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Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

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One of the best parts about World of Warships is the vast repertoire of unlockable ships to discover. There are 7 nations in this game, all of which have ten tiers of ships. Some of these tiers have one or two ships each, while the later ones have up to four. In total, each nation has around 20 different vessels, and every single one is unlockable.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

This is what we love about most mobile titles, including this naval combat game; there’s simply tons of content to test and unlock. World of Warships, in particular, excels in the “wow” factor as some vessels play radically different from the rest, giving the impression of trying an entirely new game. You can have all the fun in the world just by unlocking and trying new ships!

When it comes to actually enjoying a game, we like to win every single match. Losing is not fun for us, and we’re pretty sure that it isn’t fun for you, either. In this sense, if you’d like to win every encounter in this naval game, then you’ll need the best ships. However, in a game with over 200 vessels, which ones do we use? Which do we ignore? We’ll answer all these questions in the following paragraphs.

Regarding Ship Types

We talked about weapon types in our naval combat basics article. However, did you know that there are also many different ship types in World of Warships? That’s right, the “battleship,” “cruiser,” and “destroyer” denominations, among others, are not just for show. These terms signal that the vessel in question falls into a specific category which, in turn, will determine its purpose in battle.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

Every ship type has a different play style and, while neither is inherently better than the others, in general, some of them excel at different purposes. Here are the different types of ships that you can find in this naval game:

  • Cruiser: The multitasker of the bunch. Cruisers are general purpose vessels that fair well in most situations. Their versatility makes them ideal for facing the enemy head on, flanking them, or even sneaking up on their aircraft carriers. They feature a mix of decent firepower, maneuverability, and speed.
  • Destroyer: Speedy, strong ships with a penchant for torpedoes. Destroyers are tricky to use, mostly due to their dependance on long range torpedoes which travel slowly across distances. However, they are exceedingly fast and can dodge projectiles with ease. They specialize in guerrilla warfare and frequently employ hit-and-run tactics to whittle down their enemies.
  • Battleship: If World of Warships was an RPG title, then battleships would definitely be the tanks of the group. They have thick hulls, which makes them very cumbersome and slow to maneuver, but they can tank many hits without showing signs of wear. These vessels also feature strong firepower. While they take a long time to reload between shots, we promise that your enemies will be left reeling after taking a full volley from a battleship.
  • Aircraft Carrier: These slow ships function as support units, pelting enemies from afar with the fighters they deploy from their decks. Aircraft carriers are more like snipers; destroying enemies from far away, but utterly outclassed in close combat. If you want to play with this class, then you’d do well to avoid getting flanked as you won’t stand a chance.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

Best Ships for Every Role

Now that we’re acquainted with every ship type in World of Warships, we’re ready to know which ones are actually the best for each role. Maybe you’re the sneaky type that uses destroyers to flank your foes, or likes a more hands-on approach and dives in using cruisers.

Whatever your play style may be, you’ll need the best ships if you plan on laying waste to your enemies from the very start in this naval game.

Best Cruiser: St. Louis

If you’re looking for a good cruiser for the very early stages of the game, then look no further than the St. Louis. This nifty cruiser is slow, but has lots of guns mounted around all its deck. It also boasts high firepower as well as access to both HE and AP ammo. If you read our guide on the progression systems in World of Warships, then you know how important it is to have both types of ammo.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

The St. Louis is slow so she won’t be outmaneuvering anything but the heaviest battleships. However, it has very good defenses and firepower, and can go toe to toe with just about anything in this tier. Destroyer type ships will reel when struck by a volley from the St. Louis as a well-placed shot can make short work out of these fragile vessels.

Best Destroyer: Sampson

Another US vessel makes its way into this list with the Sampson. This small vessel lacks any real armor and firepower to take on the larger foes, but what it lacks in size and durability it more than makes for with speed and concealment.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

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The Sampson is designed for flanking, outmaneuvering enemies, and dodging projectiles. This destroyer is the proverbial wasp to the enemy’s tarantula. They float gracefully in and out of combat, using hit-and-run tactics to slowly pick away at their defenses. Furthermore, the fact that they have such good concealment means that, once your enemy picks up your location, it’ll already be too late and you’ll have several torpedoes making their way towards the enemy ship.

However, try not to end up in the line of fire if you’re playing with this boat, as it only takes a few hits to sink you.

Best Battleship: Nassau

The German Nassau is one heck of a strong boat, with some of the strongest firepower for its tier and nigh-impregnable defenses. Though it pales in comparison with the defenses of the battleships in higher tiers, this ship is very strong by the point you unlock it. Of note is its secondary weapons, which fire automatically and add to its overall firepower.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

There’s really nothing special about the way battleships handle. You simply need to penetrate deep into enemy territory, and try not to miss a single shot. You can bet that all of your enemies will be firing at you, so you’d better be ready to tank those hits. Luckily, while the enemy is distracted trying (and failing) to sink you, your allies will make short work of them. That’s the beauty of strategy in World of Warship. Planning strategies with your friends in the way to go in this naval game.

Best Aircraft Carrier: Midway

If you want to play the long-distance game, then you’ll need to best aircraft carrier. Sadly, the strongest candidate for this purpose is locked behind Tier X so it’ll probably be a while before you unlock it. Nevertheless, the Midway overwhelms its foes with sheer numbers as it’s the carrier with the highest number of aircraft. Furthermore, this behemoth is also armed with powerful AA guns to counteract the enemy’s own aerial assault.

Ship Types and Best Vessels in World of Warships Blitz

With the exception of the aircraft carrier, you can unlock most of the best ships in World of Warships from very early on. With these powerful vessels in your fleet, you’ll become a fearsome force on the high seas. Stop losing matches and start dominating in this naval game using the right ships!

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