Wild Survival – Idle Defense is a great mix of strategy/survival tactics coupled with Idle RPG mechanics. The game see’s the players role-play as a survivor whose hunting grounds and limits know no bounds! Players can interact with different game environments, each boasting a wide variety of monsters and beasts. Wild Survival – Idle Defense is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Wild Survival - Idle Defense: Beginners Guide to Master the Mechanics

In this guide for Wild Survival – Idle Defense, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the different gameplay mechanics available at the time of global launch. Since the game is quite easy to learn and understand, checking out some helpful tips to provide a head-start to yourself won’t hurt. We are going to be using layman and easy-going language in this guide, and covering all the major topics that are dishearteningly left out by the game. Let’s proceed right away.

Understanding the Gameplay Mechanics

The first thing you will find yourself in Wild Survival – Idle Defense is a secluded area where you will encounter different types of monsters rushing towards you. You might think you have to dodge their incoming attacks, or kill them, or perhaps even move your character to make some room for yourself. Well, you cannot. Instead, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of your characters, amicably called “Survivor” according to in-game terminology, is going to be attacking the monsters on their own. That’s right, you won’t have to really shoot and aim the targets down as the computer handles it for you. You might think, where’s the gameplay then? Well, it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

Wild Survival - Idle Defense: Beginners Guide to Master the Mechanics

The shooting part of the gameplay was the Idle part, now how to manage your resources and using them judiciously to upgrade your character will be the Survival/Strategy part. Yes, you need to constantly upgrade your character by enhancing their different stats in the game. You can do so by checking out the bottom tier panel where a host of unique icons will be available. Each of them is placed just to increase your chances of survival. Also, it helps you strategize so that you can clear the current tier and move on to the next one.

Understanding the Different Types of Buffs

Learn all the details about the different buffs that you can use to your advantage to survive longer:

  • Attack Buffs – Attack buffs are going to be super beneficial for you to kill more & more enemies as they spawn. Each wave of enemies gets progressively tougher, with the monsters coming in larger numbers and having higher health bars. In the early tiers, you won’t feel this difference much but it starts to get quite abysmal. Attack buffs consists of permanent attack damage buff, crit rate buff, crit damage buff, and attack speed buff.

Wild Survival - Idle Defense: Beginners Guide to Master the Mechanics

  • Defense Buffs – Defensive buffs are going to be helpful in surviving but they should be mixed thoroughly. We would advise investing only in little extra Health at the beginning stages due to the ease of enemies. Defense buffs consists of permanent health increase, and health regeneration increase.
  • Profit Buffs – Profit Buffs are going to be really helpful as they would directly increase the amount of Meat the monsters will drop upon being defeated. Profit Buffs consists of permanent meat dropped increase, and higher number of meat per wave increase.

Wild Survival - Idle Defense: Beginners Guide to Master the Mechanics

  • Weapon Buffs – Well, you might be tired of only using that pesky slingshot to shoot at your enemies. There’s a limit to how strong it can get even with all the upgrades. That’s where the weapon buffs come in play. Equip cool and diverse weapons to your survivors that will help them survive longer and kill off enemies faster. Weapon buffs consists of permanent weapon change and upgrading those weapons.

Understanding the Different Currencies

Learn everything about the main currencies of Wild Survival – Idle Defense:

Wild Survival - Idle Defense: Beginners Guide to Master the Mechanics

  • Meat – Meat is one of the 3 main currencies available in Wild Survival – Idle Defense. It is used only in-game to enhance and upgrade your survivor. Meat can only be obtained via killing off monsters that spawn each wave.
  • Gold Coins – Gold Coins are also part of the 3 main currencies of Wild Survival – Idle Defense. They are extensively used to formulate and research new buffs, such as the one’s we mentioned above. Gold Coins can be obtained by playing more games.
  • Diamonds – Diamonds are also part of the 3 main currencies of Wild Survival – Idle Defense. They are the premium currency of the game, and can be used to purchase Gold Coins and other in-game amenities. They are obtained from watching advertisements, micro transactions, or free packs.

Playing Wild Survival – Idle Defense on PC with BlueStacks without worrying about battery drainage and smooth gameplay, is highly recommended.