Micro-transactions have become a reliable source of income not just for mobile game developers, but also for those who create PC and console games. Although vanity and aesthetic items don’t impact game mechanics or winning odds, some games can be difficult to play when cash may be used to purchase powerful items. In these instances, you’ll often have to deal with overpowered opponents who would rather just pay to win. You can also Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Despite all of this, in War Robots, we have managed to get to Silver and are well on our way to the Golden league without spending one cent. Our secret: middle tier bots, the kind you can get, upgrade, and weaponize with in-game currency. Although we have already talked about some of these builds in the game, these could not be included in a “best of” list for the simple fact that the bots used to equip them are not as powerful.

We did get lucky with a Galahad chest drop, but our current hangar screams middle-tier battle techs and yet we still manage a 72%-win rate.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

The Griffins

Both overall, as well as in terms of battlefield tactics, the Griffin is a powerful bot that can easily be used to get all the way to the Masters league tier. Despite his large stature, Griffin’s special ability allows him to jump both higher and further than the Cossack’s. With it, you can either ambush opponents or line of sight them enough to catch a break and heal up.

Its slow speed won’t make it possible to capture beacons, but the versatility of this machine is nothing short of admirable. The Death Button version of the battle tech means you can equip two Orkans with two Pins or Pinatas. If you can’t afford the gold to purchase two Orkans, you can use Tulumbas instead, and then you’ve got the Russian Death Button variety.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

You can benefit from Griffin’s weapon synergy when you equip two types of plasma weapons, for instance Magnums with Tarans. This will outright destroy bots who either have built-in or mounted Anciles. Just make sure to get within firing distance, as these guns tend to be useless in a long range. Conversely, some players enjoy withering their enemies down with a 4-gun setup, for instance, two Molots with two Molot Ts or full-on 4 punishers. In this case, you’re running around in a Gunship Griffin. Pretty cool, huh?

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War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

The Stukka Griffin is another popular middle-tier build. Two Aphids with two Orkans pretty much ensure you have enough damage to take down any bot of your size. The former weapons allow you to shoot from cover while healing up or kiting enemies around. This strategy has landed us many, many kills.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

The Carnage

This bot is a fan favorite and has been around for over 4 years now. The cheapest, most effective set-up is the default one with two Thunders. Despite having a low health pool, Thunder Carnage has the potential to finish off most targets in a heartbeat if it’s allowed to get in range of its enemies. Everything you have to do is find good cover and use it to shoot and hide. When caught up in a bad situation, the Rush ability allows you to easily get out and live to fight another day. Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

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Trident with Thunder, but also Zeus with Thunder are also viable builds for Carnage, with the caveat being a low health pool and no defense against energy weapons.

The Knights (Galahad or Gareth)

Gareth is essentially a light version of Galahad, as the two are part of the same faction and have similar functionalities. Both bots pride themselves with a Phalanx Mode that allows them to switch the shields they have on their side onto the front and block incoming projectiles. Which of these two you chose is entirely up to you. Galahad has more health, survivability, and an additional weapon slot, but is significantly slower than Gareth, which can easily duck back to cover.

Rocket Knight is one of the top builds that can get you up to the Master league without much effort. Everything you have to do is equip an Orkan with two Pins for Galahad (just one Pin for Gareth) and start downing bots left and right.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

Plasma versions of both tend to be just as viable in the Magnum with Taran configuration because they can down Ancile and Energy shields on the opposing team relatively fast. If you can afford two of them, having one of both gives your hangar more versatility than otherwise.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

The Raijin Tower

On its own, the Raijin tends to be immensely powerful up until the Champions and Legends leagues because of its Bastion Mode. When activated, the latter gives Raijin 33% increased damage, as well as two frontal shields that can block every kind of missile except for splash damage rockets or other projectiles hitting its sides. Strap two embers on it and light-up every single enemy as they squirm to run away.

Embers can by-pass both physical shields, as well as mounted Anciles. The flames themselves are a combination of splash and plasma damage, making them incredibly powerful and devastating when in close range.

War Robots: Beginner and Middle Tier Bots

Tempests are also viable options for the Raijin, although not as spectacular. The problem with these is that using them essentially exposes you to long-range snipers, which makes you susceptible to be targeted by multiple enemies at once. We don’t have to tell you that not even Bastion Mode can be of help against well-upgraded, guided missiles.

This concludes the BlueStacks list of the best beginner and middle-tier bots. If you’re new to the game and plan on sticking around for a while longer, you should aim for these Battletech configurations. Whether it’s the Griffin, Galahad, or Raijin, these machines will guarantee you’re not only having fun when entering the arena but also climbing the latter in an expedited manner. Why wait? Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

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