With the two support battle techs, Mender and Weyland, being introduced in the 4.0 Update, the gameplay of War Robots have changed almost entirely. From long-range snipers, some of the best pilots now prefer mid to close-range encounters that are quick and painless. A stealthy, incredibly-fast paced gameplay now dominates the upper echelons of the leader boards. You can also Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

We’ve already mentioned some of these weapons and automatons in our guide to the best bots and weapons of 2019, but here you will find a more in-depth look at the top builds and their rationale. To compile it, we’ve looked at fresh data from over 150 active hangars in the Android Legends League.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Mercury with Ember and Halo

A fairly nimble, mid-range robot build that was supposed to be solely meant as a beacon capper now appears to be ones of the most successful ones in top tier gameplay, FFA included. All you have to do is get two Halos and an Ember on your Mercury and you’ll be doing damage in the millions.

Of course, a bit of battlefield tactics will be necessary, but there’s nothing you can’t learn in several hours’ worth of destructive, fun gameplay. Hence why over 6,2% of Legend players use this build.

You have to take full advantage of your Helldive ability to get close to your enemies, which you’ll fry to pieces with your two energy shotguns, as well as landed explosion. Mounted Anciles or physical shields won’t even matter in front of your Ember, as it can go right through them.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Full Orkan (Death Button) Spectre

There’s a reason why they call it a Death Button Spectre and that’s the fact that it can melt almost any robot in a matter of seconds if it gets to empty all four of its Orkans, each with its 32-rocket salves.

Unlike the Mercury, Spectre has a significantly smaller base of health-points, making him a true glass cannon that won’t last long if caught in the crossfire. Luckily, you won’t need long in order to make quick work of your enemy.

All that’s left is to plan your move carefully, so that you can get in and out as fast as possible. Due to the increased difficulty of playing Spectre, only 4,5% of Legends include it in their hangars.

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War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Hellburner with Ancile and Ecu

As weird as it may sound to have the third most played robot build bear no weapons, this setup is incredibly fun both to play and to watch in action. You’re essentially counting on Hellburner’s Overload ability. When fully upgraded, HB can outrun any robot in the game, while the detonation from its Overload will end most opponents right on the spot.

The two shields, the physical Ecu and energy Ancile, are just there to buy you enough time to get in range of your enemies and get the party started. 3,4% of Legend players have one of these in their hangars, so you might want to consider one yourself.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Full Tulumbas (Russian Death Button) Spectre

Much like its close-range counterpart, the medium-range Tulumbas also make for a nice quad setup on the Imperium Faction battletech. The monster splash damage coming from the Tulumbas is often enough to kill elusive enemies trying to heal up behind cover, something which the Orkan version cannot boast.

This build allows for a greater distance from your enemy, which will ensure you have better odds of slipping away if it seems to you that things might be headed South at any point. This is the reason why the Russian Death Button Spectre sits comfortably in the fourth position of the most popular builds, with 3,3%. Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Scourge Bulgasari or the Scourgasari

Since Bulgasari has the ability to quickly flank enemies and then dash out of combat, it’s highly popular for mid-range harassment. The first Dash gets you in position, while the second allows you to retreat out of sight. The best part about the Scourge laser weapon is that the closer it is, the more damage it does, with 137% added damage at 50 metres or less from the enemy.

The Scourgasari is used by roughly the same amount of Legend players as the Tulumbas Spectre, but doesn’t seem to be as effective as the former build, which is why it comes in fifth.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Ares with Taran and Halo

Many believe Ares to be one of the best robots in the game due to its immense destructive potential. Despite this, it’s not enough that he is part of the Greek Pantheon and bears the name of the ancient Greek god of war – you need to earn your stripes. With two Tarans and two Halos, you can definitely become a mythical deity, but you must be incredibly strategic as well.

The automaton’s fairly low base HP and exposure while his Retribution ability is down which make him an easy target for faster, medium-ranged bots that are able to use the terrain to their advantage. Only 3.2% of players have one of these standing by for divine intervention.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Full Dragoon Fury

In sixth place, with 3% of players having one in their hangar, the Full Dragoon setup on a Fury isn’t as popular as other setups mentioned here. Many like to equip their furies with Tridents or Avengers, but nothing gets the job done quite like a gun that can bypass Ancile shields.

At the midrange, this build has unparalleled energy damage, which is why you should always have one of them prepared to enter the battlefield. You won’t even notice the automaton’s most pressing issue, namely that it’s one of the slowest in the game, when you witness how fast it can down enemies with these weapons.

War Robots: The Best Robot Builds to Rule the Battlefield

Now that you’ve been introduced to the most used and, as many argue, the most effective builds in War Robots, you know what to prepare for when it’s time to enter the big leagues. In addition, the current meta tells you which weapons and bots to purchase and an upgrade, saving you the millions worth of valuable silver and gold currency, as well as research components.

What we know for sure is that we would have killed any number of enemies to get our hands on this data, to begin with. Ultimately, we could not have done it without the immense amount of theory crafting taking place across the games’ forums. Why wait? Play War Robots Multiplayer Battles instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

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