Creating your hero is the first step to becoming an adventurer in Warspear Online, but the first step isn’t as simple as you may think it is, and neither are the other steps you take after that. In this game, you will be given chances to make different decisions that will affect your progress, but beginners may have difficulty figuring out which ones are right. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help players better grasp how to develop their hero in the best possible way they can.

Each player has the choice to create up to three heroes per server. The game isn’t like other mobile MMORPGs where the character creation is simple and rarely matters since the playstyle isn’t a problem because of the auto-combat system. For this game, players will have a tough time developing their character because they only get a small amount of experience and each upgrade costs a ridiculous amount of resources. Let’s look at all the things you need to learn about when developing your hero.

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

Hero Faction & Class

The first thing you need to do in Warspear Online is to create your own hero. We’ve talked a little about faction and class in our Beginners’ Guide, but we’ve left out some essential details to your decision. We’ve mentioned that classes are exclusive to a particular faction, so you may not be able to choose a faction and a class you want together. Each faction has a different starting zone, meaning that if you have friends, you may not begin in the same area as them.

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

The importance of selecting certain factions and classes is that they have unique playstyles. For example, some classes attack using melee weapons, ranged weapons, magic damage, or the use of minions and pets. Depending on how you want to fight, you may want to choose a specific class that fits your role. In addition, factions and classes have unique questlines depending on the area and theme of the races featured in that setting, so some may have difficulty leveling up.

Hero Role

Once you’ve selected your class, you’ll have the option to choose what role you want to play in the team. These roles include Tank, Support/Healer, Magic Damage Dealer, and Physical Damage Dealer. Of course, not all classes can choose between these roles, as some are locked only to have a specific role. For example, the druid can choose to be a tank, magic damage dealer, or support/healer. On the other hand, a Warrior may only be a tank or physical damage dealer.

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

You don’t have to worry about roles in the early stages of the game since your level is too low to achieve a specialized type of play. It is only after you unlock your Talent Tree that you get to choose which role you want to play. You’ll notice which skills are being upgraded, indicating the role you’re meant to play. If it buffs a defensive skill, it’s for tanks, and if it buffs an offensive skill, it’s for DPS, and so on. It’s important to note that you should choose ONE Talent Branch since you’ll lose out on many stats if you try to balance it out.

Skills and Abilities

Skills and abilities in this game are enjoyable to build. Players can unlock new skills either by leveling up or unlocking them in the Talent Tree. Players can upgrade their skills by going to the Skills tab on the Character features, clicking on the ability, and choosing Menu and Skill Study. Double tapping a skill will redirect you to the amplification menu, a different type of upgrade that relies on using items to upgrade the skill rather than the skill points you accumulate.

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

Players can only place ten skills, abilities, or items on their Hotbar, so you’ll be forced to make decisions down the road. Depending on the role you’ve chosen, you should only include abilities that benefit you when you play that role. However, if you’re doing quests on the overworld, it’s a good idea to have many skills that deal damage so that you’ll have an easier time clearing monsters or fighting other enemies. Tanks and supports are usually reserved when doing dungeons.

Equipment & Items

We also mentioned in our beginner’s guide the importance of gearing. In this game, each class can only equip certain types of armor and weapons, which you can check on the Skills tab. As a beginner, you shouldn’t worry about buying armor and weapons right away because you’ll get most of your gear by completing quests. The armorers in each town give you the chance to purchase equipment, but it’s highly recommended that you do so because you’ll waste gold.

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

Players can start farming items and selling them at the auction house to purchase higher-quality items. You can determine an item’s quality by the color of their name, with the white-colored items being the lowest rarity that isn’t exactly useful to have unless the slot is empty. You can also enhance an item to a higher tier, which will give them the +1, +2, or +3 indicators just before their name. 


Attributes or stats are the value that your characters represent in terms of strength or utility. In general, there are two major attributes: attack attributes and defense attributes. Attack attributes benefit all damage dealers and support/healer classes since it affects the potency of their attacks or spells. It can be broken down into three types of minor attributes: magic potency, physical potency, and critical hit. 

Warspear Online - A Guide to Your Hero

Defense attributes are mainly for tanks, but each class should have a certain level of defense, or they will quickly die to a lot of monsters. There’s no specialization in terms of defense, and it’s recommended that players have the right balance of their defenses. For tanks, prioritizing defensive attributes are of the highest priority. All attributes can be increased by equipping better items, leveling up, upgrading talent, and activating buffs.