Warspear Online can be a really tough game to play if you haven’t experienced playing traditional MMORPGs. That’s the charm that it tries to sell to the players since it remains loyal to the level of difficulty that it takes to beat the game. Luckily, we’ve already had quite the number of players who have completed many dungeons and features in the game and are willing to share some tips and tricks to playing Warspear Online that are sure to be helpful to new players.

Are you having some difficulty playing the game? That can easily be fixed by understanding what you need to do and what needs to be prioritized. In this game, the difficulty is its biggest charm since it doesn’t cater to players who have spent most of their time playing idle games that don’t require a lot of time and effort being played. That doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to ask for a little help since there are some things that can be quite difficult if your pacing is off.

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

Get All the Quests!

Players should get all the quests they can find. There are two types of quests which are the main quests and the side/daily quests. Main quests have a yellow exclamation point, meaning they offer a good amount of experience and rewards because they are usually a lot more difficult to complete. Most main quests have long chains, with the rewards only being acquired after the player has completed a series of mini-tasks that fall under the main quest that they’re trying to complete.

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

Side quests and daily quests have a blue exclamation mark. They only reward a small amount of experience and often don’t have any items as rewards. However, they are still important because the game doesn’t offer a lot of ways to earn experience so doing daily quests is a good way to farm that. Players should always get all the quests they can find because it allows them to level up quickly, a necessary pre-requisite to complete dungeons. Check out our Dungeons Guide to learn more about this.

Check the Auction House

One way to get good items in the game is to buy them from the auction house. An auction house is a place for players to earn and spend their gold by placing items on sale or purchasing them from other players. The auction house doesn’t have a uniform set of merchandise unlike NPC shops since the market is dependent on other players selling items here. That’s why you should always check the auction house for good items whenever you get the chance to see if you have an item that you like.

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

Items in the game are precious, even if you get one that’s not intended for your class. When that happens, it’s time to sell that item in the auction house and make a little bit of gold for yourself so that you can buy the gear that you need. Of course, there is proper marketplace etiquette, such as placing a reasonable price for the item that you’re selling. Otherwise, you might end up trying to sell an item that nobody’s interested in buying because it’s badly overpriced. Check for references in the auction house and get the average price.

Visit the NPC Shops

Item stores refer to Inns, Armor Merchants, Jewelers, and other types of sellers in the game. These usually have a uniform set of items for sale, which are often pretty useless and overpriced but not everything is like that. Sometimes, the NPCs sell really good items that you definitely need. That’s why it’s still worth browsing through all of the merchants in a city, to check whether they have something that’s worth buying even if you end up wasting your time.

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

Not all items being sold by merchants are good. For example, all of the NPC armor shops sell really bad pieces of gear that cost a lot of gold. These items can also be acquired by completing the main quest, so it’s a big waste of resources to buy even one of these. On the other hand, potions and food are good purchases since they allow you to recover your HP and mana while in a dungeon. They also sometimes contain buffs that will make it easier for you to fight against monsters.

Stock Up on Potions

As mentioned, it’s a good idea to search for potions in the shop. Potions play a really big part in the early stages of the game, especially if you’re going on a dungeon run because these items can mean success or failure. For example, tanks and melee classes should always have health potions stocked up because they might end up getting placed too low by the enemy. On the other hand, spellcasters and healers need to have mana potions so that they can continuously cast their spells.

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

There are also temporary buff potions that give passive upgrades that really make it a lot easier for you to fight against monsters. Buff potions depend on the class you’re playing. If you’re a tank, try to get a potion that upgrades defenses or health while damage dealers may want a potion that upgrades the amount of DPS that you do. Don’t forget to place them in your hotbar so that you can easily access them whenever you’re in a pinch rather than going to your inventory to use them.

Explore the Map

Exploring the map is the final thing that players need to do. Even if you don’t have a quest in that area, it’s probably a good idea to go to the place that’s still hidden so that the next time you try to go there, you’ll have an easier time maneuvering your way through all of the gateway routes rather than going around in circles since a road leads to a dead end. 

Tips & Tricks To Playing Warspear Online

In addition, study the biome and look out for the plants and monsters that inhabit each area. This allows you to easily get to them whenever you get a collection or slay quest. The worst thing about questing is trying to find where you can get a certain monster or item since it’s not indicated in the details. Remember that some plants, items, and structures can be interacted with.