Command & Conquer Rivals tips and upgrade your league ranks quickly.



Do Not Focus On The Harvester

We mentioned the importance of using a harvester in the other guides we prepared. But this is not a fixed tactic: If you are playing against an inexperienced opponent, you can forget the harvester completely. C&C veterans are actually familiar to this tactic: It allows you to quickly achieve military supremacy at the beginning of the game. In order for this tactic to work, you must:

  • As soon as the match starts, produce one “Riflemen” and one “Missile Squad”. For these, you will be spending a total of 30 Tiberium. You already start the match with 30 Tiberium, so you can produce these two units instantly.
  • Do not produce a “Harvester”. Harvesters cost 60 Tiberium.
  • Send your first units to the tile group at the bottom of the missile base.



  • Produce two “Rhino” units and send them to the tile group at the top of the missile base.



  • If you’ve done it right, you’ve got control of two tile groups before your opponent can produce any military units.
  • After that, continue to produce Rhino, Riflemen, and Missile Squads. Focus on keeping the tiles you have captured. You don’t need to attack, you already have enough tiles to control the missile base. Distract the enemy by placing turrets whenever you can. Note that turrets have a different GCD (global cooldown) and they can be built quicker than the rest of your units.



If you are playing against an inexperienced opponent, you can win all matches in no more than 3 minutes with this tactic. But remember that this won’t work against experienced players – you have to use a different strategy against them. For example, look at the following tactic.


Attack On Two Tile Groups

If you are playing against an experienced opponent, your first goal should be to take control of two tile groups. Note that placing a single unit allows you to control the whole set of tiles in a group. Therefore, as soon as the match starts, you should focus on using 30 Tiberium in the most efficient way. Produce one Riflemen, one Missile Squad, and send each one to a different set of tiles.



In this tactic, we will not build the “War Factory”. This building costs 40 Tiberium, and we need these resources to quickly gain the upper hand. During the entire match, you will only produce Riflemen and Missile Squads. Your goal is to fill the two tile groups with your own units. Place two Riflemen and one Missile Squad to each of the tile groups.


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Be sure to support your units by placing a turret occasionally. Especially when the enemy attacks with vehicles, turrets will be very useful. We still don’t use a harvester in this tactic. Our goal is to achieve military superiority as soon as possible. In the screenshots above, you can see that the enemy produced a harvester. Yet, the victory was ours because we used our resources more efficiently.


Sometimes, Common Is Better

We know you want to produce a huge tank or robot, but don’t be in a hurry. Command & Conquer Rivals units have varying levels of rarity, for example, common and rare. Of course, rare units are stronger. But it is also quite expensive to produce them. For example, you need 60 Tiberium to produce a “Predator Tank”. However, you can produce three Missile Squad with the same amount of Tiberium.




So, why is this important? A single tank can easily eliminate two Missile Squad teams. But while your enemy spends all his resources on the production of this tank, you will still have a third Missile Squad that you can use. With them, you can eliminate the enemy tank and win the combat. In short, spending your resources to produce cheap common units rather than expensive rare ones is sometimes a much better idea. Of course, you need to know the strength and weakness of each unit to make this work for you. For more details on this, we suggest you take a look at our Units guide.


Your Level Cap Is 7

You can raise the level of each unit in the game: We have explained how you can do this in another guide. The level upgrade process requires “credits” and “unit cards” each time. However, at this stage, you don’t need to upgrade any units more than level 7. So, don’t waste your resources. This is because there is a level cap in both of the leagues in the game at the moment. Command & Conquer Rivals has two leagues, “iron” and “bronze”. As soon as the game starts, you join the Iron League. The level cap of this league is 6. So, even if you have units that are higher than this level, they will be downgraded to level 6 during matches.



The Bronze League is currently the last league in the game. In this one, the level cap is set to 7. So even if you have a level 9 unit, it will be lowered to level 7 during matches.



The good news is that new leagues will be added to the game in the future and these level limits will rise. But until then, there is no point in upgrading your units higher than level 7. Therefore, use your resources wisely and distribute it across all of your units, rather than spending it all on a single unit.

Are there any other Command & Conquer Rivals tips you’d like to share with us? If you have a suggestion, you can send it to us from the comments section. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out our other guides too. In particular, we recommend that you read our guide about the control scheme: Using your keyboard and mouse to control the units will help you dominate the battlefield easier. These are all the things we can teach you, commander – now, it is time to fight!

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