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WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

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WWE Champions combines elements of multiple genres into an exciting take on the world of professional wrestling. There’s brutal combat with awesome finishers and SmackDowns; there are plenty of opportunities for Match-3 fans to show their skills; and there are more than 100 Superstars that players can add to their collection and improve! But which to choose?

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

We’ve already put together a comprehensive guide on how you can boost your best champs, but before you go on dumping piles of resources to upgrade your favorites, you’d best check out the lists below. Bear in mind, though, that these are all end-game Superstars and could take a while to obtain. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Best Powerhouses for Massive Damage

Powerhouse Superstars are weak against Technicians, but shine against Acrobats. Their finishers tend to benefit from Red gems, while their playstyle focuses largely on dealing massive damage as quickly as possible.

Lex Luger

A Superstar that makes excellent use of Red, as well as Yellow and Black gems. His finisher gains extra damage for every Botch Gem on the board; meanwhile, his Torture Rack can do just as much if the opponent cannot clear the Submission gems fast enough.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent


Uses Red, Green, and Black gems. His finisher might seem weaker because it does not pin the opponent, but the fact that it lets you choose a 2×5 area to destroy can be extremely useful for a quick KO.

Big Cass

Thrives on Red, Purple, and Black gems. His finisher can wreck the opponent’s HP when there are a lot of Red gems on the board, while his Spinning Side Slam is great for burst damage and creating more Red gems.

Honorable mentions: Kevin Nash, Iron Sheik.

The Best Acrobats for Lightning Speed

Acrobats have low gem and ability damage, but they also have the highest charging speed in the game. Their playstyle is fast-paced and takes advantage of the fact that they can execute their moves before the opponent.

Eddie Guerrero

Uses Blue, Purple, and Green gems. Features a finisher that adds damage for every Color Turn Gem, as well as a submission move that can be charged with only 6 points.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Jimmy Uso

Can use Blue, Black, and Purple gems. His finisher deals decent damage and breaks 6 multiply gems for extra-efficient pins. Can swap gem color and properties in 2×2 or 2×3 areas.

Macho Man

Best gems to break for him are Blue, Black, and Green. His Atomic Drop can be charged with just 1 point, while his Knife Edge Chop steals Protective Gems from the opponent.

Honorable mentions: XPAC, AJ Styles.

The Best Showboats for Surprising Comebacks

Showboats don’t deal too much damage, nor are they excessively fast. However, they do excel in healing and can take a beating before they turn the fight around with impactful finishers and moves

Slick Ric

Prefers Yellow, Purple, and Black gems. His finisher destroys multiply gems for additional damage and his Low Grab creates a good deal of easily-activated protection for tough challenges.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Roddy Piper

Uses Yellow, Purple, and Black gems with excellent gems conversion. His Low Blow charges his Jumping High Knee, while the latter creates Yellow gems that can be broken for his finisher.

Steve Austin “The Texas Rattlesnake”

Best played with Yellow, Green, and Black gems. All of his 3 main abilities create protection and/or reinforce gems in addition to dealing decent damage.

Honorable mentions: Matt Hardy, Hacksaw.

The Best Strikers for Fantastic KOs

Featuring low damage and average charging speeds, Strikers are mediocre at best if not played properly. Their source of awesomeness is their ability to use moves together for explosive damage and spectacular KOs.

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“The Next Big Thing” Brock

Uses Black, Green, and Blue gems. His Submission move can go on for as long as 6 turns if the opponent does break the correct gems. His Alabama Slam, Powerslam, and Back Body Drop can all be used to charge his maim move.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Baron Corbin

Prefers Black, Red, and Green gems. Most of his moves can create and/or boost Black gems to charge his finisher. Even his End of Days finisher destroys Black gems in case you need to use it more than once.

Jim Neidhart

Good with Black, Green, and Red gems. Great at recycling his abilities, especially with Forearm Club > Inverted Atomic Drop.

Honorable mentions: Steamboat, Volkoff.

The Best Tricksters for Chaos in the Ring

Tricksters also have fairly low damage, but can completely mess up the opponent’s board with frequent shifts and shuffles. They work particularly well against Technicians, but might find it difficult to win against Strikers.

“The Undisputed Future” Seth Rollins

Perhaps the best Trickster in the game, this version of Seth prefers Purple, Blue, and Green gems. His charging speeds are above average and both his secondary moves can be used to create Purple gems for his finisher.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Andre the Giant

Uses Purple, Black, and Red gems. He charges a bit slower, but is fantastic at locking the opponent’s board with Botch gems. His lesser speed is also made up for in terms of better damage.

Razor Ramon

Works best with Purple, Red, and Green gems. Charges pretty fast and offers many opportunities to create either Trap or Silence gems to mess up the opponent’s board.

Honorable Mentions: Undertaker, The Rock.

The Best Technicians for Calculated Fights

Technicians might have a difficult time against Trickster silences, but excel against Powerhouses thanks to their decent damage and above average speed combo. They are also great at controlling the board with Botch gems and fast conversions.

Randy Orton

Uses Green, Black, and Purple gems. Can convert gems quickly with most abilities, so he doesn’t take long to charge his finisher. Can also create/destroy Botch gems for optimal board control.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Bret Hart

Prefers Green, Black, and Blue gems. Does a decent amount of damage and can wreck the opponent if the board is stacked with Botch gems when he uses his finisher.


Best with Green, Purple, and Blue gems. He might look like a joke, but his damage says otherwise. For a technician, his finisher hits like a truck, while his other abilities help him create the right color gems much faster.

Honorable Mentions: Triple H, Shawn Michaels.

WWE Champions 2019: Pick These Champions to Smack Any Opponent

Didn’t find your favorite champ in the list? Don’t worry! There are more than 100 Superstars in WWE Champions 2019 and the difference between tiers S and A is extremely small. Many times, it’s a matter of preference whether you pick one character or another, so the list above is certainly not set in stone. If you already own some of the best wrestlers out there, don’t forget to check out our guide to trainers and coaches for tips on how you can improve them further.

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