Much like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, Game of Kings, World War Rising, and many others, West Game is a base-builder. Its unique selling point is the fact that the action is entirely transposed in the Western part of United States, sometime during the latter half of the 19th century. Back then, the Western lifestyle was very much defined by its desolate landscape and nomad cowboys.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town

If there’s anything we can credit this game with, it’s the faithful representation of the era – basically a vast and arid countryside interspersed with small settlements, frontier towns, and isolated forts. Those who played any of the above titles will feel right at home in this harsh wilderness.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

The GoK formula of maxed out building bonuses is also present in WG. What this means is that certain constructions will give you more value overall if you focus more resources on upgrading them in the detriment of others. As we mentioned in our list of tips for beginners, following the main quest is possibly the best thing you can do if you’re a West Game newbie.

Don’t worry if you see identical buffs in multiple locations. They all stack together if you manage to unlock them. In fact, you should probably try to amass a decent number of buildings that grant troop attack, march speed, and/or construction speed.

Town Center

This is where cowboys meet to settle their accounts. To keep your wild settlement safe and enable its rapid growth, you’ll want to upgrade the Town Center with every chance you get. When maxed out, this building will give your troops an immense 30% March Speed, which will help you catch those perps unawares.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town


This is where you can train gunslingers to defeat opponents and neutral NPCs. After your Town Center, this should be your next priority, since upgrading it will give you progressively bigger troop training capacity, training speed, and, at the last level, a flat 5% bonus to defense.


Nobody ever started a game and thought to themselves “Hm, maybe I should research stuff first,” especially when you live in a time when outlaw gang plots were rampant. However, we assure you that the Academy is a vital part of your town. Invest here and you’ll reap the rewards tenfold in the form of better troops, improved gathering, as well as attack and defense potential.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town


This is your main source of silver revenue in West Game and you can use several of them at a time. At max level, the Cabin gives you a handsome 2% bonus to your army’s attack value. Stack a couple of these and watch your enemies fly with the tumbleweeds.


If you want anything crafted for your Sheriff, this is where you come to get it done. The higher its level, the faster you can make things. Also, this is the place where you bring your treasure maps, which add a neat little bonus.

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West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town


All strategy games have to give you a way to heal your injured troops. The higher the level of the Hospital, the more units you can heal here at a time. The level 21 bonus is a powerful 5% bonus to your army’s health. You might want two, maybe three of these.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town


This is the place where you can access more heroes. If you’re not a P2W fan, then you’ll have to patiently open the gold, silver, and bronze chests until you get enough medals to recruit another hero.


In order to build the Jail, you’ll need to achieve Town Center level 10. Getting there is totally worth it, since it will enable you to capture enemy sheriffs. Aside from adding even more trouble to the woes of your opponents, you can execute these Sheriffs for additional goodies.


It might seem a bit un-Christian to kill people, but, nonetheless, your Church in West Game is the building that’s going to reward you for killing enemy Sherrifs. The more advanced your Church, the better the bonuses for your army: 26% more attack, defense, and life are no trifling matters. We can’t say we fully understand or agree with the developers’ plan to reinstate more archaic sacrificial rituals, but it’s definitely a unique take, if nothing else. Do ut des, as they say.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town


Always prepare for the worst, which is where the Warehouse comes in handy. Although not as important as some of the previous constructions, the level 21 Warehouse bonus will allow you to safeguard no less than 2 million silver coins from enemy attacks.


This is a central building to any alliance, as it allows members to trade resources between one another, according to their needs. Aside from a meagre 4% tax rate and immense cargos, the 21st bonus increases your transport speed by no less than 100%.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town

Sentry Station

Knowledge is power and the more information you have about incoming enemy attacks, the better your odds of successfully defeating or avoiding them. Upgrade to get the most information on your opponents.

Embassy & Command Center

The Embassy makes it possible for you to send troops to your allies and vice-versa, whereas the Command Center is the place where you can coordinate large-scale group attacks with your entire alliance. When maxed out, the CC will grant your troops a permanent 15% defense bonus. Not bad.

West Game on PC – Settle Down in the Strongest Town

Resource Ranches

The Mine, Quarry, Logging Camp, and Farm provide your Western settlement with much needed Iron, Stone, Wood, and Food, respectively. You’ll need each and every one of these to grow your base and become a force to be reckoned with, so don’t tarry in upgrading them whenever you can. These can only be built behind the railroad tracks.

Even if the great majority of these constructions can only be built the one time, several of them don’t mind being copied. Since you’re dealing with a limited amount a space, you’ll have to decide whether you want more Cabins for that juicy troop attack or more Hospitals for the bonus health they give your army.

We advise you consider the choice from a strategic, late-game standpoint. More specifically, build what you think will win you the most battles. Now that you know everything about the most important buildings in your West Game settlement, you can be on your way to found one of the greatest, most feared settlements in the entire West.

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