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War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of possible bot configurations in War Robots. Should you go Avenger or Trident for heavy? Orkan or Storm for medium? And what about those famed Halo and Shocktrain builds? Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best bots and weapons of 2019 with the help of invaluable data from the Legend League. Although the game is constantly changing, with new weapons, automatons, and balance fixes introduced at regular intervals, this is what works and wreaks havoc on the battlefield for now.

As you may have already read in our BlueStacks guide to the game, certain bots are better suited for a specific type of playstyle. Rather than addressing which bot would be best for what, this guide is meant to help you get a grasp of the current meta from recent game statistics – the choices that bring the most wins for the most players. For more in-depth information on what to do on the battlefield, you can check out our BlueStacks guide to arena tactics. Let’s get our geek on!

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

The Best Robots in 2019

The data we currently have is based on roughly 150 hangars from 100 different individuals playing in the Android Legends League. Although there’s no way of knowing which specific hangar configurations are the best, the data clearly shows the bots that are used the most.

For January 2019, the most common automaton in the upper tiers of the game was Mercury, with 16,1% of players choosing it for their games. The latter’s ability, Helldive, is best described as a combination between an Overload and a Descend. Similar to the Inquisitor, when the ability is activated, Mercury jumps into the air, giving you a unique perspective on the battlefield.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

After just 1 second, you get the ability to crash land somewhere and deal damage. The bigger the level of your robot, the more damage you do. If this were not enough, you’re also stealth and can’t be targeted while in the air, as well as for another 5 seconds after you land. Helldive damage expands to an impressive radius of 50m and it penetrates shields, making it quite effective against the Greek Pantheon robots (Nemesis, Ares, and Hades).

In a close second to Mercury is Spectre, with 15,8% of Legend League players using him to kick ass. If Mercury had 1 heavy and 2 light hardpoints, Spectre has 4 medium hardpoints. Much like its more popular colleague, Spectre has a flight-ability allowing it to stealthily take to the skies, as well as stay hidden 4 seconds after landing. However, this Imperium Faction bot won’t do any damage on landing. The problem is that he has relatively small durability, which likens him to a glass cannon more than anything else.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

Lastly, in a distant third place at 10.5% popularity, comes Hellburner, whose power is often overestimated and misused by newbie players. His weapon arsenal is a great deal smaller than the ones you’ll benefit from when playing with Mercury or Spectre, with just one heavy and one light hardpoint. His unique Overload ability certainly makes up for some interesting arena tactics, particularly given his relatively high health pool for a medium bot. Overload gives HB a 100% boost to speed for 5 seconds (reaching 120 km/h when fully upgraded) after which it detonates, dealing an immense amount of damage to nearby enemies in a 75m radius. Overload takes HB’s own durability down by 12.5%.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

The Best Weapons in 2019

Now that we know which are the best and most played automatons, it’s about time we look at the weaponry. If you thought that heavy weapons would dominate the top, you might need to re-think your approach to the game. Naturally, the most used robots in the game are also responsible for the most popular weapon-types and these are light and medium. In a comfortable first spot sits the light Halo, with 15.6% of players using it to wreak havoc. With decent damage potential, the ability to completely by-pass shields, as well as a chance to immobilize opponents, we totally get it why this weapon is so popular.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

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At a significant distance from Halo you’ll find the second-most used weapon for 9.3% of players – the medium-type Orkan. Unlike Halo, this one is much easier to get a hold of, as it requires only 1200 Au, rather than components. Although similar to Pinata in terms of splash damage, fire rate, and reloading, the Orkan has an impressive ammo load of 32 rockets and a slightly higher damage per rocket. What’s more, the Orkan boasts a “smart reload” mechanism which makes it possible to unload as many rockets as the player wants while the system keeps reloading for an incredibly time-efficient attack.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

Don’t have the components for a Halo? There’s a rather successful Au version of it in the form of the light-kinetic Gust. Naturally, this is also the third most used weapon of the Legend League, sitting at 8.1% of players. With similar mechanics to the heavy Thunder and medium Storm as a result of its possibility to reload while firing and shotgun-like bullet spread, the Gust makes quick work of Ancile and physical shields. The problem is that, in order for the Gust to get a good bang for its worth, you need to get really up close to people, ideally at around 200 meters.

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

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Armed with this information, you are now ready to take on every and all arena modes. In addition, you now know which weapons to go for an upgrade from the beginning of the game.

This will give you an edge over players who might be swayed by other builds or armaments due to their immediate gain. However, with a bit of long-term planning and strategy, these weapons and robots will get you much further than anything else will. Good luck and good hunting!

War Robots: The Best Robots and Weapons of 2019

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