Small wins in casino games like Wizard of Oz Casino can feel extremely rewarding, but there’s no need to settle for the small-fry wins when you can take home some major coin to increase your credit pool. After all, the point of playing in the casino is to go big or go home. It’s time to take your stakes to the next level by shooting for the big wins in the smartest way possible. The last thing you want to do is to make overambitious bets that might cost you your entire credit savings in one go.

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

Going for big plays can be pretty scary, especially if you’re not confident in whether you’re betting the right amount or not. Risks are part of any gambling game; just remember that you can always get more credits later in the game, even if you go bankrupt after a series of bad spins. You could think of these losses as necessary pit stops on your long road to reaching the 100 Billion credit mark. Once you hit that mark, you can freely do whatever you want in the game without having to worry too much about turning a profit.

The Five-Percent Rule

The five-percent rule means that your maximum bet is limited to 5% of your total credits at all times. This ensures that you always have 20 spins before you go bankrupt; unless you’re having a really bad day, one of those spins is bound to win you a big jackpot. The main point of this rule is to maximize the value of your winnings once you factor in the risk. Betting any higher could accelerate your losses since you’ll have fewer chances to spin and, therefore, fewer chances to get any major winnings for that duration.

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

The only downside about this rule is that you’ll need to actively change the number of credits you’re betting; this removes auto-spinning as a valid strategy. You can try leaving the game for a few minutes at a time and changing the bet when you check in again, but it might leave you on a lousy streak if you leave it on a high bid for too long. It takes a bit of patience to get to the point where you’re overflowing with credits, after all. Even the smartest gamblers will tell you that if you want a job done right, do it yourself.

Choosing the Stage

Believe it or not, the stage has everything to do with how much you’re going to win. Stages generally have a limit on how low you can place your bet, but the maximum number of credits you can bet depends only on your account’s level. Unfortunately, it’s also true that lower stages have a slightly lower prize pool compared to other stages. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers; if you’re on a losing streak, there’s no choice but to put up with small winnings until you can regain your footing. 

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

Difficulty also varies depending on the stage. For example, it’s easier to win prizes in the Yellow Brick Road stage because of the wild card system that automatically shuffles bonuses onto the center slots even if they’re displaced. However, Munchkinland offers a wider variety of prizes and bonuses, so the winnings are pretty decent. The Scarecrow stage can be difficult because of the structure of the slots, but there are a lot of wild cards present, and it’s actually quite fun to watch on your screen.

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

Another important thing about stages is that you’ll want to swap the stage you’re betting in when the losing streak gets bad. This might sound a bit superstitious, but it’ll at least reset your chances to open up more opportunities to win. Never stay in the same stage for too long because the winnings will eventually turn bad, so shuffle between stages periodically to increase your chances. It’s also refreshing to see a different scenery every now and then when actively spinning the reels.

Knowing When To Quit

The most important thing you need to learn is figuring out when to quit. Sure, the in-game credits aren’t real money, so losing all of them doesn’t feel like such a big deal. However, starting from zero credits can be a bit of a hassle since it’ll constantly limit the number of spins you can have per gaming session. Quitting early will help you reset both the chances of you winning the next time you log in and your mental state since it can get really frustrating when you’re losing a lot of credits.

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

Quitting early also has other benefits. For example, if you wait for at least one hour, you’ll be able to claim the hourly bonus that the game gives you to increase your total credit pool. The jackpot amount will also increase while you’re gone unless someone else wins all of it. Your main goal is to increase your total credit pool so that you’ll be able to play more games by the time you log in again to start spinning those reels.

Playing For The Jackpot

Once you’re over the 1 Billion Credit mark, you can start playing for the Jackpot prize. These jackpot prizes require a hefty minimum bet; players with smaller credit pools can’t afford to risk participating here. The jackpot is the main goal for many players, so a lot of them race towards getting there as soon as possible before other players win it first. For now, players can only start laying out the foundation for betting on the Jackpot by reaching 1 billion credits first before anyone else can even attempt a steal.

Wizard of Oz Casino - Tips & Tricks to Win Big on PC

Take note that if you’re playing for the Jackpot, the minimum bet is often not ideal since higher bets are favored to get more chances of winning. This is why all the rules mentioned above can’t apply for such a high-stakes goal. This is mostly where most players end up either going bankrupt or increasing their wealth significantly. Before you jump into it, make sure you’re both mentally and financially prepared for what you’re about to do, unless you want to feel that overwhelming sense of disappointment.