Viking Rise is a mobile game that combines elements of strategy and RPG gameplay, set in the world of Norse mythology. Players take on the role of a Viking leader, building up their army, expanding their territory, and engaging in battles against other players and various creatures of the mythical world. The game features a wide range of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and talents, that can be recruited and trained to join your army.

Viking Rise Reroll Guide - How to Obtain the Best Characters From Early On

While there are many heroes available to unlock in Viking Rise, not all of them are created equal. Some heroes are much more powerful and useful than others, especially in certain areas such as combat or resource gathering. As a result, rerolling to obtain these top tier characters early on can give players a significant advantage, helping them progress faster and more effectively. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to reroll in Viking Rise and increase your chances of getting the best heroes from the start.

How to Reroll In Viking Rise

Rerolling is a strategy used by players in many gacha games to restart the game repeatedly until they obtain the best possible starting characters. The goal is to obtain characters with powerful abilities and stats that can give players a significant advantage early on. Rerolling allows players to have a fresh start in the game, but with better starting characters, leading to faster progress, more efficient use of resources, and a smoother overall gaming experience.

While the principle of rerolling is the same across all gacha games, the exact process of rerolling varies from game to game. The process of rerolling is simple, and players can start by creating a new account or logging out of their current account. Players then play through the tutorial until they reach the point where they can summon their first hero. After summoning, if the result is not what the player desires, they can uninstall and reinstall the game or clear the game’s data cache to start anew. By repeating this process multiple times, players can eventually obtain their desired starting heroes.

Viking Rise Reroll Guide - How to Obtain the Best Characters From Early On

This can sound a bit convoluted or repetitive, because it most definitely is. Regardless, it’s one of the best ways to get a good start in your favorite gacha games, and Viking Rise is no exception. Luckily, we’ve broken down the method into a few easy steps for you:

  1. Start a new game while logged in as a guest.
  2. Progress through the tutorial until you unlock and build the Hall of Valor building.
  3. Use your daily free summoning and check your results.
  4. If you didn’t get the hero that you wanted, you can reset the game by deleting its local data through the Android settings menu.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as many times are necessary until you get one top tier hero from the gacha.

Since this game is very stingy with its freebies early on, rerolling in Viking Rise is arguably unfeasible. However, if you’re committed to getting the best possible start in this new strategy conquest game, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s technically possible to do so nevertheless.

Viking Rise Reroll Guide - How to Obtain the Best Characters From Early On

Obtaining powerful characters early on in Viking Rise can be a game-changer and give players a big advantage. Rerolling is a way to achieve this by restarting the game until you get the desired characters from the beginning. While the exact process may vary from game to game, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly and easily reroll in Viking Rise.

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