IGG (I Got Games), the developers behind the popular real-time strategy (RTS) game Viking Rise, have recently unveiled the patch notes for the game’s July 5 update. If you’re an avid fan of the title and excited to know more about what the patch will bring to Viking Rise, we have you covered.

Viking Rise is an online multiplayer RTS game created by IGG, the same developers behind Lords Mobile. In Viking Rise, players assume the role of a Viking leader, commanding their Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer the vast world of Midgard. The game features renowned Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history, and players must strategize, utilize their wits, and leverage the unique strengths of these Heroes to triumph in battles.

The July 5th update is certain to be a treat for all Viking Rise players, as it aims to introduce a number of major changes to the title.

In preparation for the update, a scheduled maintenance period is set to take place on the same date, as confirmed by the developers. The game servers will temporarily go offline at 6 am UTC, and they’re likely to be back up and running by 7 am UTC. 

Viking Rise July 5 Patch Notes

Without further ado, here are the official patch notes for the Viking Rise July 15 update, as confirmed by IGG:

Major Updates

  • Kingdom Mayhem: 4 Kingdoms will form a group. Tribes within the same group will fight for the honor of the strongest Kingdom and Tribe in Svartalfheim!


  • Added Featured and Quick Skill Experience Packs
  • Added function to switch between tabs quickly when replenishing resources
  • Added Use All function for Hero Experience items
  • Added events under Kingdom Mayhem


  • Adjusted resource looting rules such that the amount that can be looted daily is influenced by the Battle Hall Level
  • Increased rewards for Hero Reclamation
  • Lowered difficulty of Hero Reclamation
  • Lowered difficulty of the Equipment branch in Directed Development


  • Optimized display rules for available Heroes in the Arena
  • Optimized logic for claiming Tribe Gifts when there are too many
  • Optimized the display of skill prompts


  • Fixed the issue allowing general Skill Shards to be exchanged for Skill Shards that are not yet obtained
  • Fixed the issue causing players to receive an error prompt when training Troops despite having enough resources
  • Fixed the issue causing triggered skills to be displayed as normal buffs on the Marching interface
  • Fixed the issue causing players to receive incorrect notifications when attacking Niflungs
  • Fixed the issue resulting in the marching path being judged incorrectly after obtaining Pier Access
  • Fixed the issue causing the Claim All display to become abnormal when there were too many Decor Items

That’s everything you need to know about the July 5th update for Viking Rise. Fans can check out more details about Viking Rise and its updates on the game’s official website.

Now what are you waiting for? Try out Viking Rise on your PC today via Bluestacks!