What is it about the Wargaming games that bring us some of the best online multiplayer gameplay for mobile devices? They’re the ones who created and continuously update World of Tanks Blitz, which is arguably one of the biggest battle royale games of the moment. However, as if an army of players duking it out on an island to see who’s the best wasn’t enough, they also created World of Warships, which happens to be one of the best navy games we’ve had the pleasure of trying on BlueStacks.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

This time around, the good folks at Wargaming, not content with having you torlling around in a tank, puts you in command of your very own warship. True to its name World of Warships is a naval game where players can choose from a wide variety of battleships and take them to the high seas to meet their fate. The game is played through matches with set objectives, much like a regular shooter, only using massive ships instead of controlling individual characters.

The shooter genre, for many players, encompasses everything that’s great about the competitive gaming scene. They provide a combination of skill-based gameplay, coupled with natural progression systems such as upgrading weapons and unlocking perks. And for the most hardcore players, these games provide an outlet for them to show off their skills as they destroy and eliminate foe after foe.

However, when we thought we had seen it all with the success of shooters, we’re once again dazzled by this naval game. World of Warships brings many awesome elements to the table, which we’ll explore in this article.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

Intense, Fast-Paced Naval Combat

True to its namesake, World of Warships shines for its chaotic, hectic battles that seemingly end before they begin. For beginners, the control scheme of the ship can take a little getting used to since these vessels hardly maneuver in the same manner as you control a character in any other shooters. At the beginning, you’ll probably find yourself sailing into trouble and getting ganged up by multiple enemies, especially since controlling the ship is tough.

Luckily, if you play on BlueStacks, you’ll have access to a bunch of tools that can really help in getting past the learning curve. The Keymapping Tool, for example, makes controlling your ship an intuitive process. Instead of having to fumble tapping the speed controls, you can simply adjust the speed and direction of your ship using your keyboard, while aiming and shooting your main batteries with the mouse.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

Controls aside, World of Warships is very chaotic. Every game mode will have up to 14 players divided into two teams of 7 each, battling to complete a specific objective. There are three main game modes in this title: Base Capture, Center Control, and Domination. The first two are similar in the fact that players score points by capturing and controlling a zone on the map, and also by destroying enemy ships. The latter, however, is like a deathmatch where teams must fight and destroy their enemies to gain points and win the battle.

Ganging up is common, and even encouraged in World of Warships, as battleships take a lot of damage before sinking. In this sense, you’ll have to pay attention to your allies’ target, and focus your fire on a single ship to tear it down before moving onto the next victim. This brings an element of strategy and communication as in Warships, more so than in other games, there is much strength in numbers.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

Aside from the standard gameplay where you control your ship and shoot others, there’s also the element of ship skills. These abilities provide temporary bonuses when activated, and help to give the player an edge over their foes. Not to mention, these skills are the elements that make a good player stand out among the rest, as a well-placed ability can often turn the tide—sorry for the terrible pun—of battle.

Rewarding and Satisfying Ship Progression

A modern shooter title can never be complete without some sort of progression system, even if it’s a naval game. In fact, it’s precisely due to the fact that World of Warships is a naval game that it has so much potential for progression and upgrading.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

Play World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks

A battleship is made of many different parts. In World of Warships, we can find the ship’s main guns, the hull, and camouflage, to name a few. All of these parts can be upgraded using special materials and other resources which, in turn, will help to increase the ship’s attributes.

There are also different types of guns that fire various types of ammunition such as High-Explosive rounds, Armor-Piercing round, or even torpedoes. By learning what each of these types of shots can do, you’ll become more experienced at the game and will be able to outsmart your foes at every turn.

World of Warships encourages experimentation and rewards your training by allowing you to do maximum damage with each shot. This is important since, when fired improperly, some shots can ricochet off a ship’s hull, doing 0 damage. Proper positioning and firing distance is key, and something you’ll need to quickly pick up if you want to stand a chance.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

And as if upgrading your ships wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many different types of vessels to unlock in this naval game. From the speedy Soviet gunships and the powerful American cruisers, to the tricky Japanese destroyers and the mighty German battleships; there’s a type of ship for every player in World of Warships.

If you’re tired of the standard shooter formula, which has players running around a small map shooting each other with small guns, then you should definitely give World of Warships Blitz a try. Not only do you take control of massive ships, you also shoot huge 150mm+ batteries alongside torpedoes and other explosives to blast your enemies into oblivion.

World of Warships Blitz on BlueStacks: The Best Navy Game?

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