Dungeons in Warspear Online are surprisingly difficult, which is actually a good thing considering mobile MMORPGs usually give you poorly designed dungeons and bosses that can easily be defeated even if you leave your phone running by itself. In this game, you’ll have to make use of various strategies and meet very difficult requirements before you can defeat a boss. However, you can work around that if you understand some advanced mechanics that will give you the advantage.

There are certain mechanics that players need to follow when fighting dungeons. Each dungeon is made up of several stages, where players need to clear the room of mobs or complete mechanics/puzzles to unlock the portal to the next room until they reach the final boss. The final boss won’t be a walk in the park if you’re playing alone. Players need to play in an organized manner and understand the mechanics of the boss so that they don’t end up getting one-shot by the enemy.

Dungeon Requirements

Before attempting a dungeon, players need to understand that there are minimum requirements before they can enter a dungeon. This is true for any traditional MMORPG since it keeps the game interesting and very engaging to play since players are forced to brainstorm on various ways they can complete it. Veteran players already know how to adapt to the situation, but beginners may have difficulty trying to take the first step into clearing their first dungeon run in Warspear Online.

How To Clear Dungeons in Warspear Online

There are two types of dungeon requirements that players need to keep in mind: hero level and gear level. These two have distinct importance in the game and are both necessary to be upgraded to a certain point before they can even attempt their first dungeon. It can be frustrating if you don’t meet these requirements but finishing your first dungeon can give such a satisfying feeling that most players don’t even come close to finishing so exercising a bit of patience can really pay off.

  • Hero Level

Hero level is the most basic requirement when running any dungeon. Warspear Online’s dungeon doesn’t technically lock you out for having a lower level than required, but there’s definitely a very low chance that a beginner can complete it without reaching the minimum requirement. While you can attempt it while being low level, it’s not recommended that players try to do so because they’ll end up wasting a lot of resources in the process, thinking that they have what it takes only to realize that the final boss is overpowered.

How To Clear Dungeons in Warspear Online

With all of that said, it’s not completely impossible to finish a dungeon if your level is lower than required. Of course, you need to be a veteran to understand how you can work around clearing the different trash mobs and understand the strategy that it takes to beat the final boss. Players who want to level up quickly can try completing a lot of quests first and ignore the starting quests that force them to run a dungeon unless they have really strong friends that can boost them.

  • Gear Level

Gear level isn’t really a mechanism in Warspear Online but it’s a concept that holds more importance than hero level because it actually affects gameplay and your overall stats. We’ve discussed gearing in our Hero Guide, so check that out if you’re interested in learning how to make your character stronger. Gear level refers to the quality of your gear and their innate level in contributing to the overall stats that your character has, giving them a large boost in power.

How To Clear Dungeons in Warspear Online

Gearing in Warspear Online is pretty difficult because there’s a large need for gold and luck. Some gear can also only be acquired by completing a dungeon, which is quite the dilemma considering you need good gear to complete it in the first place. However, you can simply try farming gold and buying decent gear in the auction house for your first dungeon, until you can stand on your own feet. In the meantime, try filling out all your slots with basic gear so that you have enough defenses to survive.

Going with a Party

Going with a party is the most efficient way to complete a dungeon because it fulfills all the requirements above. Even if you have a low gear level and hero level, having many players work together to defeat one big boss can make the job a lot easier than doing so by yourself, which probably isn’t supposed to be done in the first place. However, solo players may also want to complete a dungeon if they don’t have any friends so it’s still good for them to learn the basic necessities.

How To Clear Dungeons in Warspear Online

When forming a party, it’s a good idea to include a tank and support/healer in the party to be able to make the run easier without anybody dying. The problem with having someone die is that it makes the run longer than it’s supposed to because they have to walk all the way back to the area you’ve cleared. Remember, the tank is supposed to draw the enemy to attack them while the support/healer tries to keep the tank and the rest of the party members alive while the rest deal as much damage as possible.

Dungeon Mechanics

Dungeon mechanics are the final thing that players need to keep in mind when doing a run. Mechanics refer to the pattern that a boss or stage follows that tries to make it more complicated to defeat them. Simply hacking and slashing all the enemies in sight won’t always be the right way to complete a run. Sometimes, you need to stop fighting the enemies and try to solve mini puzzles while keeping yourself alive.

How To Clear Dungeons in Warspear Online

A common example of dungeon mechanics is adds or additional monsters that spawn while fighting a boss. It’s a good idea to kill the adds first before fighting the boss because it might have an added mechanic such as making it harder to kill the boss or the adds try to kill your healer and result in a party wipe. Never underestimate the importance of doing dungeon mechanics because they can sometimes be the reason why it’s hard to beat the stage.